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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

UNESCO scandal reveals how international Zionist interests take precedence even over U.S. corporate interests for Obama administration

( -- by Chris Moore --

How quickly the Obama administration has revealed itself as an utter puppet of Zionist interests (which, as we shall see, includes both Israeli Jewish nationalism and U.S. Diaspora virtual Jewish nationalism).

First, as reported by Reuters, with overwhelming world support, UNESCO (a United Nations sub-agency) admitted the Palestinians to full membership against Washington demands otherwise:
The United Nations' cultural agency granted the Palestinians full membership on Monday, a step forward in their long-running efforts to achieve recognition before the world as an independent state...

A huge cheer erupted in UNESCO's General Assembly after the vote, which marks a symbolic victory for Palestinians in the complex diplomacy that surrounds their collective status and relations with foreign powers.

Israel called the vote a "tragedy" and the decision damaged relations between UNESCO and the United States, an ally of Israel that provides about 22 percent of the body's funding, or some $70 million.

Legislation stipulates that the U.S. can cut off funding to any United Nations agency that accepts Palestinians as a member.

The White House said the vote was "premature" and would not aid peace and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said UNESCO would suffer.

"Today's vote to grant Palestinian membership in UNESCO is no substitute for direct negotiations, but it is deeply damaging to UNESCO," said Ambassador Susan Rice.
Indeed, the Zionist-owned Obama administration and U.S. Congress made sure it was deeply damaging to UNESCO, as they quickly pulled funding for that body. As reported by the Associated Press:
The Obama administration cut off funding for the UN cultural agency on Monday, after its member countries defied an American warning and approved a Palestinian bid for full membership.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the vote triggered a long-standing congressional restriction on funding to UN bodies that recognize Palestine as a state before an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is reached. She said the U.S. as a result would refrain from making a $60 million payment it planned to deliver in November.
But it's not just UNESCO that is hurt by the United States' abrupt de-funding and de facto withdrawal; it's also U.S. corporations who will be damaged by this ideological Zionism-motivated tantrum, as well. As Philip Weiss blogs:
Below is the transcript of the amazing interchange yesterday between State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland and AP's Matt Lee, among other reporters at the daily briefing. The reporters have had it with the emperor's new clothes.

Matt Lee points out repeatedly how the United States has isolated itself from world opinion on the UNESCO vote, damaging our standing. The claim that the vote upsets the peace process is bull, Lee says; all the UNESCO vote does is "it upsets Israel." And a nettled Nuland accuses him of engaging in "a polemic."

Also note the back-and-forth about intellectual property conventions. The Palestinians are now certain to gain membership in the World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, another UN body.

When the U.S. deals itself out of UNESCO, the interests of American multinational corps are hurt. As Lee comments, "I used to think that this government, my government, had some intellect itself, but this just seems ridiculous."
So even in a contest between U.S. corporate interests vs. ideological Zionist interests, it seems Zionist interests trump all.

This wouldn't be the case if the larger issue was simply about Israeli Zionism and the Palestinians, because in such a contest, U.S. corporate interests would undoubtedly trump.

No, what's at play here is both Levant Jewish Zionism and Diaspora Jewish-American Zionism, which together, along with world Diaspora Jewish nationalism, comprise the international, ideological Zionist agenda of institutionalized Jewish supremacism (a.k.a. a neo-Ancien Régime-style caste system).

Given that Obama is largely a puppet of American Zionist interests, and captive to both its domestic and foreign agenda, and given that the Democratic Party is dominated by Jewish Zionists, is this really any surprise at all?


Anonymous said...

I thought Libertarians were opposed to tax dollars used in lieue of private dollars. Or, is this just an excuse to hate on the jews?

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts ?