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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why the international money powers are so hell-bent on warmongering: to make nations and individuals slaves to debt

The Essence Of The Banking Industry...

( -- by RalleyWolf --

Greenspan Was Worried that the U.S. Would Pay Off It’s Debt, Causing the Fed to “Lose Control of Monetary Policy” … So He Suggested Tax Cuts for the Wealthy to INCREASE the Debt

(by Washington's Blog) --

Paul Krugman [believes] that debt is a “phantom menace”. But this is not because Krugman is a liberal. Government economists in the Reagan, Bush and Obama administrations have all believed pretty much the same thing: deficits don’t matter.

Indeed, as Steve Keen documents in his must-read book, Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned, mainstream (i.e. neo-classical) economists don’t even take debt into consideration in their models of what makes for healthy economies...

And in talk last a week and a half ago before the United Nations, Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said that -10 years ago, when the U.S. had a surplus – Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was worried that if we didn’t do something, we would end up paying down all of our debt, and then the Fed “wouldn’t be able to conduct monetary policy”.

So Greenspan pushed for a tax break for the wealthy, to increase the debt...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The international money powers want massive wars in general, and massive American wars in particular, in order to run up sovereign debt, which they control and profit from via their control of central banks (e.g. the Jewish dominated Federal Reserve system) which they then can use to control "the nations" in order to project and impose their dysfunctional world view (e.g., as epitomized by the warped Judeofascist Zionist and Anglo-fascist Royalist-Imperialist mentality) upon the West, and humanity in general.

The "conspiracy" truly can be narrowed down to an handful of focal points dominated by Zionist and other fascist-minded groups and individuals who suffer from a hard-wired insecurity and arrested development, and who seek to prevent humanity from taking the next step in evolution that would render them permanently irrelevant and obsolete.

What good are amoral, anti-philosophical, warmongering, self-serving egoists, ethnocentrics, tribalists and money-worshippers, who are perpetually trapped somewhere between the reptilian and limbic brain functions on the evolutionary scale, in a world working humanely towards peace, progress and prosperity?

They're obsolete, useless, unnecessary and unwanted.

These warmongers, money-worshippers and banksters pulling the strings of our modern State-Capitalist, pseudo-democracies are singularly responsible for stunting modern human and social evolution, progress and development.

They are the problem, and their (humane) obsolescence through identification, isolation, quarantine and containment is the remedy.

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