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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why we fight?

( -- The UK Independent of 9 Nov 2009, carried an article entitled Remembrance: 'At least we knew what we were fighting for in 1944', and invited comment. I submitted the following, which they posted.

'At least we knew what we were fighting for in 1944'. Did we really know?? Only a very few knew what was being fought for and why. It was not for "Freedom and Democracy". Wars are deliberately brought about by rich and powerful people, for the sole purpose of their becoming more rich and more powerful. It is for the same people, and for the same reason, that present wars are being fought. It is those same rich and powerful people who send our young men and women to die. And it is all for the profit of those same rich and powerful people. It was the same in 1939. Nothing has changed. The rich and powerful people don't fight, but they send our red-blooded youth as cannon fodder, to die for their gain, and their gain alone. And where do our governments get the money to finance these wars of aggression? They borrow it from the banks, of course. And just exactly where do these banks [which are owned by those rich and powerful people] get the money to loan to our governments, by which loans they put our governments, meaning us ordinary citizens, in their debt?? All while charging usurious rates of interest on their loans to our government?? Precisely. meaning precisely, where does the money come from?? It is created out of thin air, at the very moment it is accepted by our government as a loan...--Greenvile Rogers...Cont'd...Link

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