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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phony "conservative" Bushcon Republicans ripped for failure to reign in Soviet-like TSA as they allow Texas anti-groping bill to die

Anti-groping bill dies, leadership slammed, a memorable House sine die

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After the anti-groping bill failed to get enough support to suspend rules for final House, its tea-party-backed sponsor lambasted the GOP leadership, prompting applause and shouts from a small contingent in the gallery.

Rep. David Simpson, R-Longview, said, “I’m not only fed up with the TSA and its humiliation of travelers, but I’m also fed up with phonies – especially phony politicians” who, he said, are taking credit for bills they are trying to kill...

Simpson said it is “unfortunate that this legislation has been used as political fodder by anybody to attack the President Obama administration. The TSA and its policies were initiated by the Bush administration.”

He said, “It is time that we stand up for individual rights. Not just state rights.”

And in case anyone missed his point, he made reference to “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the fable in which only a child is willing to point out the emperor parading his finery is actually not wearing anything.

“Our emperors in Texas still have clothes. However, I think they may be going through a body scan,” Simpson said.

A small contingent in the gallery erupted in applause and left, with a few shouts. One shout: “If Congress won’t protect, we’ll protect ourselves.”...MORE...LINK

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Anonymous said...

Great blog!

TSA should be charged under RICO acts by state attorneys general.