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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Police attacks on Occupy protesters trace back to ideological Zionism and the Israelification of U.S. political apparatus

From Occupation to ‘Occupy’: The Israelification of American domestic security

(Mondoweiss) -- by Max Blumenthal --

In October, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department turned parts of the campus of the University of California in Berkeley into an urban battlefield. The occasion was Urban Shield 2011, an annual SWAT team exposition organized to promote “mutual response,” collaboration and competition between heavily militarized police strike forces representing law enforcement departments across the United States and foreign nations.

At the time, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department was preparing for an imminent confrontation with the nascent “Occupy” movement that had set up camp in downtown Oakland, and would demonstrate the brunt of its repressive capacity against the demonstrators a month later when it attacked the encampment with teargas and rubber bullet rounds, leaving an Iraq war veteran in critical condition and dozens injured. According to Police Magazine, a law enforcement trade publication, “Law enforcement agencies responding to…Occupy protesters in northern California credit Urban Shield for their effective teamwork.”

Training alongside the American police departments at Urban Shield was the Yamam, an Israeli Border Police unit that claims to specialize in “counter-terror” operations but is better known for its extra-judicial assassinations of Palestinian militant leaders and long record of repression and abuses in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Urban Shield also featured a unit from the military of Bahrain, which had just crushed a largely non-violent democratic uprising by opening fire on protest camps and arresting wounded demonstrators when they attempted to enter hospitals. While the involvement of Bahraini soldiers in the drills was a novel phenomenon, the presence of quasi-military Israeli police – whose participation in Urban Shield was not reported anywhere in US media – reflected a disturbing but all-too-common feature of the post-9/11 American security landscape.

The Israelification of America’s security apparatus, recently unleashed in full force against the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has taken place at every level of law enforcement, and in areas that have yet to be exposed. The phenomenon has been documented in bits and pieces, through occasional news reports that typically highlight Israel’s national security prowess without examining the problematic nature of working with a country accused of grave human rights abuses. But it has never been the subject of a national discussion. And collaboration between American and Israeli cops is just the tip of the iceberg.

Having been schooled in Israeli tactics perfected during a 63 year experience of controlling, dispossessing, and occupying an indigenous population, local police forces have adapted them to monitor Muslim and immigrant neighborhoods in US cities. Meanwhile, former Israeli military officers have been hired to spearhead security operations at American airports and suburban shopping malls, leading to a wave of disturbing incidents of racial profiling, intimidation, and FBI interrogations of innocent, unsuspecting people. The New York Police Department’s disclosure that it deployed “counter-terror” measures against Occupy protesters encamped in downtown Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park raised serious questions about the extent to which Israeli-inspired tactics have been used to suppress the Occupy movement in general...MORE...LINK

When are Americans going to get it through their thick skulls: Zionists are fascists, even the Zionists in the Diaspora who camouflage their fascism with "liberal" and "progressive" affectations and rhetoric...even the Judeo-Christian Zionists and Judeophile liberal Zionist elites partnering with Jewish Zionists to control the two-party regime.

The quicker Americans get over this mental block ("Jews can't be fascists! Zionist-lovers can't be fascists!") the quicker they can take back their country from the fascists who have ridden the victim card into power -- just as Hitler rode the victim card into power.


Don't support Zionism and fascist wealth transfers to banksters and government connected elites? Prepare for pepper spray, the gulag and open air concentration camps modeled on Gaza.

What's so scary about all of this is that the Washington neocons and liberal fascists engineering all of this have convinced themselves they are on the side of right. Granted, in today's America all it takes is the spreading around of a bit of filthy lucre for the average government brainwashed useful idiot to decide Zionism is "right," but still, one would think some sort of Western civilization, constitutional, and base moral ethic would have made it through the greedy, lobotomized haze.

Zionism is clearly a sickness. Those under its sway have either sold their souls, or had it lobotomized by mesmerizing Hollywood, Madison Avenue, crass materialism and hypnotic Israeli organ dealers. -- C.M.

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