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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dick Cheney now claims he ordered Flight 93 shot down over Pennsylvania, but is he lying? The plot thickens...and the noose tightens...

Introduction by Chris Moore:

In the following video, Dick Cheney says he ordered Flight 93 shot down.

Flight 93 was the fourth airplane hijacked on 9/11, the one that crashed near Shanksville, PA.

According to Wikipedia and official government reports, Flight 93 crashed after passengers, having learned of the attacks on The World Trade Center and the Pentagon from conversations on their cell phones, attempted to re-take the cockpit from the hijackers.

Except according to Dick Cheney, that's not what happened at all. He says he ordered the flight, which he said had become a "weapon," shot down.

Obviously, this means the investigation needs to be re-opened.

But does this mean Dick Cheney wasn't a party to the terrorist attacks, as many "conspiracy theorists" allege he was?

Not necessarily. Cheney may be lying about having given the order to shoot 93 down to cover his own ass and his legacy, or he may have other motives.*

You see, it's become an open "secret" that Zionists were the instigating power behind the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney has to know this. And if Cheney was indeed a party to the attacks, and Flight 93 did indeed crash as a consequence of passengers attempting to re-take the cockpit, then Cheney's claims of having ordered the plane shot down are not only an ingenious means of getting himself and the Bush administration off of the hook for treason, but for scapegoating Jewry entirely for the 9/11 inside job.

This can't be allowed to happen. The evil Jewish Zionists and their Globalist Goyim partners in crime must all be taken down together.

Below the video is a likely scenario of how Flight 93 was headed for World Trade Center 7 before it indeed crashed as a result of passengers attacking the flight deck, all of which explains why WTC 7 had to be "pulled" anyway ("the smartest thing to do is pull it" as Jewish Zionist World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein put it) -- lest the controlled demolition explosives that were to be activated after Flight 93 hit its target be discovered.

The plot thickens...and the noose tightens...

Isn't it funny how the Internet came along just in time to unearth what would have otherwise been a long-buried, successful conspiracy?

Isn't it funny how the 9/11 conspiracy worked to a "T" except for WTC 7, which has become the smoking gun?

Apparently God is a "truther."

This murderous, lying, treasonous cabal doesn't stand a chance.--C.M.
*UPDATE: Another possibility is that the plane was indeed shot down, only not on the orders of Cheney, but a lower down the chain of command who wasn't part of the plot, and Cheney, who is a well known pathological liar, is now taking credit as a red herring.

Interviewer [Chris Wallace, Fox News] to Dick Cheney: Now, you and the president had earlier discussed rules of engagement for taking down a hijacked airplane, but you were the one who gave the direct order to shoot down a plane that you were told -- as it turns out, incorrectly -- was headed for Washington.

Cheney: Right. That’s correct.

Wallace: What was that moment like?

Cheney: Well, um, it was necessary, and uh…it was, a uh…frankly, I didn’t pause to think about it very much because once one of those aircraft became…was hijacked…it was a weapon.

We’d seen already by that time three of them go in -- the Pentagon, the World Trade Center in New York. As a result, thousands died, and if we had been in a position to intercept one of those to keep it from striking its target, would we have done it? Absolutely.

And what I did was pass on the president’s approval of the basic proposition that we would in fact authorize our people to shoot down aircraft that had been hijacked, and refused to divert.

So, I saw it as part of my responsibility, but I did it quickly, because we had a lot of other things we were doing at the same time.
UPDATE #3, The Bush administration and the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States are at odds, with Bush and Cheney (at least some of the time) claiming the airplane was shot down on their orders, and the 9/11 Commission implying it crashed as a result of "the passenger counterattack."

"Well, I discussed it with the president. Are we prepared to order our aircraft to shoot down these airliners that have been hijacked? He said yes... I--it was my advice. It was his decision."(Vice President Dick Cheney, September 11, 2001, source CBS News Archives)

"That's a sobering moment, to order your own combat aircraft to shoot down your own civilian aircraft. But it was an easy decision to make, given the--given the fact that we had learned that a commercial aircraft was being used as a weapon. I say easy decision. It was--I didn't hesitate; let me put it to you that way. I knew what had to be done."(President George W. Bush, September 11, 2001, source CBS News Archives)

"The airplane rolled onto its back, and one of the hijackers began shouting, 'Allah is the Greatest'. With the sounds of the passenger counterattack continuing, the aircraft plowed into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 580 miles per hour...." (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, July 2004, Chapter 1)
Why hasn't such an important point on such an important issue been cleared up by federal authorities? Why didn't Bush and Cheney correct the Commission's report and set the record straight, particularly given the fact that the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow, was so close to the Bush administration?

Is Jewish Zionist Zelikow doing psyops on Bush and Cheney? Is Cheney retaliating via Fox News by reiterating that the plane was shot down on his orders, and implying it was headed to New York (WTC 7), which is the smoking gun that implicates the Zionists?

One thing is clear, the Zionists and Globalists are embraced together in a dirty dance that is getting increasingly nasty as their program has fallen to pieces, destroyed the economy, destroyed the military, and the truth closes in.


Dick Cheney admits Flight 93 was shot down truthinvideos


9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t

(America Everyman) -- by Scott Creighton --

Take yourself back to that day when you watched or listened to the attack on America; the day that everything changed. Remember where you were, who you were with, and most importantly, how you felt.

Think about the last few events of that day; how the news of the Pentagon being hit by something was followed almost immediately by the unexpected complete collapse of the South Tower (WTC 2). Remember how we had barely recovered from that shock, one that we were forced to watch in horror over and over again, when the unspeakable happened; the North Tower (WTC 1) fell in exactly the same way; at an eerie and almost supernatural speed as plumes of smoke and steel columns flung across city blocks.

Now I want you to put yourself in that very moment, once again, and prepare yourself for the missing final act that never took place and yet may be one of the most telling and condemning pieces of evidence in the ongoing unofficial investigation of 9/11.

The North Tower has fallen and people are in absolute disbelief. The grey faces staring back at us through the live news reports tell the story; they are blank with shock like infants in a war zone.

In New York, the yelling and the screams have faded into history as the dust settles… a deafening silence fills the air in your office or your home… no one speaks save the babbling talking heads on the news, all vying for their Peabody Award and their personal place in history…

When over the shoulder of a reporter we see, way off in the distance… rising from the horizon, coming in from the south, low and just over the murky blue of the Hudson Bay… Flight 93 on its final approach.

At first the reporter doesn’t notice, but you do; everyone in your office, everyone in your home, watches in silence. There is just no way possible…it must be something else, a military plane scouring the skies, protecting us, protecting America, protecting what’s left of New York…and we all watch as it grows ever larger, just over the reporters shoulder, while a sickening despair builds in each of us silent TV witnesses till our fears become the unavoidable realization.

It’s not over.

A scream somewhere off camera seems to snap the camera-man out of his trance and he shifts ever-so-slightly his focus, your focus, to the play’s approaching last act.

The talking head finally shuts up and turns just in time to see Flight 93 diving from the tip of Lower Manhattan. There is no question, there is nothing to say; Flight 93, in front of hundreds of cameras and thousands of witnesses, and the millions watching live on TV., roars past the remains of the lower New York City skyline, darts through the remaining smoke and dust of the towers, and plows into Building 7 of the World Trade Center somewhere around the 7th floor at over 600 mph. This is the area where the diesel fuel storage tanks are kept in the building, and the resulting explosion is something to behold. Orange-red flames reach all the way up the north face of the building as someone in your office lets out a little raspy scream. Whispered prayers float up from the crowd for those lost souls onboard.

But that is just the beginning.

Rumbles immediately are heard and felt underfoot by the dust covered survivors and first responders at Ground Zero a second after Flight 93’s tail disappears in the south face of Building 7.

The rumbles continue and before the reporter can utter a word, as the smoke cloud mushrooms past the top floor grey and red with menace, more explosions and more flashes, more grey-faced people running, their faces contorted masks of shear terror, and that terrible white noise of panicked people yelling warnings incoherently to one another, then the horrible reality sets in and we allow ourselves to acknowledge that building 7 …is moving.

In 7 seconds flat, building 7 collapses right before our eyes just at that moment when we thought there was no more; we thought we were safe and the worst of the suffering was behind us. The Towers were hit, they fell. The horror should have been over… but it wasn’t.

This was the final act, the Grand Finale, as scripted for the street theatre opera known as 9/11.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Ground Zero, something that changed everything in the plan to change everything; a fighter pilot met Flight 93 route to New York and he may still yet be the conspirators’ ultimate demise and our last best hope.


It is my intention to show that Flight 93 was not targeting Washington, D.C. as Philip Zelikow (transition team member of the Bush White House and key contributor to the creation of the policy of the “Global War on Terror”) would have you believe, but rather, it was headed for Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex as the final act in the Shock Opera of the Neocon Vulcan’s “New Pearl Harbor” event.

This is an important aspect of the case of 9/11, for I and many others do call it a case now; a criminal investigation, if you will, which has been ongoing for years… unofficially.

For a long time, Building 7 has been considered the weakest link in the official story of what happened that day and with good reason.

Without explanation, for the first time in the history of steel framed buildings, Building 7, a steel framed 47 story tall sky-scrapper collapsed due to office fires and what NIST calls “thermal expansion”. No “jet fuel” no plane impact, no ruptured diesel fuel storage tanks, just a nearly symmetrical instantaneous failure of the entire core column structure allowing for a near-fall speed collapse of Building 7, neatly into it’s own foot-print… just like a controlled demolition. All because of sporadic office fires burning on a few “key” floors.

At least, that is what NIST says.

Sometimes more can be ascertained from the mistakes of a plan, than can be from its successes. Flight 93 was not meant to be shot down, but it was. And what ensued in the aftermath of that action, quite literally, exposes the criminals of 9/11 more so than does any other single aspect of the case, simply because of what the conspirators had to do to cover it up.

Imagine for a moment that the “conspiracy theorists” are correct. Or should I say the “alternative narrative” theorists are correct. All of a sudden, the criminals of 9/11 are staring at radar screens showing their final act in their carefully planned production, lying in ruin in Shanksville Pa. and they still have a 47 story tall building, barely even on fire, completely wired with RDX, TNT, and PETN… ready for demo.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

If you are a follower of the alternative narrative movement, you have to take a bit of enjoyment out of that. There they stood, the real conspirators of 9/11, looking at each other with the obvious proof of their corruption and murder staring right back at them; Building 7 still stands and it’s carefully scripted reason for collapse was knocked clean out of the skies. The gallows surely flashed before the conspirators eyes in that moment before they scrambled to fix their story.

This is the story of Flight 93 and Building 7; the Grand Finale of their 9/11 Shock Opera that never took the stage. This was their biggest mistake and therefore our best chance at exposing the authors for the criminals and terrorists that they are...MORE...LINK


Anonymous said...

Chris, even if you're not racist, this post comes across sounding racist. Even if these people are "evil" which is itself a religious term, calling them evil sounds like you're really racist. I think that Israel was involved in 9/11, but if you want people to take you and the movement seriously, please be a little more refrained with your word choice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ps, I also believe that the US. Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia also played compartmentalized roles. Focusing only on the Israeli connection as the main player makes it easy for attackers to call you racist. In truth, all played a role and we don't know exactly to what degree each were involved. Speculating on an unknown is just not a good idea if we want to be considered good (impartial) journalists.

Chris Moore said...

Wasn't Nazism a conspiracy involving millions of Germans? Communism a conspiracy involving millions of Russians?

Zionism is a conspiracy involving millions of Jews, and there are now volumes of evidence implicating Zionism in the 9/11 attacks.

It's incumbant upon Jewry to take back Judaism from the Zionists (or not, if they're part and parcel, as so many Jews claim they are), not incumbant upon me to pander to Jewish sensetivities when they don't.

Judaism is an ethno-religious ideology, not a race, so it's impossible for Jewry to be a victim of racism, except by those who incorrectly insist it's a race, like Zionists themselves, and Nazis.

I'm not trying to be flip or combative, here, but innocent Jews need to get it through their heads that the Zionists have implicated them all in their dirty deeds, including 9/11, and either leave the religion, or find a way to take it back.

If they can't or won't, they should make plans to move to Israel, because that is the only avenue that the Zionists intend to leave open for them as they continue their calculated warmongering and social and economic antgonism and predations, which they regard as a Jewish survival strategy.

In summary, they should either take back the religion and change its fascist-nationalist identity that the Zionists have construted, or concede the religion itself is a fascist-nationalist identity and head to Israel, which is the only place such a vile "religion" will ultimately be allowed by sane humanity.