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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rumors of armed Chinese troops stomping around Texas vs. actuality of armed Globalist troops stomping around the Mideast

Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!

( -- by Revolution PAC --


Chris Moore comments:

It's funny how rumors of Chinese troops coming to the U.S. to stomp around get the patriots all riled about sovereignty, but the actuality of U.S. troops stomping around the Mideast for fascist elements of Wall Street, international Jewish bankers, and the Globalist agenda don't bother some of them at all.

A people too stiff-necked and self-absorbed to see the log in its own eye ends up either hated or enslaved. That's Christianity 101.

It's time to beat back the money-worshipping, State Capitalist Mammonism and Judeo-Christian Zionism that has overtaken the U.S. establishment, and replace it with the safe and sane Greco-Christian tradition that is the basis of Western civilization.

Put the rootless cosmopolitan rubes and the Judeo-Christian Zionist hicks out to pasture, where they belong. They're simply too insatiably greedy, particularistic, insular, intellectually root bound, and outright ignorant to run a global power, let alone an Empire.

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