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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who lost Turkey? The entire arrogant, ham-handed Israel-first Washington establishment

Turkey aims for the bomb, slips from America’s grasp

( -- by Richard Cottrell --

...Six months ago, hardly anyone in the US or on the European continent had the faintest clue as to who the Prime Minister of Turkey actually was.

Then, suddenly there he is, glaring from the newsstands around the world. Only the Photoshopped horns sticking out from his forehead were missing.

How did he rise so fast in both the popularity and boogeyman stakes?

The answer lies within a single event, the so called Marmara incident in international waters off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Circle the following date in your memory vaults, because it is likely to carry portentous significance in forthcoming events in the Middle East.

May 31st, 2010.

On that day Israeli commandos seized a six-vessel aid flotilla heading for the embattled Gaza enclave, a gulag hunk of Palestine virtually sealed off by the Israelis with the tacit support of Washington. The armada had set off from Turkey.

In the ensuing struggle eight Turkish citizens and one Turkish-American aboard the MV Mavi Marmara were shot and killed by the boarding party.

Turkey’s demands for an apology from Israel received the response to be expected in the circumstances: zero.

Erdoğan, who is unquestionably the dominant power figure of the Ankara regime, then took a step that was received with rapture throughout the Arab-Islamic world.

He effectively severed relations with Israel, ending a long standing — if frequently uneasy — pact between the Jewish state and the largest Islamic power in the region, dating from Turkish membership of NATO in 1952.

So May 31st, 2010 marked the emergence (as I have written before at End the Lie) of the New Ottomans.

From the perspective of Ankara, the Mamara incident was a fortuitous excuse to hasten the New Ottoman campaign of recovering the Middle East. Erdoğan was transformed to a political rock star, playing to packed houses in Islamic communities around the world.

Washington seethed.

At once Turkey passed from a side player on the tight leash of the US to an independent – and moreover, powerfully armed – force with its own set of strategic priorities.

What is not widely understood outside this turbulent region is the fact that American influence over the course of events is rapidly waning, while that of Turkey is rising fast.

The former arrangement, a bipolar control system managed by the US and Israel, has collapsed.

The New Ottomans’ sudden emergence has changed the cozy two-power happy families game to five; Israel, the US, Iran, Saudi Arabia – and Turkey. In a cauldron bubbling fiercely as the Middle East, this can only spell trouble...

Turkey has most of the main components to join the nuclear club, except the cover story of nuclear power for energy production. She is now forging ahead with nuclear plans by recommitting herself to building an initial three nuclear reactors, with ambitious schemes for a national chain of twenty in place by 2030.

The first is now getting started at Akkuyu on the Mediterranean coast. It will be constructed by the Russian nuclear monopoly Atomstroyexport on a build-and-payback contract from power shunted to the national grid.

Here’s the message. Washington’s attempts to wall off Turkey’s nuclear ambitions have failed, utterly. In former times she could control secular governments or destroy them violently (1961, 1980) if they strayed too far from the imperial agenda.

But since 2001 Turkey has been effectively under one party, popular rule by the Islamist Law and Justice (AK) party, in which the leading figures are Erdoğan and his lifetime collaborator, Abdullah Gül, the president.

Now you can understand the message of the prototype Islamist dictator glaring from the front cover of Time.

Turkey has broken free of the Western, US-orientated support system because the elected Islamists have turned the country into a humming economic power house. She is regularly notching 8% growth rates.

For the first time since the death in the 1930’s of the secularist man-god founder of modern Turkey, Kemal Atatürk, she is a member of the globalist financial and economic club. But she is no longer a colony or anyone’s push-around, for all that.

The Islamists have won their power struggle with the alligator generals of the Turkish High Command, who in the past lynched an elected premier.

In 1961 an army coup backed by the Central Intelligence Agency, the NATO secret army unit called Counter-Guerrilla, extremist activists of the Far Right, and for good measure, the Turkish Mafia, toppled the elected administration of premier Adnan Menderes.

After a brief show trial, he and two ministerial colleagues were taken to an army prison in the Sea Of Marmara and summarily lynched.

Times have changed. The military recognizes that the regime’s popularity in the great Anatolian land mass, where much of the economic revival is under way, is not going to be easily undermined by some false ‘color’ revolution propagated by the CIA and other Western intelligence services.

However, the Time article serves clear notice that Washington does indeed intend to terminate the Erdoğan-Gül regime by any means that it may construct for the task. This pair know a reverse compliment when they see one.

Joe Biden’s off the cuff remarks when he was in Turkey were quite illuminating. In the future he said, beaming warmly at Erdoğan, convalescing from his recent operation, “Turkey and the US will draw closer together.”

He might well have added under his breath (and probably did): “But not with you on the scene, buddy.”

All US efforts to date aimed at destabilizing the Islamic government have come to naught. These have not excluded secretly funding Iraqi-based, so-called Kurdish freedom fighters to stage false flag bomb attacks and murders around the country...

By contrast Erdoğan has delivered hitherto unknown and unrealized prosperity. He has also given Turks a sense of ‘face’ in the world, by slapping down Israel and playing fast and loose with NATO and the US. And he and his winsome partner Abdullah Gül are prize winners in the election stakes, with three unprecedented majority governments in a row.

The US policy of hobbling Turkey to eternal poverty and the curse of the IMF, in order to keep her tame and obedient to the imperial will, lies in ruins.

By 2015, the AK Party will have been in power for the best part of fifteen years. That’s a one party government, or even state, if you so choose. But there are no remotely respectable or realistic challengers among the rag bag of sulking secularists and right wing extremists...MORE...LINK

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