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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Corrupt "progressive" statist-liberal Establishment feels threatened by Egyptian/Arab freedom and democracy movement

The Egyptian revolution threatens an American-imposed order of Arabophobia and false choices

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

I'm as thrilled as anyone by what I see in the Cairo streets, but when I turn on American television I see only grim faces. Rob't Gibbs looked frightened during his delayed press briefing yesterday afternoon, he didn't know what to say. Obama's comments last night were equivocal and opaque: I'm with Mubarak, for now. This is his 9/11-- the day Arabs blindsided a president.

I thought this is what he wanted for the Arab world: democracy! But the market dropped, and the cable shows are filled with mistrust of the Arab street. Our talking heads can't stop talking about the Islamists. Chris Matthews cried out against the Muslim Brotherhood and shouted, Who is our guy here?-- as if the U.S. can play a hand on the streets. While his guest Marc Ginsberg, a former ambassador to Morocco whose work seems to be dedicated to finding the few good Arabs out there, said that forces outside Egypt are funding the revolt-- a grotesque statement, given the homegrown flavor of everything we have seen in the streets; and when Matthews pressed him, Ginsberg said, Hamas... Iran.

Matthews's other interpreter was Howard Fineman. Why aren't there more Arab-Americans on US television? I give PBS credit for gathering Mary-Jane Deeb and Samer Shehata (along with the inevitable Steven Cook of CFR) to speak of the real political demands of the protesters (and not galloping Islamism!)-- but when CNN aired Mona Eltahawy saying that the protesters are not violent, the moderator stomped on her and said, what about those burning vehicles?

As if eastern Europe changed without similar destruction.

So racism against Arabs is shutting down the American mind once again...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Progressive liberals just love free speech and self-determination -- unless its by religious conservatives, anti-Zionists, opponents of statist-authoritarianism, nationalists, libertarians...

Yeah, that's real "progress"...back to the fanatically "secular" Bolshevik model.

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