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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tyranny of the "secular" minority: The imposition of a Christ-less Christmas

“Merry __________mas”

(The New American) -- by Dan Fisher --

This December, on courthouse lawns and other public places across America, you’ll see decorative lights, Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, “holiday trees,” and maybe even an angel or two. The only guest who’ll probably be missing from this birthday party is the guest of honor himself. Oddly, there’s even room for elves, tin soldiers, candy canes, and sugarplums — just no room for Christ. The lunacy of celebrating a holiday called Christmas that commemorates the birth of Christ without recognizing Christ could only happen in the philosophically inconsistent but politically correct America. Think of it: You can openly celebrate Christmas just as long as you don’t mention Christ.

Does this make any sense? Imagine if the same politically correct standard were applied to the celebration of other holidays. Imagine the celebration of Hanukkah where Jews are expected to forgo the Festival of Lights or other Jewish traditions. How receptive do you think Muslims would be to the idea of celebrating Ramadan with no mention of Allah, the Quran, or Muhammad? Imagine Valentine’s Day without any references to Saint Valentine — a day where only candy and flowers could be displayed. What kind of sense would it make to not be able to talk about Columbus on Columbus Day — Columbus, Ohio, perhaps, but not Christopher Columbus? What if on Martin Luther King’s birthday, instead of honoring Martin Luther King, we honored fictional characters and animals? How well would that fly?

Ridiculous? No more ridiculous than celebrating a Christ-less Christmas...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Of course, we all know the
the primary source of the war on the celebration of the Prince of Peace... but pretending otherwise is part of the politically correct regime of the Left AND Right.

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