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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Can Rand Paul and the Campaign for Liberty keep the corrupt Neocons from co-opting and destroying the latest surge of American populism?

(The American Conservative) ...My online collegue Matthew Roberts asked were the neocons trying to co-opt the “Tea Party” movement to which I replied: “Don’t they always?”...

The establishment Republicans and establishment right know how to use the populism of Middle American Radicals [MARs] for their own ends as they showed last night. They’ve also showed how they use their patriotism and their money as well over the years. Hopefully, before this new movement of MAR populism is turned into just another racket, or a failed party or an email list, such persons can figure out on their own how to use their populism and activism for their own interests instead of the powers that be.

One small ray hope was the fact such MARs were willing to buck the party establishment in NY-23 for a non-major party like the Conservatives. There hasn’t been much interest in non-major parties by MARs in a decade with everything being subordinated to the whims of the GOP (I remember old JimRob at Not-So-Free Republic basically calling anyone who voted for a non-major party instead of the GOP a traitor in the early part of the decade). What made the this by-election so interesting was the way so many GOP politicans ditched their own party as well to support Hoffman and the way the party establishment ditched their own candidate so fast in order to jump on his bandwagon. That was unheard of in a party that prized loyalty and unity so much one couldn’t help but compare it to the Bolsheviks. Now after Tuesday the politicians may be reluctant to do this again, and Conservative Inc. may just stick with party primaries, but at least that seed has been planted in the minds of MARs that there are alternatives one can use practically to alter the political landscape.

Of course such movements by their definition are leaderless and can veer off the road or follow pied pipers without directions from candidates and politicals figures with their best interests at heart. Thankfully there is one such candidate MARs can support and that’s Rand Paul and he’s showing himself to be quite capable of such leadership as he now leads in polls over Republican primary opponent Trey Grayson in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat. If Rand Paul and or the Campaign for Liberty is successful in creating a political framework for MARs to use to deal with their greivences, then they can truly be independent...LINK

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