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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Florida dissidents confront secular charlatan Al Gore and his traveling Cap and Trade scam tour at Boca Raton protest

(You Tube) -- Al Gore the former vice president spoke on climate change at the Mizner Park Amphitheater to a crowd of about 500, I counted as they exited the amphitheater on November 14, 2009. More than 200 protesters gathered across the street from the event, and their boo's and chants could be heard inside the amphitheater as Gore began his presentation. Gore is a partner in a venture capital firm that finances "sustainable" and alternative energy businesses, for curbing carbon emissions, Carbon Credits which will be bought and sold on an exchange he created. Gore's investments are ones he has held for decades and he will make billions. He has created a crisis called global warming an unproven science. It's all about money and nothing else. I believe the protest was a successful event and has shown once again that the people have had enough of being ripped of by phony politicians and ex-politicians. I would also like to say as a former police officer of 28 years I would like to commend the Boca Raton Police for an outstanding job. They were professional in the manner in they handled the crowd and their responsibility of protecting the people that attended the event. The mayor and the citizens of Boca Raton should be proud of the men and women that serve them. Kudos to you Boca P.D. -- seaaray...LINK

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