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Friday, August 19, 2011

Neocon and liberal fascist elites whose policies and wars plundered and decimated America now claim its wounds are self-inflicted suicide

Kagan: Stop Preemptive Superpower Suicide

(The American Conservative) -- by Ben Dunant --

Whatever America’s fiscal woes, and the mounting costs of its open-ended military engagements across the world, the defense budget must remain sacrosanct, and its troop deployments must remain entrenched – if America’s “decline” is to be staved off. Or so says Robert Kagan, who at a panel discussion on Tuesday at Brookings in Washington challenged the notion that America was entering an inevitable, and irreversible, era of decline. To start chipping away at military assets would be to commit “preemptive superpower suicide.”...

America still has reason to swagger, Kagan maintains, despite the dire portents. But to reduce military outlays would be to surrender this position of pre-eminence – “when we cut defense, then we enter decline” – and besides, we must honor our “commitments,” pragmatic and moral...

With all this talk of “superpower suicide,” Kagan refused to entertain the notion that America might not, in fact, wish to remain a superpower – that it might think twice about maintaining indefinite military commitments overseas, and be periodically “obliged” to intervene in failed states and take sides in other people’s civil wars. American imperialism is, in Kagan’s discourse, something self-evident and inalienable – anything that threatens its reach and authority is a threat to America itself. Hence why cuts in the defense budget are synonymous with American decline.

The American public is now, more than ever, on a different page than Kagan – most discernibly among right-wing groups such as the Tea Party – with economic hysteria predominating and the popular outlook growing increasingly insular: American jobs over Arab tyrants, the chant might go. At the Republican Straw Poll last weekend in Ames, Iowa, Ron Paul’s staunch antiwar arguments drew roars of assent from one of the most conservative gatherings in American politics – the crowd that bestowed victory on Tea Party culture warrior Michelle Bachmann (with Ron Paul coming a impressive second).

But the fact of this populist backlash appeared not to perturb Kagan, who, as something of a democratic skeptic, reiterated the responsibility of political elites to make difficult decisions over foreign policy, regardless of public opinion – or public “ignorance,” as he termed it. Foreign military adventures are “rarely popularly demanded,” he said, and the onus rests on the administration – congress can rarely be relied upon to be sufficiently bellicose – to demonstrate how they are “necessary” and, failing popular or congressional support, exercise its prerogative, constitutional or otherwise, in instigating future interventions. Some things are simply too important to be left to democracy...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Besides lawyers, are there any specimens on earth more treacherous, self-serving, and disgusting than neocons like Kagan?

First, posing as “conservatives,” these people lie us into a murderous, trillion dollar fiasco known as the Iraq war, knowing the whole time Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Their swindler Fed policies under Bernanke and Greenspan kept the economy juiced just enough so Americans wouldn’t notice as their corporatist-globalist buddies exported U.S. jobs to cheap-labor countries so they could increase their profit margins while their government cronies looked the other way.

They partnered with the Dems in creating the Big Government reliant military-industrial complex in exchange for massive government jobs programs and government unions catering to the left (the warfare/welfare state).

So first they and their left-liberal partners created the statist-corporatist Big Government status-quo, and then they positioned themselves right in the middle playing both sides of the aisle in order to use Big Government to pursue the only two principles they truly believe in: lining their own pockets, and Israel First.

Now, after he and his ilk destroyed America, Kagan has the chutzpah to claim it actually inflicted all these wounds upon itself, that the tea partiers that are trying to reverse all of these disastrous policies engineered by the neocons and liberal fascists are “ignorant” rubes, and that America should simply continue to follow the corrupt, self-serving, Washington pied-piper elites down the rat whole.

As for average Americans? Let them eat cake.

These people have no honor, no scruples, no shame.

The guillotine is too good for them.

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