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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fox News shows its true colors, reveals itself as mere right-wing of anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Western neolib-neocon globalist leviathan

The Attack on American Renaissance

(Alternative Right) -- by Paul E. Gottfried --

Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor are both to be commended for setting us straight about the non-relation between Arizona killer Jared Loughner and American Renaissance. Despite a damning report from Homeland Security linking Loughner to this publication, no evidence showing such a connection could be produced. Moreover the description of the AR “organization,” (it is actually a newsletter whose editorial board holds annual conferences) as anti-Semitic was denied almost as soon as the report was issued. Leftist, predominantly Jewish groups such as ADL and the SPLC came to Jared Taylor’s defense against the rumor that he was running a neo-Nazi hate group.

Homeland Security went wrong, when it described Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman whom Loughner shot as “the first Jewish female elected to such a high-position in the US government.” Although the report was correct that the social liberal and pro-immigrationist Giffords held views that were the “opposite” of those of AR, the congresswoman, notes Jared Taylor, has come after multiple Jewish, female predecessors in Congress. These others, not surprisingly, have been even more liberal than Rep. Giffords.

Despite the empty charges brought against AR, a publication to which Loughner did not subscribe, the war against the newsletter continues to be waged, thanks to the neoconservative camp. FOX went into high gear at 8:00 AM Sunday morning, reporting that an extremist organization that hates Jews, Blacks and Israel was somehow involved in Loughner’s crimes. The young woman who made this assertion claims never to have heard of American Renaissance, but assured her listeners that she and her fellow-investigative reporters were doing “research.” From her remarks it seemed that she and FOX were about to reveal something big about a rightwing-extremist “hate group.”...

There are two explanations for what has happened here, a simple explanation and a more perceptive one that Richard Spencer has come up with.

One, the neocon infrastructure is indirectly under attack from the liberal Left, which is trying to implicate Sarah P. in the supposedly rightwing hysteria that led to Loughner’s horrible crimes. The head honchos at FOX are trying to save their usable politicians against this savage assault and are understandably diverting attention, from GOP personalities toward “extremist” sources. We are made to believe that these other sources on the far right might have contributed to Loughner’s muddy thinking, together with selected readings from Hitler and Marx. By transferring their cooties to those on their right, FOX and the rest of the neocon establishment are shielding their own kind against further negative fallout. The attempt to avoid such fallout also explains the maudlin repeated expressions of affection that GOP politicians have been issuing around the clock about Rep. Giffords. Never mind that before the election she and the Tea Party candidate in the Arizona First District had been in an acrimonious battle and that furthermore the GOP made strenuous efforts to get Giffords defeated.

The other explanation, which does not rule out the first but seems entirely convincing, is that the violent acts committed by Loughner are allowing the neocons to tar the non-authorized Right with a Nazi brush. It should be no secret that the neoconservatives have never been able to stifle their opposition on the right entirely. Their pesky opponents stay around, no matter how hard the neocons and their drudges pummel or ignore them. Wouldn’t it be nice if those on top could drive away the lingering opposition to their rule that persists on the right? And that could be done by exposing AmRen as the true culprit in Loughner’s crimes, while placing in the public mind a link between the non-neocon Right and mass murder. And it would be even better from this standpoint if one could get the FBI, Homeland Security, and other government surveillance organizations to go after “rightwing extremism,” that is, that part of the Right that the neocons have not been able to dominate and adapt to their use.

Allow me to add that I think this is exactly what is happening when the neocons continue to push the lie that AmRen incited Loughner. The attackers add hypocrisy to knavery when they complain that the Left is making unjustified accusations against their party and friends. Exactly what are they doing when they smear the non-authorized Right? And it makes no difference to me whether or not I agree with Jared’s entire race realist thinking. The ones who are coming after him have gone after lots of other “unpatriotic” dissenters in the past. People in the same foxhole can’t afford to quibble, and especially when the same enemy has targeted them all...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

First these Trotskyite sociopaths sought to use Communism to rule the world, and when that plan collapsed they migrated West, shifted slightly to the Right, infiltrated the Western hierarchy in general and the American hierarchy in particular, and devised U.S.-centered leviathan globalism using the U.S. military as their apparatus to invade and rule the world, utilizing the false flag 9/11 attacks as a pretext. The Fed and Keynesianism is the economic underwriter of their insane, totalitarian project.

These parasites will stop at nothing to tyrannically rule over humanity. Anyone who doesn't want an insane neocon/nelib commissar, oligarch, bankster or commandant lording over him or her with a horse whip better get busy running these animals out on a rail.


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Marycatherine Barton said...

What a disturbing caricature depicting the future. I hope the men follow your advice, Chris.