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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Incoherent movement conservatives profess to hate deficit spending, but don't oppose expensive, unnecessary wars and other GOP vices

(American conservative Blog) -- In the midst of a debate with Conor Friedersdorf, John Hawkins of Right Wing News produces this gem of thought:

". . . the reason so many conservatives are hacked off at moderates is because they are the ones who supported many of the dumb positions that decimated the GOP over the last eight years. It wasn’t the conservatives arguing for deficit spending, amnesty, and a prescription drug benefit — it was the moderates. When they won the day, the Republican Party, conservatives, and America lost. Then, moderates got their dream candidate in 2008: John McCain."

Of course, there never was a simple vote to have “deficit spending.” Instead, there were two tax cuts and a couple of expensive wars that right-wingers strongly supported. Concerning Medicare Part D, John McCain voted against it while such “moderates” as James Inofe, Richard Shelby and Rick Santorum voted in favor. Perhaps John Hawkins opposed cutting taxes in the face of two expensive war and led “tea party” demonstrations outside of the office of Rick Santorum, but I doubt it. One lesson from the last few years is that movement conservatives are never responsible—they are always victims circumstance, the Liberal Media, or of nefarious “moderates” and “RINOs” that nobody previously noticed being in charge in the GOP.--Clark Stooksbury...LINK

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