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Friday, January 21, 2011

Greedy business interests and their liberal tools behind massive, elite-engineered illegal immigration

US Employers - The Real Reason For Illegal Immigration

( -- by Frosty Wooldridge --

The late William Lederer wrote the book: Our Own Worst Enemy. That tome dealt with our boondoggles in Southeast Asia. He died this past December at the age of 97, but he introduced a compelling note that Americans prove their own worst enemy.

If you look back at Vietnam, who started it? What caused it? President Lyndon Baines Johnson used the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" to wage war on Vietnam that killed several million people. What did he accomplish? He killed several million people and wreaked havoc on their civilization and ours. He died a very depressed man for his enormous folly.

When you look at President George W. Bush's provocation for the Iraq War, you see the same shallow veneer for provoking that conflict in his "Weapons of Mass Destruction." Saddam Hussein possessed nothing of the sort. He remained a sandbox dictator. Nonetheless, Bush created a horrific war that will continue killing and maiming human beings on both sides for years to come. President Barack Obama buys into the same horrific stupidity and arrogance.

Yet, whether Vietnam or Iraq, Americans find themselves as their own worst enemy. They allow their leaders to lead them by their 'emotional' or even 'jingoistic' noses into the breach of war. The same with immigration!

Today, on the contentious immigration front, Americans allow thousands of employers to employ illegal aliens at a cost of jobs, taxes, welfare and loss of the rule of law. While 15 million Americans suffer unemployment, about 10 million illegal aliens enjoy employment. Additionally, the U.S. Congress pumps another 1.1 million new immigrants into the country along with green card holders every year. That's over 200,000 every 30 days!

While the past four presidents did nothing to stop employers of illegal aliens, neither did U.S. citizens stand up to vote anyone that would enforce America's immigration laws. Thus far, mass immigration continues to displace Americans not only out of jobs, but out of their language, culture and financial stability. The USA stands $14 trillion in debt...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

15 million unemployed Americans, 10 millian employed illegal border breakers. Do the math.

Yes, its greedy "conservative" employers seeking to drive down the price of wages and labor, and to grow the American consumer market, behind the allowance of much of the illegal immigration. But it's also glabalist-pimping, left-liberal neo-Marxists pushing this supposedly "humanist" ideological "diversity" and "multicultural" agenda, who in truth are tools of the super-wealthy limousine liberal set comprised of banksters, financial sector cretins, lawyers, and other cosmopolitan liberal elites who also want to feather their own nests by selling out the country.

Short hand for the lot of them is the characterization of "neoliberal/neocon." And our political and economic problems will never be solved until they're rooted from the political spectrum.

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