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Monday, August 22, 2011

Congressman Pat Meehan at edge of brewing political storm portending huge backlash against congressional Israel-first treachery

(By Chris Moore, -- On August 10th, Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Meehan posted an item on his blog proudly declaring that he's one of the 81 members of the U.S. Congress (nearly 1/5 of the entire congressional body) that is going on a luxurious, all-expenses-paid, Israel lobby-funded junket to the Jewish state.

Noted Meehan
This trip, sponsored by the American Israel Education Fund and funded without the use of any taxpayer dollars, is an opportunity for members of Congress to continue this critical dialogue with Israel’s leadership and enhance cooperation between our nations.
But based on the Washington Post's description, the trip is going to be closer to a combination of luxury vacation and state-orchestrated, indoctrination tourism and programming.
...the excursion includes a round-trip flight in business class for lawmakers and their spouses (that alone is worth about $8,000), fine hotels and meals, side trips, and transportation and guides.

Unlike a proper congressional trip, we’re told that the AIPAC foundation “runs [the members] pretty good.”

There will be breakfast speakers, dinner speakers, Q&A’s with U.S. Embassy folks and Israeli media. There will be appearances by government leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (ask him about those recent demonstrations) and President Shimon Peres, as well as by opposition leaders. The schedule is packed from morning to late at night.

But wait. It’ll be okay. Judging from past trips — they’re not giving out the schedule for security reasons — the travelers will get a walking tour of the Old City and the Western Wall, plus a tour of the city, trips to Masada and the Dead Sea, the Holocaust Memorial, a trip north to the Golan Heights and to the border with Lebanon. There will be a couple of days to hang out in Tel Aviv — Miami on the Mediterranean.
The response in the comments section to Meehan's blog post was immediate, decisive and severely critical. In fact, it was so critical that Meehan's office apparently removed the comments from the blog in an effort to control the political damage and pull the curtain over what is clearly viewed by most of Meehan's constituency as shameful act of Israel first treachery.

Fortunately, Daily Kos tracked down a screenshot of Meehan's censored page before it could be scrubbed of the comments, and hence the visceral, organic reaction of his constituency was preserved despite his staff's best efforts to flush it down the Orwellian memory hole.

Here are the first four comments, which provide merely a taste of the dozens that follow of nearly the same flavor:
Michael F Rivero 6 days ago

There is a reason that members of Congress are not supposed to accept free trips from lobbyists and foreign governments, and the fact that Congress has voted thorough a specific exemption for Israel does not erase the questions from the public mind as to why members of Congress voted into office and paid from US taxpayer dollars, are using that taxpayer-funded time to act as the "Vichy Government" for a foreign power, let alone accepting trips to Israel for a week of obvious political indoctrination!

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people. A friend to Israel is no friend of America. America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Please remember who you are supposed to work for and represent. This election I am making it my one mission that every politician who screams about how much they love Israel will be voted out of office, so that they free to go live there for the rest of their lives.
Shaktas Na 6 days ago in reply to Michael F Rivero

The nice censors do not like that I have questioned Pat's loyalty...

So again...who are you truly loyal to Pat? America or Israel?
upppity serf 6 days ago in reply to Michael F Rivero

Well, it's not like you have anything more important to do in your own country. We're so lucky to have misrepresentatives like you that put the agenda of another country before the needs of your own people who elected you to office and pay your salary. We know you need a vacation from accepting campaign contributions from mega-corporations, Wall St and Israel. We will be happy to accommodate you all. All the dual citizens, Israel-firsters, endless war and occupation supporters, transnationalists, open border/North American Union traitors, central bank supporters bringing our country to destruction as the Congress go on indoctri-cation in Israel, you all need to be removed from office ASAP. Give the war crimes a break, stop making us more enemies by colluding to attack Iran and Syria next with another government that is also committing war crimes, even against US! Remember the Israeli spy rings in America, the aid flotilla, the USS Liberty, and the Dancing Israelis on 9/11. Get a grip on who you are sucking up to.
sonamericanrevolution 6 days ago in reply to Michael F Rivero

I agree with you fully Mike Rivero! I don't know how someone could get elected to kindergarten
dogcatcher who could not see the obvious conflict of interest in going to israel-----free or not.

Bad (good?) things happen on those trips. NJ Governor McGreevey got a gay lover who turned out to be a mossad agent on one of those trips! McGreevey loved his mossad sexionage lover so much he brought him back to NJ to make him Home Land Insecurity Director of New Jewsey!

Mossad will deliver sexpionage agents to America, you don't have to go all the way to israhell for them. Ask Bill Clinton, he laid back and let it happen without even leaving home!
I urge readers here to visit the Daily Kos page and read more of the comments captured on a screenshot of Meehan's site prior to censorship to get a feel for the outrage brewing at the huge factions from both parties in a corrupted Congress that have put Israel's interests ahead of America's.

It's increasingly clear to average Americans across the country that there's something rotten in Washington, and that the Israel lobby has its fingerprints all over the politicians who have gutted America. No longer will they be given a "pass" on their Israel first treachery by mouthing pro-Zionist platitudes, and Meehan is just one of 81 members of Congress, and the hundreds who have participated in similar indoctrination trips to Israel over the years before them, who are now in the public spotlight and at the edge of a brewing political scandal.

And this is likely just the beginning. By the time this political storm, which is actually closer to a weather pattern that could take years to complete its cycle, has passed over the Washington establishment, the political landscape in this country might look very different than it does today.

Congressman Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania, one of at least 81 congressional Israel-firsters, in the spotlight and facing the wrath of an angry constituency

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Anonymous said...

I agree that every USA Congress person should be a USA firster, and if they are not they need exposed and voted out of office.

There is no permissible excuse for a US Congressman to put the wishes or needs of any country ahead of the USA. BTW the Daily Kos screenshot has apparently disappeared.