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Monday, December 27, 2010

Hysterical reaction to anti-Big Government Wikileaks reveals movement "conservatives" as frauds and anti-American neocons

WikiLeaks' Conservative Purpose

(Campaign For Liberty) -- by Jack Hunter --

...To say that government must keep secrets is not to say that all government secrets must be kept.

Even Pentagon officials and Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted that none of WikiLeaks' revelations do anything to compromise national security or endanger American lives, but they have wreaked havoc on political life in Washington, D.C. Apparently, Americans are not supposed to know that Saudi Arabia has been encouraging the U.S. to take military action against Iran behind-the-scenes. But if we end up going to war with Iran shouldn't it be in America's national interest, and not simply as a subcontractor for another country? Fox News' Judith Miller asks, "Why should Americans not know that Arab states, often at the top level, have been urging Washington to take military or other drastic action against Iran, while they publicly oppose such action?"

And when did conservatives become so protective of Hillary Clinton? What happened to the days of the "Stop Hillary Express," when right-wing talk radio portrayed the former first lady as Satan and discussed all the devious ways in which, if in power, she might conspire to bring down the entire country? When WikiLeaks revealed that Secretary of State Clinton tried to obtain DNA samples, fingerprints, credit card numbers, and other private information belonging to United Nations officials, we learned that Clinton's style was every bit as mafia-esque as her conservative critics once warned. Yet, conservatives now attack WikiLeaks for revealing what they once feared.

It should also be remembered that the same conservatives now calling for Assange's head either ignored or were sympathetic to Lewis "Scooter" Libby's outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame, allegedly at the Bush administration's behest. Plame's outing was arguably a far greater threat to our national security than anything that has been released by WikiLeaks.

But the worst example of conservative hypocrisy has been the way the Right has reflexively defended the government and attacked WikiLeaks. Since when have conservatives believed that Washington should be able to shroud any action it likes in secrecy and that revealing government's nefarious deeds is tantamount to treason?

Interestingly, the WikiLeaks' founder espouses a traditionally conservative, Jeffersonian view that America's constitutional structure limits and lessens government corruption. According to Time, Assange's criticism of the U.S. stems from a "combination of the burgeoning power of the central government and a presidency that can expand its influence only by way of foreign affairs," not the power of individual states to slow this process...MORE...LINK
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Chris Moore comments:

We're at war, all right, Gingrich -- war with both a rogue and mainstream, Israel-first neocon/neolib juggernaut within our own government and system that orchestrated the 9/11 attacks on America, used them as a pretext to lie us into Mideast wars for the benefit of Israel and ideological Zionism and Globalism, used mainstream media and government to whitewash the entire crime against humanity, and now is trying to clamp down on the First Amendment because it doesn't like people on the Internet pointing out that IT is guilty of treason. And Gingrich, that means YOU. YOU are an "enemy combatant," and YOU should be put on trial for treason -- right along with all your Israel-first, neolib-neocon collaborators.

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