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Friday, November 13, 2009

EPA cracks down on insider whistleblowers trying to get word out on latest Washington-Wall Street public rip off: Cap and Trade

(Goon Squad) -- The onerous "Cap and Trade" scheme that Al Gore and the WH are trying to shove down our throats and up another body part will do NOTHING to help eliminate greenhouse gases, but will go a long ways to eliminating what little money you might have left. Wall Street is salivating over this scheme, since hundreds of billions of dollars will flow into the big banks, like GOLDMINE Sachs each year to finance and arrange these "Cap and Trade" schemes...--Greg Bacon...Cont'd...LINK
Defying Gov't Censorship, EPA Attorneys Speak Out Against White House-Backed Climate Change Proposal "Cap and Trade"

JUAN GONZALEZ: The Environmental Protection Agency is being accused of trying to silence two longtime EPA enforcement attorneys who have publicly criticized a key component of the climate change legislation being considered by Congress. Last week, the EPA directed Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel to remove or edit a video they posted to YouTube that warns a cap-and-trade plan will not effectively combat global warming and is, quote, “fatally flawed.” The couple instead advocate for a solution involving carbon fees with rebates.

The video is titled “The Huge Mistake” and was posted to the web in September. The agency issued its warning only after the couple published an opinion article in the Washington Post in late October, which echoed concerns raised in the video. The EPA also said they would have to get approval for any future outside writing projects...

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