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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Last cooking-the-books gasp of Keynesian ponzi scheme: U.S. to purchase 60% of federal debt run up in 2011 from itself

Is the Federal Reserve Really Purchasing Over 60% of 2011’s Fiscal Deficit? In a Word, uh . . . Yeah.

(Gonzalo Lira) --

The other day, in my post “The Lull Before the Storm”, I mentioned that for fiscal year 2011, the Federal Reserve would be purchasing over 60% of the Federal government deficit.


In other words, the Fed would be dancing the Monetization Waltz, just like Latin American countries used to back in the 1970’s: Proof positive that America is indeed a banana republic—only with nukes...

Mark Twain said it best: There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. If you want to deceive your audience, you source your numbers from some shifty salesman with an ideological ax to grind, gussy it up with percentage signs and charts and graphs, and thereby “prove” any damned foolishness you like.

But deceit in this context serves no purpose: It’s in all of our best interests to know exactly what is going on, in fiscal year 2011.

So in this brief post (yes I know—shocker), I’m gonna check the figures for my observation—but I’m gonna get ‘em right from the horse’s mouth: From the White House, and from the Federal Reserve.

To begin—...

...This shouldn’t be a controversial observation: A single market participant that is purchasing 60% or more of a market owns that market. So anything that that market ordinarily signaled—be it risk, instability, whatever—is now no longer the case. The only thing that market will reflect is whatever fixed idea the Market Pimp will want it to reflect.

Therefore, since any problem that the Treasury bond market might ordinarily reflect will be masked until the very last minute, watching that market for signs of the health of the wider economy will only distract from what is actually happening in the wider economy.

Succinct Conclusion

The Treasury bond market is like a concrete highway over a sinkhole: You won’t realize anything is amiss, until the road suddenly disappears...MORE...LINK

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