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Monday, August 01, 2011

Why did establishment GOP ever concede swindling Dems' point that it was crucial to raise debt ceiling in first place?

The Debt Limit and Republican Curiosities

(The New American) -- by Jack Kerwick, Ph.D --

...Third, if, as Republicans are now saying along with Democrats, we must raise the debt ceiling, then we must raise the debt ceiling. It is at once inconsistent and hypocritical on their part to tell us both that the debt limit must be raised and that they will not agree to raise it unless the conditions they impose are satisfied. This position is inconsistent because it consists of two mutually contradictory statements: It is necessary to raise the debt ceiling and (apparently) it is not necessary to do so. It is hypocritical because, presumably, they know that in spite of the logical impossibility of both propositions being simultaneously true, they would have us believe that both propositions are simultaneously true. In other words, one way or the other, Republicans are trying to get us to believe something that they themselves do not believe.

The following considerations permit us to unpack this last point.

1.According to the line upon which both Democrats and Republicans have stamped their approval, failure to raise the debt ceiling will inevitably translate into the ruination of the American economy and, by extension, that of the economy of the world.
2.Given (1), it follows that we have no real option but to increase our debt limit.
3.We also know that an increase in the debt limit is precisely what President Obama and the Democrats desire.

Given (1)-(3), we must ask ourselves: Why would Obama consider making any concessions to the Republicans? After all, the latter have already admitted to the citizenry that, in the end, in order to avert catastrophe, we must grant the President his wish and raise the debt ceiling.

The Republican is now on the horns of a dilemma.

If it is unacceptable to maintain the current debt limit because doing so is perilous for the planet, then it is unacceptable regardless of whether or not he agrees to tax increases. This means that if the Republican refuses to raise the debt ceiling in the event that Obama insists on raising taxes (and, again, there is no reason why the President shouldn’t continue to insist upon this), then the Republican will be guilty of ushering in just that cataclysmic condition that he has been telling us all along we must avoid at all costs.

On the other hand, if the Republican does avert catastrophe, but it comes at the cost of betraying his pledge to restore fiscal self-discipline — a reading which, it would seem, every current proposal being bandied about readily invites — then he will be in a ton of hot water with his constituents.

Perhaps had the Republican refrained from joining his opponents in peddling the bold-faced lie that the only alternative to America’s raising her debt limit is for her to default on her financial obligations, he would never have found himself in this unpleasant situation...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

They conceded the point because, just like the swindling Dems, the establishment GOP is comprised of cheats, liars and thieves.

What else would you expect from a Washington establishment that would lie the country it supposedly "represents" into an unnecessary war?

I have to bitterly laugh at how stupid anyone who doesn't work for the federal government in some capacity or another is to go along with any of this. I mean, I can understand why the 3 million or so civilian government employees directly employed by the federal government, and the 1.5 million in the U.S. Military, consider it such an imperative, and perhaps even the several million who earn their living by government contracts, but what about, oh, the other 250 or so million Americans?

All they are buying themselves by acquiescing to this is higher and higher inflation, and the reality that the bigger the federal government gets, the more resources it is able to hijack from society while providing fewer and fewer services.

Anyone not directly in on the federal government swindle who supports Big Government and Big Wars (the welfare/warfare state) and the corresponding constant increase of the debt ceiling and constant increase in inflation is a complete fool, and anyone who is in on the federal government swindle is a complete cad who doesn't deserve another thin dime.

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