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Monday, August 29, 2011

Are Americans moving beyond Big Government grift that holds Whites perpetually accountable for substandard Black culture, performance and IQ?

Race realism: Breaking into the mainstream

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

A friend and I were talking about Arthur Jensen–the psychologist who reignited the race and IQ debate with his 1969 paper “How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?” published in the Harvard Educational Review. My friend said that starting with that paper there had been a huge amount of supportive research published in reputable academic journals like Intelligence and Personality and Individual Differences. There have also been major works like The Bell Curve that provoked a national discussion in newspapers and intellectual media. And there have been major works by J. Philippe Rushton and Richard Lynn published by academic presses.

The thrust of my friend’s comments was that it was just a matter of time before it becomes standard wisdom, informing all respectable discussions of the issue, even among politicians and the mainstream media.

But it doesn’t seem to work that way. When it comes to a politically charged issue like the changeability of IQ, there is no necessary gradual path from being out in the intellectual deserts to acceptance among media and political elites.

I was thinking about that when I read Ronald Brownstein’s recent column, “King’s Echo: Why equal opportunity is now a competitiveness issue” (titled more appropriately, “Cashing the Civil Rights Check” in the print edition of the LATimes). The basic idea is that during the Civil Rights Era, the issue of equal opportunity was framed “in the soaring language of moral justice.” But now, with Whites becoming a minority, the rationale has changed: “The cause of providing an equal chance to all, which was historically framed as a question of fairness, has become an issue of economic competitiveness.” We need smart, educated non-Whites to fund Social Security and the rest of the federal behemoth.

After acknowledging that Blacks have made substantial advances, he deplores the fact that they haven’t caught up completely:
And yet the disparity between these groups and whites remains daunting. The median income for blacks and Hispanics is still only about three-fifths of the level for whites; the poverty rate for both is about twice that of whites. Perhaps most ominous are the continuing racial gaps in education. The share of blacks with four-year college degrees remains only two-thirds the level for whites; fewer than half as many Hispanic adults as whites hold degrees. That disparity helps explain why federal figures show that African-Americans still earn about 20 percent less in weekly wages than whites, and Hispanics make about 30 percent less.
For Brownstein, the obvious implication is that society (i.e., White folks) haven’t done enough to bring about equality. And that means more money for education. And that’s not all:
That isn’t just a matter of spending more money; it requires diligent education reform and finding more creative ways to compensate for the decline of the two-parent family, especially in the African-American community. Inevitably, it also means investment in schools, health care, training, and tuition aid for a diversifying future workforce that won’t meet international standards without it. Unless the nation honors that check, all Americans eventually will pay a price.
Notice that America has to “compensate” for Black family patterns–we have to adjust to the way they are rather than attempt to change their behavior. Black teenagers having babies with no paternal involvement is not the problem; it’s up to society to find a way to educate the children.

But when it comes to education, we have to move heaven and earth to change educational outcomes. This prescription assumes that Black educational achievement (unlike family patterns) is easily changeable if we just cough up the dough. It shouldn’t matter if a high school dropout has an IQ of 70. Her child would be able to get a Ph.D. if society just stopped being so racist and provided more money for schools and the rest of his wish list.

Dream on!

Needless to say, Brownstein didn’t breathe a word about Arthur Jensen or anyone else in this line of research. No mention of the research showing that IQ and educational achievement aren’t so easily changed and that we simply don’t have such a technology...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

MacDonald: “For Brownstein, the obvious implication is that society (i.e., White folks) haven’t done enough to bring about equality. And that means more money for education…America has to “compensate” for Black family patterns–we have to adjust to the way they are rather than attempt to change their behavior.”

Jewish grifters and con artists like Brownstein have been pimping their scams for millennia. In modern times, at least since Marxism, the Jewish grift has revolved around government: get control of the levers of government and then push, push, push for larger and larger government by any means possible (including, of course, so called social justice, education, equality, compensation, etc, etc) which then allows the Jewish lever-pullers to divert more and more societal resources to themselves via Big Government.

Whether its neocon big wars, neolib “national greatness” activism, or ploys in Brownstein’s vein pushed by Jewish lefties and “progressives,” the end result is the same: Bigger government, which means ever more resource diversion away from the productive members of society and ever more towards the Jewish swindlers and their lesser accomplices.

The tea party movement is the equivalent of “Just Say No” to Big Government hustlers, swindlers and con artists — which is why the lot of them (including neocon-connected establishment “conservatives,”) are screaming like heroin addicts going through withdrawal at the prospect of REAL Americans cutting off their drug supply.

It seems to me this is a very practical way to deal this problem of lowest common denominator parasitism; perhaps the lot of them will move to a new host. At the very least, REAL Americans won’t be cutting their own throats by underwriting those who seek to yoke them for all their worth before finally turning them into fertilizer (just deserts as compensation for what “you” did to “us” say pampered Black and Jewish grifters trying to profitably guilt contemporary Whites who had nothing whatsover to do with the plight of any of their ancestors).


Here’s an example of how Jewry works with lesser tribal grifters to rob, plunder and destroy America.

Pat Buchanan recently wrote an article that noted “blacks hold 44 percent of the jobs at Fannie Mae and 50 percent of the jobs at Freddie Mac.”

Of course, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were at the center of the housing bubble, and in fact were crucial to inflating the housing bubble. The fast-money swindlers on Wall Street loved it that an agency staffed by rubber stampers committed the U.S. taxpayer to back unqualified applicants and turn the housing market into just another sector of the casino economy with short-term ATM machines spitting out "equity" loans based on smoke and mirrors.

Who were the fast money swindlers on Wall Street? Who were the “regulators” and political “leaders” that facilitated the Black-staffed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mega-swindle? Well, there’s one common characteristic: many (most?) of them were Jewish, from Greenspan to Bernanke to Barney Frank to his gay lover (who just happened to be an executive at Fannie Mae) to so many of the key players in between at all levels of the swindle.

Of course, all the honest Americans who got swindled, plundered, pumped and dumped "deserved" what their own government and its minions and Wall Street partners in crime did to them because of what "they" did to Jews and Blacks 50, 100, 200, 1,000 years ago.

I wonder if today's Americans realize they're on the hook for the Holocaust, slavery, anti-Semitism, anti-Black and anti-Jewish racism dating back to the beginning of time? I wonder if they realize that Black and Jewish tribalists will never be satisfied, appeased or in any way appreciative even if every honest American were to turn over their first born? I wonder if they realize that these backward and fanatical tribalists won't be satisfied until they've pulled the entirety of Western civlization down to their level and drowned it in the muck?

I wonder if they have any idea whatsoever of what it's going to take to extract ourselves from the jaws of these murderous crocodiles?


As problematic as Black tribalism is, one reason it's important not to overly fixate on Blacks is that they are not the root of the problem.

Until Whites understand and acknowledge that Jewry plus its collaborators (including too many Whites and more than a few Anglo-fascist elites) are at the root of the problems afflicting Western civilization (namely, the orchestrated raids, attacks, swindles and subversion being carried out by Jewry and its collaborators operating under the auspices of Zionism, leftism and globalism) they will continue spinning their wheels and sinking deeper and deeper into the mire.

Cut off the head, the snake dies. Peel away a few layers of brown and black skin and let the snake slither off, you’re left with nothing but pathetic underlings and useful idiots.

If whitey refuses to get that through his thick skull out of some misbegotten, Jew-reticent principle (most usually having to do with greed or his own tribal egocentrism) he is making a free will choice of extinction — temporal money and ego gratification over civilization and long-term progeny.

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