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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Politically correct, insatiably greedy, globalization-pimping White liberals -- the true White supremacists

Smells Like White Guilt: Christian Lander’s Whiter Shades of Pale

(Occidental Observer) -- by Greg Johnson --

I saw Christian Lander in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 2nd, speaking to a tiny sweater-clad audience at a small independent bookstore in the Marina District. Lander told the story of the amazing success of his blog Stuff White People Like which in about six months grew from a private joke to a New York Times bestselling book (with a reported $300,000 advance). (See Christopher Donovan’s review of the Stuff White People Like book.)

In his talk, Lander made it very clear that he is not talking about all White people, but just “the right kind of White people,” as opposed to “the wrong kind of White people.”

The right kind of White people are urban, college-educated, and from upper-middle and upper-class backgrounds. And, most importantly, they are liberal.
Lander also adds that the right kind of White people are “rich”: they live in expensive cities, go to expensive colleges, travel widely, and can afford to take a year off from time to time. They know how to trade their hip, grungy attire for expensive suits and ties, and their ironic detachment for “attaboy” attitude, when opportunities for advancement in the system present themselves (courtesy of people from their parents’ generation and social circles).

And they know how to hold onto what’s theirs. They can be cheap and multicultural at the same time simply by replacing White workers with Guatemalans.

The wrong kind of White people live in suburbs and rural areas. They are not college educated, or, if they went to college, they were in frats and sororities, did not attend first tier schools, and did not take liberal arts degrees. They are working or middle class, or horrible businessman and industrialists. And they are not liberal. They are Tea Partiers and Republicans. They watch Fox News.

The right kind of White people define themselves by looking down on the wrong type of White people. This sort of intra-White status competition is a perennial feature of colonial societies like the United States and Lander’s native Canada, where an absence of fixed class distinctions creates immense social anxiety and a strong desire to distinguish oneself from “those people” through an ever-shifting set of conventional status markers that Lander focuses on with often uncanny perspicacity. (It takes a special kind of brilliance to see things that are so close to who we are that we cannot help but overlook them.)

I asked Lander “What percentage of White people are White people?” and he answered “90%” But it was clear he was talking only about 90% of the people he knew. In fact, 90% of the people he knows belong to the 20% of Americans who describe themselves as liberals. Lander also mentioned growing up in Toronto, where the White working and middle classes have been pretty much replaced by non-Whites, which is a vision of the world being engineered by Lander’s type of White people for the rest of us.

Lander’s work is softball satire, not serious sociology. But he is nevertheless significant, because White liberals tend to think that they are generic, universal humans that all other humans aspire to imitate. In this, White liberals are true White supremacists...

So, how close are Christian Lander’s “right kind of White people” to White racial consciousness? Sitting in that audience and listening to the smug, self-satisfied sniggering at Lander’s gentle satire, I realized: They are already there.

The “right” kind of White people are supremely confident in their own superiority. Their self-esteem and sense of entitlement are rock solid. The right kind of White people believe that (1) all other human beings aspire to be just like them, and (2) they will always remain in power and able to secure and perpetuate their values. Those White people down at the Marina believe that the rising tide of color will float their boats.

One fellow asked Lander about what sort of criticism he gets. Apparently, a lot of Stormfront types take him to task for double standards: “How come it’s OK to make fun of White people but not Black or Hispanic or Asian people?” he asked in a mock-macho, working class accent. Lander’s answer stunned me: “It is always OK to make fun of White people, because no unhappy ending is possible.” Translation: White people will always be on top and in control...MORE...LINK
Christian Lander preaches to his sweater-clad cult, who pose as open-minded "progressives" in order to manipulate, swindle and plunder the world via the globalization racket. Sound familiar?

Chris Moore comments:

“It is always OK to make fun of White people, because no unhappy ending is possible.” — Christian Lander

He might want to ask a few million dead White Christians murdered in Soviet Russia at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks and Stalinists about that. Indeed, the murderous, morally superior, fire in the minds of left-wingers ultimately led to the deaths of even more millions, this time Asians, at the hands of “progressives” like Pol Pot and Mao.

That’s really the main problem and danger of politically correct, liberal capitalist system-indoctrinated Whites: they’re utterly self-absorbed, and incredibly ignorant of true history, which makes them easy-pickings for sociopath string-pullers.


I'm rethinking that quote above in light of the possibility that Lander is a crypto Jew. Perhaps what he means here is that the murder of millions of Whites would NOT be an unhappy outcome; indeed, that it would be a HAPPY outcome for him and his ilk for the same reasons outlined by anti-White, Jewish racist Tim Wise.

And if he's not a crypto Jew, it just goes to show how anti-White racist, anti-Christian and anti-Western civilization left-liberalism has become. It seems to have internalized organized Jewry's misanthropic, warped view of history and the world.


A lot of well intentioned Americans underestimate a) the power of mass media to manipulate culture, and consequently political perspective and outcome; and b) the extent to which Jewry perniciously influences mass media in order to poison the well against Whites, liberty, and Christianity, and has in America for decades. A lot of Americans have absolutely zero idea how Judaized they have indeed become in a lobotomized Frankenstein/Noahide sort of way, which is a big part of the problem with this country — why nothing seems to get through.

Based on his site, and apparently his book, it’s obvious that Lander knows politically correct left-liberalism inside and out, and yes, seems to be ridiculing it to a certain extent. Perhaps he’s Jewish, and mocking White liberal Gentiles, or perhaps he’s simply sub-consciously sick to death of P.C. left-liberalism and its stifling, frigid speech codes.

But bottom line: he’s vested in the statist-liberal, Judaized status quo, and in a roundabout way is validating it. (“Look at us, we’re so progressive we can even poke fun at ourselves.”) This might all be innocuous fun if that same system wasn’t so murderously warmongering, corrupt, on the road to totalitarianism, and taking this country straight over a cliff.

But hey, don’t be so uptight about all that, dude — or so the disarming, hipster Jon Stewart, Christian Lander, South Park, Judeo-liberal mass media shtick goes.


I agree that Western elites have historically used Jewry off and on to do their bidding, tax collecting, dirty work, etc (see Ginsberg’s Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, for starters) but that was when the West still had a strong Christian identity, and the “Christian” elites could unleash the masses at will upon Jewry if it got too uppity and greedy. This is no longer the case — in no small part because Jewry has systematically gone about using Jewish intellectual movements and mass culture and media to destroy the Christian moral order for decades now.

If anything, it’s the other way around: Jewry is now using the goy “Alphas” to keep the Christian and populist hoi polloi in its place.

I think a case can be made that Gentile intellectual movements trail blazed by pompous and superior secular humanists and even smug Christian elites got the ball rolling and instructed Jewry on their power and potential, but Jewry took the ball and ran with it all the way to “victory” — which is an empty victory because they not only dislike the hoi polloi over which they today lord, but they actually want to see them beaten down, enslaved, and again murdered en masse as precedented by Jewish Bolshevik/Stalinist mass murder.

They were unable to complete the job only because Stalin (who learned his murderous ways from the partly Jewish Lenin, and was of the same ruthless snake character as the contemporary Alphas) started to feel threatened by Jewry’s power. There is no prospect of a new Stalin or Hitler rising in a Zionist-dominated, "democratic" America, and if he did, he would probably also be too intellectually comprimised by Jewry in the same way that Stalin was to do us much good, which means the only near term prospect of saving the day is for a mass Western civilization consciousness to rise up and somehow shake off its tormentors and persecutors both at the ballot box and in the street.

If this were to happen, I have no doubt the certain goy “Alphas” would come out of the woodwork to try to co-opt the movement for themselves, but that’s the beauty of political and ideological Zionism: it has co-opted, and implicated nearly all of the worst elements of the “elite,” who are now marked men. Let’s call it the Scarlet Z.

LOL. These may well have to ultimately emigrate to Israel as well.

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