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Friday, August 05, 2011

More U.S. job-killing NAFTA insanity at behest of globalist agenda as Mexican trucks will now ply U.S. roads

Mexican trucks to haul freight on U.S. roads

(USA TODAY) by Larry Copeland --

The ambitious but controversial North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico from the 1990s is back, this time as the backdrop to a contentious new cross-border deal allowing Mexican freight trucks onto U.S. highways.

The agreement, announced last month by the Department of Transportation, is being assailed by critics as a possibly illegal undertaking that will take jobs from U.S. truckers and money from U.S. taxpayers. It is opposed by the USA's largest transportation union, the Teamsters, by a national association of independent truckers and by some federal lawmakers from both parties.

"We think it's unsafe, unfair and wrong for America," says Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. "It's a danger to highway safety. … It will cost thousands of trucking and warehouse jobs."

He says the agreement is "probably illegal" because it goes beyond the scope of an earlier cross-border trucking pilot program that Congress killed in 2009.

Critics such as Reps. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., and Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., argue that Mexico's trucking industry is far less regulated and monitored than the USA's and that the deal opens the way for Mexican narco-traffickers to gain a foothold on U.S. roads. They're not convinced by assurances that Mexican trucks and drivers will be carefully inspected and monitored by U.S. authorities.

"It takes $50 and a fake gold watch to get out of a speeding ticket in Tijuana," says Hunter. "This is a place where, if you think slapping a sticker on a windshield is going to stop the narco-traffickers down there from using that truck, I would say the (federal transportation) guys are extremely naïve."...

One aspect of the new program that has come under particularly sharp attack is a plan to install electronic on-board recorders — similar to a commercial passenger jet's black box or flight-data recorder — on each Mexican truck that participates.

The recorders will track truckers' movements within the USA, preventing them from illegally shipping freight from one U.S. city to another. NAFTA rules allow Mexican truckers to deliver only to one U.S. destination, then pick up a load from that destination or return to Mexico without a load.

The recorders also will detect Mexican truckers who drive more hours in one day than U.S. rules allow.

The recorders are being purchased by the Department of Transportation, a fact opponents criticize. "It is outrageous that U.S. truckers, through the federal fuel tax, will subsidize the cost of doing business for these Mexican carriers," DeFazio wrote to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. In an interview, he questions the wisdom of spending "thousands of dollars" for the recorders in difficult economic times.

Key parts never implemented

The North American Free Trade Agreement, which the U.S. Senate ratified on Nov. 20, 1993, took effect on Jan. 1, 1994. It was designed to remove tariffs between the USA, Canada and Mexico in the following 15 years.

NAFTA allowed Mexican trucks full access to highways in border states by 1995 and to all highways in the USA by 2000, with similar provisions for U.S. trucks in Mexico.

However, largely because of political resistance rooted in concerns such as the current ones, those provisions were never implemented. Mexican trucks have mostly been confined to a 25-mile commercial zone on the USA side of the border...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The depraved, elitist money-worshippers engineering all of this don't have a patriotic bone in their bodies. They're happily selling out the entire country to serve their bottom line, and have been for decades now. To them, feathering their own nests is all that matters, and is the highest principle of which they are capable.

Sooner or later, average Americans will realize they have cut their own throats by acquiescing to these soulless, pseudo-Christian, post-Christian, post-Western and Jewish Zionist, globalism-pimping cads, but by then it may be too late...the deed will have been done.

Indeed, the country is already creaking and groaning under the consequences of their psychotic group narcissism and its insane policy manifestations, be it stupid, futile wars or the welfare/warfare complex or tolerance for thieving banksters or crooked Wall Street-engineered NAFTA.

Yet this is the only logical outcome when a hostile elite with legions of useful idiots on both the Left and Right across the entire country is allowed to infiltrate the power structure. The Soviet Union under a similar scenario wherein a parasitic, self-serving, hostile elite seized the levers of power and wrung the country for all its worth eventually collapsed, and unless this rot is confronted and routed, sooner or later America will, too.

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