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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Libertarian nationalism: an alternative to ethno-racial nationalism, leftist-syndicalism, greedy, effete and ineffective traditional libertarianism

Note: This item originated in response to Libertarianism and White Racial Nationalism

(By Chris Moore) -- Tyrannical, self-serving, narcissistic, ethnocentric individuals and collectives are poisonous to families, countries, civilizations.

As Judeofascism and the Israel lobby have demonstrated, institutionally racist, cultural-ethno-racial collectives are the ultimate self-serving narcissists, and poisonous to all of the above, because they are so ruthless, cunning, tenacious, and filled with bad will (much of which springs from their ethno-narcissism and paranoid, inbred, insularity) that they force other groups to organize along the lines that they themselves have organized in order to prevent them from establishing murderous, totalitarian control.

This is how they have conjured their own enemies, and conjured wars destructive to the White race, and other races. For example, organized Jewish interests helped conjure WWI, the Jewish Bolsheviks conjured the Nazis and WWII. The Zionists conjured the Islamofascists and the “War on Terror”...

As has been noted, the violent criminals, reprobates, sociopaths and psychopaths that tend to comprise prison populations often organize into racial gangs for survival, with Big Brother (the prison administration system) lording over the lot of them. Judeofascism hopes to eventually play the role of Big Government prison warden in the U.S. and even the world over, with itself lording over the essentially imprisoned race gangs, and pitting them against each other like a sadistic prison warden arranging gang fights for his amusement.

Libertarians say: that’s not how we want to live; civilized freedom of association, a culture of law and order, property rights, and freedom from government tyranny is how we want to live.

Libertarian nationalists say the same thing, but add: if preserving our way of life means running self-serving, criminally-conspiring, ethno-syndicates or political syndicalists (tyrranical leftists) out on a rail to prevent them from creating a dynamic hostile to Constitutionalism, freedom and liberty, so be it. No need to end freedom because of a few bad apples; just get rid of the bad apples.

If traditional libertarianism has faults, they are greed, naivety, and an unwillingness to remove or isolate the bad apples to preserve freedom per its non-aggression principle. A healthy nationalism has few such inhibitions. Therefore libertarian nationalism, because it would prevent the bad apples from triggering the warmongering and gang-warfare ultimately deleterious to the White race, is the best system for Whites, and everyone else interested in attaining and preserving freedom and liberty, and thus living in a civilized manner.


Not all Jews are Judeofascists.

Judeofascists are a syndicate that has a left-wing, a right-wing, even a libertarian wing...all manner of cells. What they have in common is that they all recognize they are part of the same syndicate, all with a Globalist, Jewish supremacist agenda (whether crypto [Marxist/Bolshevik/statist-liberal] or open [Zionist/neocon/neolib]), and whenever a member of the syndicate comes under attack from a non-Jewish interest, the rule of thumb is that the bias will be in favor of the Jewish side, even if they are at the “opposing” ends of the political spectrum.

How many Jews are not Judeofasicsts, but rather dissidents, assimilating Jews, neutral Jews, or simply fed up with the Jewish syndicate? I have no idea, probably a fairly small percentage, but it exists.

The key is finding a way to root out, intimidate, suppress, and subdue the Judeofascist syndicate.

This can be done the hard way, the failed way, the way Hitler tried to do it. Or this can be done the effective way, the way it was done by Whites historically: through the Christianism of Western civilization, which didn’t even have to outlaw Jews, but generally was able to keep the Judeofascists and any other ethno-tribalist, would-be over-throwers in their place.

The best means to re-assert Christian moral authority? Libertarianism + nationalism that hacks down the central government partner/enablier of the Judeofascists, hacks down the government schools in favor of Christian charter schools and vouchers, hacks down the left-wing syndicalists, hacks down any Capitalist degenerates, job exporters or corporatists, including the entertainment industry, who put money before the national welfare and fabric of society, forces homosexuals back into the closet as damaging to the social welfare and the national fabric of society...but maintains a bias toward liberty, freedom and Constitutionalism for those willing to play by a sensible set of rules.

Carrot (Christianity) + stick (nationalism) + equilibrium mechanism (libertarianism) = problem solved.


UPDATE: Allow me to amend my equation. I originally wrote:

“Carrot (Christianity) + stick (nationalism) + equilibrium mechanism (libertarianism) = problem solved.”

I knew there wasn’t something quite right there when I wrote it, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I have now. The equation should read:

“Carrot (libertarianism) + stick (nationalism) + equilibrium mechanism (Christianity) = problem solved.”

Translated: If you play by responsible, respectable rules, you will be rewarded in a libertarian nationalist society. If you don’t, you get the nationalist stick. And Christianity is the level-headed equilibrium that holds it all together...that keeps extremists and fanatics from running amok, and establishes a bias towards peace, responsibility, morality, and stability.

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