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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soulless Big Government-left joins conscienceless Big Business-right in sell-out and plunder of Western civilization

Immigration: The Reserve Army of Capital

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Alain DeBenoist --

In 1973, shortly before his death, the French President Georges Pompidou admitted to have opened the floodgates of immigration, at a request of a number of big businessmen, such as Francis Bouygues, who was eager to take advantage of docile and cheap labor devoid of class consciousness and of any tradition of social struggle. This move was meant to exert downward pressure on the wages of French workers, reduce their protesting zeal, and in addition, break up the unity of the labor movement. Big bosses, he said, “always want more.”

Forty years later nothing has changed. At a time when no political party would dare to ask for further acceleration of the pace of immigration, only big employers seem to be in favor of it — simply because it is in their interest. The only difference is that the affected economic sectors are now more numerous, going beyond the industrial sector and the hotel and catering service sector — now to include once “protected” professions, such as engineers and computer scientists...

In the aftermath of World War II, immigrants began to arrive more and more frequently from Maghreb countries; first from Algeria, then from Morocco. Trucks chartered by large companies (especially in the automobile and construction industry) came by the hundreds to recruit immigrants on the spot. From 1962 to 1974, nearly two million additional immigrants arrived to France of whom 550,000 were recruited by the National Immigration Service (ONI), a state-run agency, yet controlled under the table by big business. Since then, the wave has continued to grow...

Big Business and the Left; A Holy Alliance

At the beginning, immigration was a phenomenon linked to big business. It still continues to be that way. Those who clamor for always more immigration are big companies. This immigration is in accordance with the very spirit of capitalism, which aims at the erasure of borders (« laissez faire, laissez passer »). “While obeying the logic of social dumping, Balssa continues, a “low cost” labor market has thus been created with the “undocumented” and the “low-skilled,” functioning as stopgap “jack of all trades.” Thus, big business has reached its hand to the far-left, the former aiming at dismantling of the welfare state, considered to be too costly, the latter killing off the nation-state considered to be too archaic.” This is the reason why the French Communist Part (PCF) and the French Trade Union (CGT) (which have radically changed since then) had, until 1981, battled against the liberal principle of open borders, in the name of the defense of the working class interests...

In this sense it is amazing to observe how the networks on behalf of the “undocumented,” run by the far-left (which seems to have discovered in immigrants its “substitute proletariat”) serve the interests of big business. Criminal networks, smugglers of people and goods, big business, “human rights” activists, and under- the-table employers — all of them, by virtue of the global free market, have become cheerleaders for the abolition of frontiers...

“As long as people keep abandoning their families, adds Robert Kurz, and look for work elsewhere, even at the risk of their own lives — only to be ultimately shredded by the treadmill of capitalism — they will be less the heralds of emancipation and more the self-congratulatory agents of the postmodern West. In fact, they only represent its miserable version.” (Robert Kurz, « L’Empire et ses théoriciens », 2003).

Whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its first victim, had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration, while remaining silent about capitalism, should do the same...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

And of course, The Occidental Observer has documented Jewry’s utility to fellow craven money-worshippers in Big Business (and Big Government as well, which requires ever more entry-level members as the basis of its pyramid scheme).

These people, all of them, are literally selling out Western civilization so they can maintain the superficial, superfluous and gratuitous lifestyle to which they have become accustomed (and in the case of Jewry, extract a pound of flesh from the European people’s that comprise one of their endless list of historical enemies).

It’s little wonder that conscienceless Jewry has become the modern elite’s moral standard-bearers and those they look to for ethical guidance instead of the traditional Western sources of Greek and Christian thought, given the elite's own hatred of their “inferiors,” which itself is psychologically convenient to their own desire to betray, subjugate and exploit the Western masses.

And too, elite-minded Jewry is the perfect “victim” partner-in-crime, and Zionism the perfect Trojan horse subtext/pretext for those elites intent on wringing the Western masses for all their worth through the military-industrial complex “national defense” racket, which is additionally the spearhead for the even larger Globalist and fiat money Ponzi scheme.

Where does it all end? Either with world war and an Orwellian hell as these self-serving sociopaths seek to swallow the world to keep their egos well oiled, their scams going and their luxuries maintained, and come up against other large blocks of sociopaths (e.g. the rising Chinese communists, or Islamists responding to Zionist/Globalist aggression)...or with the mad dog “elites” being taken down, wrung for all THEIR worth, and tarred and feathered by Western-partisan masses and nationalists in order that Western civilization can be rebuilt and restored.


This isn’t a flip inquiry. I truly wonder if some sort of technology could be pursued that could scan the brains of our leaders and aspiring leaders for disposition towards sociopathy, which in conjunction with rigorous psychological testing could return a score on their moral and psychological fitness to lead any sector of society.

For example, if their scores reveal them to be sociopaths or psychopaths to a certain degree, whether they have actually yet committed a crime or moral/ethical atrocity, they’re rendered as unfit for public service, or to lead, in any capacity, any publicly-traded corporation.

Given the costs to society, culture, civilization, and humanity itself of allowing these “elite” sociopaths and psychopaths to worm their way into positions of leadership in the West, the benefits would outweigh the costs and controversy to such a degree that it seems insane not to pursue such a strategy.


UPDATE: I've been informed that "such a technology already exists. It is called RMI brain scan. With this you can test whether a person feels sorrow and compassion when shown a picture of a severely wounded person. Normal persons do, psychopaths don’t. Not only do they not feel sorrow and compassion when confronted with human suffering, often they feel pleasure. This shows in the coloring of the different parts of the brain in the scan.
It cannot be faked."

Now that would be really useful, to subject our “leaders” and other elites to such a scan. I can almost guarantee that their incidents of sociopathy would be off the scales relative to the general population.

We already know large factions of Jewry comprise a hostile elite which enjoys seeing non-Jews suffer, but I would like to know what percentage of their Gentile collaborators are sociopaths as well, who enjoy seeing general humanity or their average fellow citizens suffer. I bet it’s incredibly high.

It’s almost as if the lot is forming a whole new species of politically correct evildoers, and we’re their play things.

And they’ve managed to pull it all off under the guise of “progress,” “tolerance,” and "compassion"!

What does "compassion" and “tolerance” for these evil creatures amount to? I would say it amounts to suicide.

Incidentally, presupposing a Jewish reply that a certain significant percentage of Gentiles have historically enjoyed seeing Jewry suffer, I would respond that as unfair as it may be to Jewry, it’s far healthier to have a small percentage of the population enjoy seeing an even smaller percentage of the population suffer than it is to have, say, 2-10% of the population (or whatever percentage comprises hostile Jewry and its collaborators) enjoy seeing the other 90+ percent suffer.

But we live in upside down times where everything has been turned on its head at the behest of Jewry. And besides, Jewry now has Israel, so it really should be a non-issue.


Might the tea party movement be the answer for Americans?

My impression of the tea partiers is that they’re more free-enterprise/small business advocates who probably also dabble in the stock market and have retirement portfolios there than they are mindless partisans of Big Business, as are so many of the corporatist elements of the establishment GOP.

But with so many people now vested in the stock markets (which is necessary for any kind of return in this low interest, fiat-money era) which then goes to the problems Greg outlined below**, in many ways Westerners are being forced to cut their own throats.

Who engineered the low interest, fiat-money regime, which is largely imposed upon the West out of Washington by dollar hegemony? In recent decades its been taken to its extremes by Greenspan, Bernanke, the Jewish-run again, it all leads back to organized Jewry and its seizing of the levers of power, especially since WWII.
**Greg: "Capitalism is effective at diluting ethnic interests because ethnic interests often get in the way of profit, especially when an insane immigration policy allows for new “consumers” and cheap workers to compete for those previous jobs and goods.

"However, capitalism is usually only concerned with short-term profits, especially crony-capitalism that worships the stock market. Take for example companies that live from quarter to quarter to appease shareholders without taking long-term growth into consideration.

"Furthermore, most of the individualist Whites that occupy positions of power in the Fortune 500 do not register ethnic concerns at all. This is partly because they have been indoctrinated within an educational system that taught them as such, and partly because the business world demands that all you care about is profit, profit, profit.

"Obviously there are problems with unchecked immigration in the long run. Examples include dilution of purchasing power for domestic populations, increased social tear, and what will eventually be low-IQ immigrants replacing higher IQ Whites. Not to mention the psychological toll it is having on society.

"People often mention the declining birthrates of Whites as grounds for their replacement by immigrant consumers and workers. First, this is based on an Endless Growth model of economics, which is wholly unsustainable in the long-term, and second, more Whites would be having children if they could afford a solid middle-class lifestyle.

"The answer is control of government by Whites who have ethnicity in consideration when making decisions on business and regulation. The policies of the National Front in France are a good example of an anti-globalist pro-French agenda that needs to be adopted in the United States before the demographic picture shifts to far from our grasp."

I believe Greco-Christian civilization instructs us that moral impulses (e.g. Christian impulses) are healthy so long as they are grounded in rational thought (e.g. Greek rationalism).

But what happens when a self-serving, treacherous or hostile elite (an artificial elite, totally disconnected or alien to the Western geist) infiltrates Western leadership and misleads us as to what is moral + rational?

Most of us here know the real history of WWII and how (hostile elite) Jewish banker-financed Judeo-Bolshevism and its mass murderous totalitarianism led to the rise of Nazism and WWII. But America’s infiltrated and corrupted elite masked the true history, which led to a wrong-headed alliance with the evil, murderous commies.

Similarly, the Jewish-facilitated 9/11 attacks, in conjunction with more lies from a corrupt, hostile elite, led to another wrong-headed crusade not based on objective truth, but based on a false consciousness engineered by a hostile elite.

Who and what is this hostile elite that is holding the West hostage, that is distorting the truth, and “leading” the West to ruin? We know Jewry’s role, but what of its collaborators? I’ve noted before the strong Anglo-elitist element, which seems to believe itself a chosen ruling caste not unlike Jewry’s “chosen” self image (the kind of entitled, Royalist scum that the founders rightfully beat to a pulp) but which seems to have grown back into the American power structure like English ivy.

Are there others? We need to identify and decapitate the hostile elite so the authentic Western geist leadership can be restored, and bring with it the restoration of objective moralism + rationalism to replace the self-serving, artificial and fraudulent pseudo-moral, pseudo-rational and psuedo-objective regime that’s led us to ruin.

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