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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amoral Left-Right Globalists, including money-worshipping Wall Street Journal, smear Constitutionalists as “isolationist”

Who’s an Isolationist?

(The American Conservative) -- Jack Hunter --

Comment by Johnny in Wi. from If This Be Isolationionism by Justin Raimondo:

The most vigorous opponens to WW1 were progressive Republicans from the Middle West. They also were the most opposed to WW2. I can give you the names of some pro peace Republicans. Robert LaFollete SR. George Norris, William Borah, Charles Lindbergh, Herbert Hoover before WW2, Gerald Ford, Robert Taft and a slew of Midwestern Republican house members. There were many Bryan Democrats that opposed getting into both wars but Wilson and FDR prevailed. Since 1950 I would say that Republicans were less warlike than the Democrats until the Bushes. It was Truman, Kennedy and Johnson that got us stuck in Asian wars. Eisenhower and Nixon got us out. Reagan got the most comprehensive arms reductions ever while he was in office. He hated nulear weapons and made peace with the Soviets. Even old man Bush wanted peace in the Middle east with Israel and Palistine and stood up to the Lobby, for at least awhile. The Republicans have been the small goverment party since Roosevelt. The Republicans have always been the best bet to downsize the military and get the troops home.

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