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Thursday, December 22, 2011

From liberal media to neocon right, establishment stooges throw everything they have at Ron Paul

Mainstream media starts smear campaign against Ron Paul

(RT/USA) --

As Congressman Ron Paul accumulates support in the polls, the mainstream media launched a smear campaign attacking the politician with bit of ammo they can find.
Latest in their arsenal is a decades’ old newsletter than the candidate has long since dismissed.

While rumors of infidelity led to the collapse of pizzaman Herman Cain’s campaign and the adulterous affairs of former-House Speaker Newt Gingrich poses problems for chance at the GOP bid, the mainstream has only now come after Paul with the first piece of fodder it seems fit for news coverage that relies on scandal and sex more than politics and liberty.

To Paul, however, the allegations are laughable. According to the congressman, he has dismissed a 20-year old newsletter with racist remarks under his name for a decade now and will continue to do so. Despite this, the mainstream media is using everything they can find to find Rep. Paul at fault.

The writings in question came from an early-90s newsletter issued by Paul’s campaign, and though his name is on the newsletter, he says he was unaware of the contents that are now causing controversy. As with all stances the congressman takes, he says that this has been the story he’s offered up ever since he became aware of the contents.

An interview with CNN on Wednesday this week ended abruptly after Paul became irritated that the network wanted to tackle the issue of racist remarks for the third day in a row, even after he had answered questions regarding them on the network hours earlier. Pressed by CNN reporter Gloria Borger, Paul responded, “I never read that stuff. I was probably aware of it ten years after it was written. And it’s been going on twenty years that people have pestered me about this, and CNN does it every single time. When are you going to wear yourself out?”

Borger countered Paul’s comment by asking, “Is it a legitimate question to ask?”

“When you get the answer it is legitimate that you take the answers I give. You know what the answer is?” responded Paul. “I didn’t write them, I didn’t read them at the time and I disavow them. That is the answer”

When Borger called Paul out for his allegedly “incendiary” remarks, he told her that they are only being interpreted that way “because of people like you.”

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has even gone after Paul while the candidate takes the lead in his own state, insisting recently that a first-place win in the Iowa Caucus is meaningless. “People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third,” said Branstad, adding, “If Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire and the other states.”

Since the beginning of Paul’s campaign, the mainstream media has attacked the candidate as someone on the fringe and without a chance. Now that is success is being proven in the polls, the reality of a President Ron Paul is hitting the establishment hard and the GOP and mainstream media is going after him with everything they have...MORE...LINK

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