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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Globalization pimps unite against Americans: Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News apparatus join left-liberal media in support for open borders, amnesty

Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Pushes for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
( -- by William Gheen --

A big question has been answered for those of us wondering why very few of the leaders of organizations fighting against illegal immigration are on Fox News anymore.

The last time I was on FOX was on Sunday morning at 8am. Before that, a little over a year ago I criticized John McCain's support for Amnesty and pointed out that the man countering my statements in support of immigration enforcement, Francisco Hernandez, was the brother of the open borders amnesty zealot Juan Hernandez who was serving as McCain's Hispanic Outreach Coordinator on McCain's Presidential campaign. I was only invited back once after that and the weekend staff that invited me probably got grilled out for having me on.

William Gheen Vs. Francisco Hernandez (Last prime-time appearance on Fox)

Nope, you will rarely if ever see me, Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, Dan Stein of FAIR, or any of the significant immigration enforcement and border security groups on Fox anymore.

You do see Carl Rove, Mike Huckabee, and US Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain on Fox all the time and each of them supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty for illegal immigrants that would turn illegal aliens into voters and thus destroy any peaceful political hope for future border or immigration enforcement in America.

So why have the Amnesty sellouts been given free reign at FOX NEWS with almost no significant representation for the organization leaders and elected officials that represent the 80% of Americans who want immigration and border enforcement instead of Amnesty?

It appears we have our answer as the Associated Press is reporting today (June 24, 2010) in their article titled 'NYC mayor, major CEOs lobby for immigration reform' that FOX NEWS and News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch has appeared with the billionaire liberal mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, to ask lawmakers in Washington to pass Amnesty.

NYC mayor, major CEOs (Fox News) lobby for immigration reform Amnesty

The article reports Murdoch saying "We're just going to keep the pressure on the congressmen/ I think we can show to the public the benefits of having migrants and the jobs that go with them." Bloomberg added, "Somebody has to lead and explain to the country why this is in our interest."

Well, at least we now have a fairly clear explanation to help us understand how turncoat Lou Dobbs was able to betray us all by supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens after wrongfully convincing us he stood with Americans against such things and then walk into Bill Oreilly's 'No Spin Zone' without being questioned about his conversion. In fact, Oreilly and Dobbs both sat there and agreed that Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty was going to have to be done.

I guess we won't get to see Glenn Beck crying in front of a blackboard about America's future inability to stop illegal immigration or corporations from treating this whole nation like a private playground.

Of course this is the 'Secure The Borders First' crowd which is a clear giveaway code for those that are pretending to be Conservatives or Republicans while serving the financial interests that are responsible for this plan to flood America with illegal aliens. It translates into 'Secure The Borders long enough to pacify Americans enough to get them to swallow Comprehensive Amnesty' After America drinks that poison, there will be no future need to appease Americans because a new block of over 15 million illegal aliens turned into voters will be in position.

So we get Bill Oreilly and Lou Dobbs telling us that we must legalize millions of illegal aliens in America, architects of the plan that opened our borders wide open during the Bush administration like Carl Rove, and agents of the Globalists pushing this continental economic union plan like Francisco Hernandez and Mike Huckabee but no opposition from our camp allowed on FOX.

Fox News now joins MSNBC, CNN, CBS, and ABC in their censorship and bias pushing for Amnesty for illegal aliens. The American public is now completely cut off from any national media avenues to represent their interests over the billionaires on the left and the right pushing to destroy our borders and sovereignty... MORE...LINK

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