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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The New Republic and Marty Peretz celebrate Henry Kissinger as a crypto Jewish nationalist agent of influence

(By Chris Moore*) -- The latest release of Nixon tapes has provided an opportunity for Martin Peretz, the deeply bigoted, Jewish Zionist, long-time publisher of the influential, left-liberal mainstay The New Republic, to hold forth in his magazine on how important it is for Jewish nationalism to maintain agents and advocates at the highest levels of power in the U.S.

Peretz starts his article by stating that Republican President Richard Nixon was a mentally ill monster whose "psychopathology included his hatred of Jews, their intellectual character, their State, and them broadly as a nation and people."

Fortunately, according to Peretz, Jewry had what's know as a sayanim or Jewish nationalist operative -- Henry Kissinger -- who was "the smartest, and perhaps the wisest caretaker of American diplomacy since Thomas Jefferson" in the White House to subtly manipulate Nixon and steer him in the right directions. (Nixon, says Peretz, surrounded himself by Jews "doubtless for what he thought to be their devilish smarts.")

Peretz says Kissinger flattered Nixon's anti-Semitism through statements such as the following, which appeared on the newly released tapes.
Kissinger: "The emigration of Jews from the the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern."

Nixon: "I know. We won't blow up the world because of it."
Peretz writes:
I know something about Kissinger's maneuvering for the Jewish state and for the Jewish people. I and a few Harvard colleagues were in touch with him, actually met with him during the dread days of the Yom Kippur War when Israel's very survival was at peril. (Henry Rosovsky, Samuel Huntington, Michael Walzer, Thomas Schelling and I comprised the group.) Dr. K. confided to us how difficult it was to persuade his bigoted boss that a great deal of American arms (and sufficient Lockheed C-130s "Hercules" aircraft to deliver them) were needed and needed instantly. There is no doubt in my mind that Kissinger rescued the third commonwealth with these munitions.
But according to Peretz, Nixon wasn't the only hugely powerful anti-Semitic psychopath of that era; there were others, many others from Left to Right, all of whom wanted to do in the Jews once and for all, or at the least stand by and watch as other psychopaths did them in:
Imagine, by the way, if George McGovern had defeated Nixon in the 1972 election. McGovern's enmity to Israel was and is well-documented. There would have been no military aid and no Israel.

So, if Kissinger needed to flatter Nixon in order to convince him, that flattery was also a blessing.

Yes, the Soviet government contemplated another genocide of the Jews and also lesser mortifications of them. But, believe me, no progressives believed this was possible. There is much documented evidence of the falsified "doctors' plot." Again, the American left denied it.

But one doesn't have to contemplate a post-World War II genocide of the Jews by the Soviets. There had already been the Nazi genocide. Did the administration of Franklin Roosevelt target any of its centers? Not for a moment. Even the bombing of Auschwitz, proposed by secretary of the treasury Henry Morgenthau, a Jew, was dismissed with contempt and derision. Henry Kissinger did much better than F.D.R. So, for that matter, did the anti-Semite Richard Nixon.
So as Peretz spins it, the world stood by and watched as Jews were wiped out in World War II (despite the best efforts of Jewish sayanim like Henry Morgenthau) and would have happily stood by and watched the Israelis get wiped out if not for the efforts of Jewish saynim Henry Kissinger.

But let's examine Peretz' narrative a little more closely, especially with regard to Margenthau. A comprehensive historical analysis reveals how Margenthau, far from being disaffected from the supposedly anti-Semitic Left, was a Judeo-Communist sympathiser who sabotaged General George Patton's agenda to take out Stalin and Communism after the Allies had finished off the Nazis. As I put it in a comment on an article about the socialist origins of Zionism:
[By FDR's era] international Jewish socialism had its hooks well into America at that point (the Democrats in particular), so the U.S. was already teetering away from Christianity and towards quasi-socialism and runaway crass materialism itself -- which gave wealthy and powerful Jewish collectivists like FDR's manipulative Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau and his backers the opening that they needed to steer the corrupt FDR/Truman administrations away from what should have been the showdown with Stalin that General Patton wanted and lobbied for. Instead, Morgenthau and his ilk saw to it that Eastern Europe was turned over to the Communists (for political purposes, Wall Street and Jewish international capital purposes, and purposes of sheer vindictiveness) and Eastern European/Russian Christian civilization would thus be subjected to decades more of murderous statist social-engineering (or what the Jewish neocons like to call "preventive war" and nation building).
So Peretz attempts to rewrite a history in which the Left has supposedly always been hostile to Jewry (even though Jewry largely invented and instigated Communism for self-serving purposes); a history in which Jewry's major and even decisive role in the mass murder of millions of Christians, anti-Communist dissidents, peasants and others by Soviet Communists didn't actually take place; and a history in which Jews being killed during World War II had no relationship whatsoever with Jewry's role in Communist mass murder that pre-dated "the Shoah," but instead flowed from Western civilization's anti-Semitism, which (according to Peretz) runs virulent from Left to Right.

Peretz may actually be correct about the latter, but anti-Semitism obviously doesn't come out of the clear blue, but rather ebbs and flows in correlation with Jewish nationalism's own actions and conspiracies, as should be the case in any healthy, functional civilization under assault from what Peretz has openly admitted are secret Jewish nationalists agents pursing Jewry's own self-serving agenda from within -- Jewish nationalist agents such as Henry Morgenthau, Henry Kissinger, Jonathan Pollard, Marty Peretz himself, and thousands more U.S. Jewish Zionists shaping an Israel first policy from both inside and outside the U.S. government to the detriment of Americans.

Marty Peretz can hardly confess to Jewish nationalist, Israel-first conspiracies, operations and actions perpetrated by Jewish Zionist operatives under the guise of serving U.S. policy and interests, and then simultaneously complain about the existence of anti-Semitism. Well, actually, he can. It's called chutzpah. And it's again growing increasingly blatant and menacing, this time to Americans and their interests.

*Chris Moore is editor of and

Henry Kissinger, a Jewish nationalist operative, according to The New Republic's Martin Peretz


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