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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glenn Beck, just another layer of the Big Government/Big Business neocon Moloch utilized to rope in tea partiers?

Glenn Beck: The Lunatic Shill
(Alternative Right) -- by Paul Gottfried --

Richard Spencer’s discussion of the neoconservative gestalt popping out of Glenn Beck’s program puts a number of things in perspective. For several years now I’ve been hearing Beck’s tirades courtesy of my wife, who tunes in on his attacks on the Obama administration. While listening to Beck in recent months, while trying to work on the internet, I found myself heartily agreeing with his characterization of Woodrow Wilson as “undoubtedly our worst president.” I also thought that the briefs Beck presented against Wilson and FDR as the creators of morphing managerial states and as bellicose inciters of hate against “undemocratic” minorities showed some independent judgment. In fact I began to wonder how a network as thoroughly controlled as FOX by neocon money and GOP influence could allow this alcoholic-turned-Mormon to go on railing against their authorized heroes. Surely Kristol, Krauthammer, Barnes, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. could not agree with what he was saying, beyond his ritualistic invectives against Democratic spending habits!

But Richard explains quite convincingly how Beck is on the same page with his sponsors. It is not by accident that he brings on to his program almost exclusively neoconservative guests, like the pseudo-historian and passionate advocate of anti-discrimination legislation, Jonah Goldberg. Beck’s neoconservative pals provide the proper context for his remarks, which are typically aimed at safe targets. These include spendthrift Democrats and long-dead Progressives, who supposedly paved the way for the current Democratic administration.

Beck never points out that both national parties happily accept a government vastly larger and more intrusive than any regime that the Progressives advocated. The GOP, moreover, assisted the Democrats in creating such an expanding welfare-therapeutic state. It is also painfully obvious that the Republicans are not likely to cut this bloated bureaucracy in any critical way, judging by their past performance in national politics. I’d be delighted to know exactly what Beck and Goldberg plan to abolish or rescind in their war against our “fascistic” legacy. How about the Civil Rights Act or the American with Disabilities Act? Perhaps Beck and Goldberg would like to dismantle the Department of Education or put on the road to extinction the ADA? If they are for such daring endeavors, it would come as a total surprise...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

It would certainly make sense that the neocons would utilize a guy like Beck as a kind of "catcher in the rye" used to control the opposition and herd Tea Party style movements back onto the big-government-conservative reservation.

One must always remember that in America, Big Government and Big Business are inextricably intertwined, and the sociopathic collective entity's elites don't have any particular affection for the middle American masses, (which they generally regard as rubes) other than as a source of consumerism and war profiteering cannon fodder.

Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal constituency have made plenty of money by lying average Americans into Middle Eastern wars on behalf of Israel, Big Government Empire, and the war-profiteering complex, so clearly they have no qualms whatsoever about sacrificing poor people, average Whites and America's very sovereignty and integrity to the Big Government/Big Business Moloch. And their pro-globalization, open borders, cheap-labor "free market" stance is yet more proof that they couldn't care less about American nationalism other than as an apparatus for their own enrichment.

Pat Buchanan calls these types a "bloodless elite," which is a pretty good description of their self-serving, sociopathic character, notwithstanding all their fake, Fox News "patriotism" and flag waving.

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