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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Inclusion of mass-murdering Lefty Stalin in pantheon of WWII "heroes" raises uncomfortable questions for "The Good War" crowd

Stalin bust installed at D-Day Memorial

(The News & Advance) -- By Justin Faulconer --

A bust of dictator Joseph Stalin has been placed at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford despite public protest over its presence.

The sculpture was installed at the memorial Tuesday, said William McIntosh, president of the memorial foundation.

Richard Pumphrey, a Lynchburg College professor and artist, finished the piece last year. The bust of the reviled Soviet dictator is part of a series of Allied world leaders who united against Hitler’s Germany.

McIntosh has said the intent of installing the bust is not to honor Stalin as a hero but acknowledge his role in distracting German forces, which played a part in the timing and unfolding of D-Day.

“He’s a necessary addition,” McIntosh said in a 2009 interview. “He certainly was a fact of life and a major ally during the second World War … There’s nothing about the presentation that’s going to be flattering of Stalin.”

In an interview with The News & Advance last year, Pumphrey said leaving the dictator out of the lineup of Allied leaders was similar to leaving Judas Iscariot out of the famous Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Pumphrey said in the interview he viewed Stalin a “terrible person.”

Residents and leaders in Bedford have spoken out against installing the Stalin piece at the memorial.

Annie Pollard, a Bedford County supervisor who has volunteered at the memorial, said Wednesday it has been a source of controversy in Bedford and she feels its presence is “a slap in the face to all these other people we honor and remember.”

“I just don’t think it belongs on the hill with them,” Pollard. “To me, he (Stalin) is just a murderer. I just can’t see how he fits in with the memorial. They are people we want to remember. He’s someone I’d rather forget.”

James Morrison, of Moneta, said Wednesday he has opposed the Stalin bust since the memorial announced it in 2007.

He and veterans of Bedford’s Post 54 of the American Legion have met with McIntosh to oppose the installation and he has personally written letters, he said.

Morrison volunteers at the memorial and authored a book in 2004 titled “Bedford Goes to War: The Heroic Story of a Small Virginia Community in World War II.”

He said the memorial receives a portion of the proceeds for his book sales — he said because of the Stalin bust he is suspending his volunteering and donations until he learns the stance of a new memorial foundation president. McIntosh is retiring this month and a successor has not yet been named.

“It’s a disgrace and a dishonor to the veterans,” Morrison said of the Stalin bust.
Morrison said he respects the importance of remembering history but the memorial’s sole purpose is to honor the valor, fidelity and sacrifice of D-Day veterans.

“It’s not a history museum, it’s not a wax museum,” said Morrison.

Other busts at the memorial include Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Stalin and the Bolsheviks had murdered millions more than Hitler ever would prior to the rise of the Nazis and WWII. After defeating Hitler, General Patton wanted to crush Stalin and Communism in one fell swoop, but he was sabotaged by the Lefties and the Wall Street money powers. The Communists would go on to murder tens of millions more right under the West's nose with nary an outcry. It was the willingness of the Allies to partner with Stalin that should have always raised questions about how good "The Good War" really was; but it was the moment when Patton was sabotaged in his desire to make amends by those who oversaw "The Good War" that the cause became a deal with the devil.

Americans (and Europeans) need to know the whole truth of the history, which resonates today in the false moral authority of the Left, the Democrats, Statist-Corporatist Wall Street, and the GOP/neocon Right that still venerate WWII as the ultimate good upon which all other foolish foreign aggression is modeled.


Wally the Dialectical Gnome [in comments from Liberty News Forum]: "I was with you right up until the part about the neocon right venerating WWII as the ultimate good... I'm not sure what your point is. Don't you think the US performed a necessary and great service in our own best interests, fighting and winning the Second World War? Don't you think that we are engaged in a world wide war right now, with fanatic islamists who want to destroy our way of life and see killing civilians as a ligitimate tactic to achieve their goal of establishing a World Wide Caliphate? Or are one of those who believe that if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone! If so, you are very niave and not a very good student of world history!"


I think WWII should have been fought against the Nazis/Fascists AND the Communists as Patton wanted, or not fought at all. Since it was only fought against the Axis, we landed on the side of the Communists by default, which resulted in undesirable outcomes worse than if WWII hadn't been fought by us at all.

I guess the lesson is, if you want to break up a fight between two murderous psychopaths, either take them both down or don't get involved at all. If you choose one over the other, what have you accomplished other than the preservation of a murderous psychopath?

BTW, this lesson is applicable to the Zionists vs. the Islamists.


CoolRam: "The Islamists have been at war with the West for a few hundred years."

Yeah, and we barely even noticed all through the decades of the Cold War. It wasn't until the Soviets fell that the war profiteering complex needed a new bogeyman and came up with the straw man of Islamofascism -- which never would have been a problem but for lobby induced blank check support for Israeli aggression. Islam is divided and at war with itself. Our actions are uniting it.

SRE: "And how do you suggest we stop [Goldman Sachs et al]?"

Arrest them for treason.

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Anonymous said...

patton wanted the geramns to be in his army he admired them, he knew belatedly what was up and died for it, eisenhower knew juast as lyndon knew .