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Sunday, June 27, 2010 foolishly champions plight of Zionist fraudster Sholom Rubashkin on pseudo-libertarian grounds

Free Sholom Rubashkin!
(Occidental Dissent) -- by Matt Parrott --

Every serious movement needs a political prisoner whose persecution serves as a rallying point for them to gather around. Anti-White Leftists have Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Black victim of America’s institutional racism. His heroic act of slaughtering a White man then declaring “I shot the motherfucker, and I hope the motherfucker dies!” has inspired hordes of White potheads with blonde dreadlocks to clutch crudely written “Free Mumia” signs with their Cheetos™-encrusted fingers.

Our libertarian friends have finally found their own iconic martyr who truly epitomizes what libertarianism is all about. This man, this victim of America’s oppressive and tyrannical regime, is Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin. He has, perhaps more than any other man in the world, applied libertarian principles in his professional life, and is now being punished by America’s fascist goons.

Professor William Anderson of cries foul in his latest post, Free Sholom Rubashkin! He begins the article by delivering the bad news, that the man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for, with scare quotes to de-legitimize the charges: “financial fraud”. He notes that “a lot of other people”, including friend of the site, mass murderess Janet Reno, and a bunch of Jews, are promoting leniency in his sentencing. But they lack the chutzpah that Mr. Anderson has, who demands that he be freed altogether.

All Mr. Rubashkin and his large clan of Hasidic Jews are guilty of is tens of millions of dollars of bank fraud, employing thousands of illegal immigrants in unthinkably squalid conditions, and obliterating the idyllic American town of Postville, Iowa. Years before the shit hit the fan, Stephen G. Bloom, a liberal journalist, described the Jewish crime family’s brutal destruction of the small town in his bestselling book, Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America. Postville’s descent from a safe and quaint White American hometown into a third world nightmare of financial scams, immigrant youth gangs, and Jewish chauvinism is the American story in a microcosm.

Brace yourselves for this hard-working immigrant’s heart-warming backstory…
Rubashkin is a Hasidic Jew, his family having fled the U.S.S.R. after the Nazi invasion. They came to the United States and set up a butcher shop in New York City. After marriage in 1989, he and his new bride moved to Atlanta on shlihut to do kiruv (Jewish outreach). That same year, Rubashkin’s father started a kosher meat processing business in Postville to better enable Jews living outside of main Jewish centers to be able to obtain kosher meat.
Before Glatt kosher Agriprocessors began to expand its business, Jewish families could only purchase kosher meat from small butchers and specialty stores that catered to Jews. This made things more difficult for Jewish families who did not leave[sic] near these kinds of stores, but by expanding the amount of kosher meat for sale, the firm was able to bring kosher meat to regular grocery stores, which was not a small development for Jewish families.
Just when Mr. Rubashkin thought he had finally escaped the Nazis, he finds himself the victim of racism and anti-Semitism in what he thought was a sanctuary devoid of consequences for financial fraud and exploiting immigrant laborers…
Second, while it was clear that PETA’s charges were false, nonetheless the organization managed to put the kosher meat facility in the public eye, thus making it a bigger target for federal authorities [Emhasis added]. The next organization to go after Glatt kosher Agriprocessors was the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, which had been unsuccessful in organizing the plant. Part of the problem was its workforce, and anyone who has been near a meat or chicken processing plant will know that a lot of immigrants from Mexico and Central America work there, as well as Asian immigrants [Emphasis added].
It’s hard to know exactly what Mr. Anderson is implying here, since his hysterically pro-libertarian ideology blinds him to the very possibility that employers might harm workers or be in the wrong. The man even believes that The Jungle was only socialist subterfuge. Having actually worked in deplorable conditions, among illegal immigrants, I can testify from my own experience that some unscrupulous employers are truly guilty of moral crimes befitting a 27 year prison sentence. But the actual humans and the fingers they lose are, for him, only abstractions ripe for the application of some tidy libertarian principles.

But it appears that he’s implying that PETA is anti-Semitic, that PETA deliberately targeted the Jewish factory. This claim isn’t entirely without merit, as animal-rights activism is incompatible with the barbaric slaughter techniques involved in kosher meat production…

Somehow, we share the Alternative Right with a man who sees enforcement of the most basic immigration laws as institutional racism by America’s anti-Semitic federal government. Somehow, we’re bedfellows with a man who cheers as our traditional families and communities are destroyed by greedy foreigners. Somehow, we’re uncomfortably close to a man who isn’t repulsed by the inhumane practices shown above...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The Jewish rackets love a powerful, concentrated state, because it means having to buy off fewer people, and makes power easier to seize. Hence, Jewish Bolshevism constructed an all powerful, highly centralized state with massive power in the hands of a tiny minority. And notice how many Jewish ideologues are globalists and world government advocates — it’s because they are confident that if a world government were to be established, their collective and its agents could seize control of it [the way they've seized control of the neo-America leviathan and its world apparatus'] and hence, for all intents and purposes, rule the world.

Thus, the anti-statist libertarianism favored by generally runs counter to the Jewish supremacist agenda. However, there is a strong money-worshipping element in certain strains of libertarianism, hence there is sometimes overlap between these strains and Jewry’s agenda . The open borders position of certain libertarians is an example of where money-worshipping libertarianism dovetails with political Jewry and its globalist agenda.

This is one reason why I favor libertarian nationalism, which is pro free-enterprise, but opposes both open borders and globalism. Under libertarian nationalism, an anti-American, Zionist grifter like Rubashkin and his subversive, greed-driven war against American interests through the import and exploitation of undocumented workers, whose social welfare costs are then thrust onto the American taxpayer, would end up in jail long before his rackets bore their most poisonous fruits.

Edison Carter [in article comments]: “Jews who are outsiders (pornographers, pimps, scammers) tend towards libertarianism.”

Until they go mainstream, at which point they become Zionists and globalists. Or until pornography, pimping and scamming becomes mainstream (as is happening in America), after which they still become Zionists and globalists. Organized Jewry won’t turn away any rich Jews so long as they have any kind of veneer of respectability.

Also, America’s founders and the successful components of its system were essentially libertarian, but socially and economically self-governed, primarily by Christianity. The fact that some bottom feeder have glommed onto libertarianism doesn’t discredit the libertarianism as practiced by the founders, does it?

That’s libertarian nationalism, which seeks to maintain certain standards of conduct and respectability by removing the corrupting influence of the “secular” state (which in today’s America is actually governed by a Jewish-supremacist and swindler ethic) and allow more wholesome religious institutions (primarily Christian) to re-assert their moral authority, at which point Jewish supremacism will return to its rightful pariah status, or emigrate to Israel, and the corrupt “Judeo-Christianity” as practiced by the detestable Bushcons will wither and die.

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apollonian said...

Patriots, Christian Soldiers Seek To Emulate Success Of St. Constantine The Great
(Apollonian, 28 Jun 10)

This is interesting thread: how do Jews line-up politically, and why? How must gentiles react/respond?

Note then topmost leaders among Jews want always to back-up and prop their thematic, defining COUNTERFEIT fraud (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank fraud) which fuels everything else economically and culturally in ZOG-Mammon emp.-of-lies, and they do this by means, first, of "good-cop, bad-cop" charade, false paradigm of "left-right" and/or "liberal-conservative."

Thus note Jews and cohorts actively promote general culture of dis-info and deception within latter-day "Tower-of-Babel" complex, this along w. thematic moralism-Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy featuring "good-evil" and perfectly "free" human will, by which gentiles are constantly competing and at war w. one another, leaving collectivistic Jews in control of things, esp. in way of "popular culture" promoted by "Jews-media" and public education.

But this "good-cop, bad-cop" charade eventually begins to wear thin as lower-level Jews, sociologically, see COUNTERFEIT game is getting old and economy is about to crash into hyper-inflationary collapse, US Dollar losing "world reserve currency" status--coming soon now as USA continues horrendous, suicidal deficit spending.

Thus note Jew parasitic masterminds must eventually fall-out against one another as the formerly over-populated and hubristic victim host is methodically destroyed, impoverished, and expended.

Thus our only gentile hope is Christian-styled cultural resurgence as of St. Constantine the Great, Christianity understood as both (a) anti-semitic, and (b) rational, these to counter general Judaic trend which led to the inevitable collapse, economic and cultural, in first place.

For truly, weak-point to Judeo-conspiracy is their foremost and key supporters/collaborators called "Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref--who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11.

CONCLUSION: Note then collapse of original paradigmatic economy/culture, built upon Jew fraud and COUNTERFEITING must arrive, sooner or later. Only question is whether there will be new SYNTHESIS for controlling revolutionary regime available to take-over, this depending upon how well it has developed through the collapse-stage of original paradigm. Thus present patriots and Christian soldiers so urgently seek to emulate St. Constantine. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian