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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not terrorists: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood being misconstrued by liberal Western media

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood vs. Al-Qaeda

(Mondoweiss) -- by James North --

All of a sudden, middle-aged American men in suits who couldn't find their way, unaided, from Cairo's Ramses Station down Talaat Harb to Midan Tahrir, are posing as experts, appearing on U.S. television to insinuate that the Muslim Brotherhood is violent and extremist.

Fortunately, the Brothers have an English-language website. Scroll down it to the lower left and you will see the feature: "MB vs. Qaeda." This segment is one more sign of the organization's decades-long commitment to nonviolence, even though over the years the Mubarak regime has arrested and tortured thousands of its members.

One current post notes happily, "Al-Qaeda losing supporters in jihadi groups across the Arab world." There's also an open lettter that starts off, "Dear 'Muslim' Terrorist." "Sister Jannah" pointedly asks jihadists who planned attacks on civilians, "But did you even bother to ask a single real scholar of Islam? Like the hundreds and thousands of mainstream Islamic scholars out there. -- Guess what they say -- That killing innocent people is Haram."

Ignorance about the Brotherhood's true views and recent history is one more failing by the Western mainstream media. If thousands of members of secular, liberal organizations in Egypt had been regularly arrested in recent years, the names of their leaders would be household words...LINK

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