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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giffords shooting: Whites, Christians, conservatives and anti-violence advocates push back against lying machinations of corrupt liberal Establishment

Biggest Loser: The Media

(Occidental Dissent) -- by Hunter Wallace --

The Media

The mainstream media has emerged as the biggest loser in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.

Liberal journalists are coming away from this incident even more discredited than they were before. Their pretense to objectivity has been shattered beyond repair.

A new CBS poll has found that 57 percent of Americans believe that heated political rhetoric “had nothing to do” with the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. 37 percent of Americans believe it does.
49 percent of Democrats place no blame on the tone in Washington. 42 percent of Democrats believe there is a connection.

The only people who are buying the prevailing narrative in the media are left-liberal progressives, liberal Republicans, and the roughly one third of independents who lean toward the Democrats anyway.

The pathetic attempt to link American Renaissance to the Giffords shooting, which even FOX News was pushing, was quickly shot down within a day by bloggers empowered by various social media platforms.

The New Media

The mainstream media has lost its ability to control the political narrative.

Social media dominated the shooting. The latest updates were being posted in real time on Twitter and Free Republic as an army of bloggers swarmed in on the identity of the shooter and exposed his true political leanings.

The information uncovered, published, and disseminated on the internet and talk radio was so damaging to the mainstream spin coming out of Washington that their collective effort at expressing faux moral outrage failed to make the slightest dent in the political status quo.

Instead, the Giffords shooting quickly became the latest lesson in liberal media bias, as the appropriate comparisons between the Ft. Hood and Gabrielle Giffords shootings were drawn.

The same journalists who refused to “rush to judgement” and blame Islam for the massacre in Texas pinned the Giffords assassination on the Tea Party within minutes.

The neverending stream of cant about the bigotry and prejudice of White Americans that comes from out of The New York Times was exposed to public view as nothing more than naked partisanship and hypocrisy in the disguise of moral posturing.

Other Losers: The Vanguardist Sidetrack

The other big loser in the Giffords shooting was the vanguard which was discredited in several key ways:

(1) First, the idea that White Americans will respond positively to cold blooded acts of “Sorelian violence” was discredited for perhaps all time. It should be clear now to any rational observer that the use of violence has exactly the opposite effect of creating hostility to those who engage in it...

(2) Second, with bullets being taken off the table as a viable option, we are only left with ballots. The Giffords shooting has clarified the means – working within the system – that we will have to use to fight back.

Americans have long been adverse to the use of violence without legitimacy. Everything from Emmett Till to Medgar Evers to Matthew Shepard to James Byrd to Oklahoma City has worked to the advantage of our enemies.

They need saints and martyrs.

The last thing we need to do is give them fresh ammunition to use against us. That is something we have some degree of control over.

Barack Obama is being allowed to fail. Nancy Pelosi has already failed and that will be her legacy.

(3) Third, the Giffords shooting has shown once again that ordinary people are not “lemmings” who believe everything they see on television.

We have known for two decades now that the legitimacy of the mainstream media has collapsed in White America. The fact is, White people don’t watch Keith Olbermann or read Frank Rich, and to the extent that they are exposed to their liberal bias, they tend to react negatively to them.

We know now that we can use social media to run around the mainstream media, influence the political narrative, and directly connect with a mass audience.

(4) Fourth, if ordinary people are not stupid mindless lemmings after all, if they are indeed capable of grasping the truth when it is communicated to them in an effective way, then we don’t need an “elite” or an “aristocracy” or a “cultural class” to explain things to them.

We can reach the “lemmings” with a populist message. The “lemmings” out there passionately dislike the liberal media elite and always respond well to intelligent criticism of it.

(5) Fifth, conservatives are not as worthless or cowardly as some have claimed, and have pushed back hard and successfully to kill the media spin about the Tea Party causing the Giffords shooting.

Conservatives did not accept the idea that American Renaissance inspired the Giffords shooting. In fact, many of them heard about Jared Taylor for the first time and liked what they saw over there...MORE...LINK

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Marycatherine Barton said...

In fact, I seriously consider the death-worshipping Loughner's targeting of the congresswoman, and those with her, while she was acting as same with her constituents, as an example of the war on women in America. When will it end?