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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weak president's muted response to Israeli state terrorism traceable to Israel lobby's ownership of Democratic Party

Bibi’s vassal is frustrated!

(The American Conservative Blog) -- by Scott McConnell --

One of the most telling lines in the coverage of the Israeli assault on the Gaza flotilla was this, from the New York Times:

"But Mr. Obama, some aides say, has expressed strong frustration privately with the humanitarian situation in Gaza."

Strong frustration, privately expressed! What does our president say, in private, that he doesn’t dare to say in public? Gaza, after all, would seem to be a no-brainer for an administration set on revising America’s Mideast policy. The DC size strip of land has been blockaded, with American support, since 2007 because the majority of its people voted for the wrong candidates in a free election. Apparently the Palestinians were not informed that though they were permitted a vote in 2006, they were only allowed to vote for the Palestinian Authority, which they viewed as corrupt as wrapped up in a peace process that was clearly going nowhere. So a majority voted for Hamas, and since then Hamas ruled Gaza has been gradually starved to death, attacked by the Israeli military, and starved some more—all in an effort to make the Palestinians regret their choice at the polls.

Of the many efforts to break the blockade, the freedom flotilla was the most public and most daring. International and interfaith, it was motivated by the simple idea that the people of Gaza should not be starved into submission. And it is a simple fact is that whatever happened as the Israeli “commandos” descended from their helicopter, Israel has no right under international law to be blockading Gaza at all, much less seizing vessels carrying humanitarian aid in international waters.

One suspects that Obama knows this—as evidenced by the aforementioned leak from an aide. One also suspects that that he knows that his good friend Rashid Khalidi from the University of Chicago is not, as Norman Podhoretz recently claimed in Commentary magazine, a vicious anti-semite. But our emasculated president cannot let evidence of his knowledge seep out. Under Obama, US policy has hardly changed since George W. Bush. As under Bush, there have been speeches made about the need for Palestinian statehood, and many (myself included) assumed that Obama understood and believed what he has been saying. But the follow-up has been a craven submission to the Israel lobby. Last month, it seemed not a day went by without a high administration official conveying his administrations’s undying love for Israel. The cherry on top was a “private” visit to the occupied Golan Heights by Rahm Emanuel, unprecendented for an official American representative. It was a way of signaling the Israel, its lobby in the United States, and the entire rest of the world that American policy is not changing, will not change, cannot change. Washington will support the occupation no matter what.

The United States, according to the State Department “regrets” the loss of life caused by Israel’s piracy. The tepid language no doubt foreshadows further American protection of Israel in the security council. Why? Israeli newspapers –which operate in a more robust manner than American ones, attribute Obama’s submission to the Israel lobby campaign contributions, which the Democratic party desperately needs. Campaign finance reform,a key plank of the Reform Party in 2000, is more necessary than ever...MORE...LINK

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apollonian said...

Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Insane Israelis Are Utterly Power-Mad
(Apollonian, 1 Jun 10)

Yes Chris: great posting at the right time for this story. For what we're now viewing (outrageous Israeli massacre on high seas of un-armed humanitarians) is simply result of CRIMINAL take-over of US and its government by COUNTERFEITERS (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) running a continuing criminal enterprise--LITERALLY.

And I note further, according to, if I'm not mistaken, no less than 300 Congress people have actually come out and brazenly chimed in w. support for Israel and its murder of innocent people. I daresay this putrid, dog-like, gross-lickspittles' obedience and deference to Israeli overlords might back-fire upon these disgusting politicians.

And once again, main problem is people cannot grasp the Fed in simple, CONCRETE terms--COUNTERFEITING, once again. For once one grasps COUNTERFEIT nature of Fed, one realizes IMMEDIATELY the necessary CONSPIRATORIAL nature of it all. Thus American people are sooo horribly LOST within ABSTRACTIONS, dis-connected w. concrete world.

CONCLUSION: Isrealis truly are utterly power-mad, imagining they can seriously get-away w. this brazen, blatant mass-murder--what an amazing event, truly, the truth really stranger than fiction, once again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian