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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

America headed for ideologically-engineered, tribal race wars unless we return to our Western Civilization heritage

Chris Moore comments:

The video below illustrates how we're all being reduced to racial-tribal savagery by the globalist agenda being perpetrated by neo-Marxists, neoliberals, neocons, Judeofascist and other left-wing, tribal-identity racists. Western Civilization, comprised of all manner of cultures and races, must unite around a return to Christian moral authority and Western values, and reject the insane globalist ideology of these self-serving sociopaths who have put Western Civilization and Christianity on the road to extermination and extinction via neo-Bolshevik globalism and its social-engineering tools of open borders, money-worshipping corporatism, liberal narcissism and social nihilism.

Warning: the video contains somewhat incendiary and racist language of the kind that is unhelpful in fending off our societies' slow, sinking decline into the primitive, tribal, racist, mire, but nonetheless is instructive on what may be coming unless we return to Christian and Western sanity via libertarian nationalism and the political subordination and ultimate eclipse of our sociopathic, liberal-capitalist "elites."

Race War....It's Coming!
(YouTube) -- by TheEqual2 --


Anonymous said...

disagree w. u here Chris--video is overwrought hype. Yes SOME mud-races will follow the Jews, but not all. We just need proper Christian leadership--and it merely needs be rationalist. U're greatest delusion is u rationalize putrid mysticism which u allege falsely is proper part of Christianity--it isn't. Christainity stands for TRUTH (hence the objective reality as criterion) vs. Jew lies founded in subjectivism. I've told u this before, but u don't listen--a big, big mistake on ur part. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Chris Moore said...

@ Apollonian: "Yes SOME mud-races will follow the Jews, but not all."

If by "mud races," you mean people of color, yes, I agree that those who identify tribally are likely to follow Judeofascists, but others who reject primitive tribalism, which is why many of them came to America to begin with, will not. Additionally, many people of color came to America fleeing Communism, which as we all know was simply yet another Judeofascist tool, so these would be stupid or insane to get into bed with the Left.

Christianity can and will unite a reborn Western Civilization against these primitive, left-wing and globalist predators, but each country has to take itself back first via libertarian nationalism, and then unite with other Western countries who have done the same.

Together, we can repel the savage menace, whatever its guise, once and for all.