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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NutraSweet Aspartame case: Impenetrable federal bureaucracy rulings bought and sold by “getting to” to a few key players

( -- When the G.D. Searle Co. sought FDA approval for NutraSweet they submitted doctored, fraudulent "studies," so corrupt that the Department of Justice appointed two prosecutors to Investigate Searle. Searle's lawyers hired the prosecutors and the case died with the statute of limitations...The 1977 Bressler Report, even without the concealed studies, clearly revealed fraud. Searle deleted what they didn't want FDA to see, even excised the brain tumors from rats, and put them back in the study. After death they resurrected them on paper. Chief FDA Scientist, Dr. Thomas Xavier Collins, investigated two mice teratology (birth defects) studies. The incompetent Searle employee who reviewed studies had but a single year of experience: worked on rabbit populations for the Illinois Wildlife Service! The studies were a travesty, like all Searle's studies submitted to FDA. When the Bressler Report was retyped, FDA omitted the investigation of these two studies, not wanting the public to see how bad they were...Cont'd...LINK

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yodasmith said...

Absolutely corrupt! They should not ever gotten away with that!