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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fox News finally examines WTC 7 controlled demolition, but can it be trusted?

(By Chris Moore) -- Congratulations to Geraldo Rivera and Fox News for their belated willingness to pierce the conspiracy of mainstream media silence around what was undeniably a controlled demolition of WTC 7 (which suggests the Twin Towers were taken down in a similar manner). Rivera even pokes fun at himself for ridiculing 9/11 conspiracy theorists two years ago.

That said, I don't really trust Fox News nor Geraldo Rivera for a few reasons, and suspect these efforts may be an attempt by the neocon Right to triangulate the issue and again manage permissable criticism of the corrupt ruling establishment, of which Fox News is a significant component.

1) Jewish Zionists Geraldo Rivera is a left-liberal/neoliberal who has been a lackey for the liberal capitalist Establishment for decades.

2) Fox News kingpin Rupert Murdoch is a political Zionist whose propaganda efforts were integral to lying America into the Iraq war on behalf of Israel, globalism, and Empire hegemony.

3) Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano, whose Freedom Watch program is excellent and to be commended, is a relative of Homeland Security/TSA fascist Janet Napolitano, and in the bottom clip below, says that “Twenty years from now, people will look at 9/11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. It couldn’t possibly have been done the way the government told us.”

Why does Napolitano profess to believe this mystery will never be solved? Once it's demonstrated that the Towers went down under a controlled demolition, it will simply be a matter of criminally investigating the conspiracy by examining lease ownership and management of the Towers which had to be in on the plot (starting with Jewish real estate mogul Larry Silverstein, who controlled four of the seven towers, including the Twin Towers), and following the chain of command up to the top. It really won't be that difficult at all. So why does Napolitano frame the conspiracy as equally impenetrable and ultimately futile as the investigation into the Kennedy assassination? This appears to be an effort to manage the outcome.

4) Following 9/11, Fox News aired an investigation piece into Israeli spying in America and how it may have been related to the attacks, but quickly scrubbed the video from its site, and hasn't followed up in any meaningful way since. Could this be another effort to triangulate the issue by establishing a little bit of credibility only to see to it that the controversy is quickly flushed down the memory hole? Likely.

Nonetheless, these small pieces of the puzzle are well worth viewing.


WTC 7 was then-NYC Mayor Giuliani's emergency "bunker" or command center during his incumbency up to and through the attacks. It was specially reinforced to preserve its structural integrity in the event of an attack or an explosion. There is no way that the building could have been rigged for implosion (as it apparently was, likely with nano-technology explosives) without Giuliani's security apparatus knowing about it.

Additionally, Giuliani later attempted to obscure how WTC 7 fell, garbling his sentences and at one point seeming to claim it went down "over a period of time," while simultaneously claiming he wasn't aware that it imploded until later. Was he talking about the Twin Towers or WTC 7? No one knows.

From Prison Planet:
Giuliani is asked if he had expected the twin towers to collapse on 9/11. Here is his response.

"Yeah, but not in the way they did."

"It occurred to us all that they might ultimately collapse over....the way buildings usually collapse, which is in stages."

"It looked like at some point the top of the building would come off, and then maybe the middle of the building and then maybe there'd be a shell left....the way number 7 came down 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon - over a period of time - but the idea that it would implode, the implosion that took place, I actually didn't realize that until much later."

Building 7 collapsed in just 6.5 seconds - videos of the structure before its collapse show the building fully intact and suffering sporadic fires across a limited number of floors.

It has since also been proven to a reasonable degree that the smoke seen emanating from the area of Building 7 was mostly coming from Buildings 5 and 6, which had taken the direct brunt of the collapse of the twin towers and were completely ablaze.
So all the towers that went down did so under physical circumstances indistinguishable from those of a controlled demolition; Buildings 5 and 6, which took the brunt of the fallout from the Twin Towers' collapse didn't go down, but Building 7, retrofitted with reinforced steel, did go down; WTC 7 was a high-security, emergency command center bunker that could never have been seeded with explosives without Giuliani security knowing about it; and Giuliani later attempted to obfuscate the physical conditions under which Building 7 collapsed.

This all ads up to a criminal conspiracy at the highest levels likely carried out by ideological Zionists and rogue factions within our own government, and whitewashed by the entire corrupt Establishment and its mainstream media lackeys -- lackeys who were later complicit in the Establishment narrative that utilized 9/11 as the pretext to lie America into Mideast wars that benefited Israel and politically "cemented" the country around the corrupt, two-party regime and its various tentacles such as the Fed and the war-profiteering complex.


Bottom Line: it’s clear that a group of ideological Zionists (most of them Jewish) had their hands in the operation, and even in stages of the attacks themselves. I suspect they facilitated and enabled the attacks in much the same way that the neocons did the brainwork behind the false evidence that framed Iraq. They put the pieces in place, wound up the operation, and sat back and watched it all come together.

These are very sick people with very sick minds. They are programmed to believe anything and everything is justified as long as it's "good for the Jews." They’ve been getting their chains jerked by this pharisaic matrix which itself is a wind-up operation for 2,000 years. One doesn’t have to be a Christian to recognize that 2,000 years of obsessive, relentless, neurotic, self-propagating, cult indoctrination is going to create some very disturbed minds across wide factions of Jewry. -- C.M.

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Josie said...

Judge Napolitano and Janet Napolitano are NOT RELATED. He has even told that on Fox News some time ago.