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Monday, June 21, 2010

Is the Tea Party movement real change, or just a temporary insurrection against corrupt left-liberalism serving the corrupt establishment Right?

Anti-Statists Today, Torturers Tomorrow?

(The American Conservative Blog) -- by Daniel McCarthy --

Longtime Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne gives readers a blast of conventional wisdom in his latest piece, on “The Right’s Disturbing New Anti-Statists.” The headline is a little misleading, since Dionne argues that the Tea Party mentality is not new at all, but a familiar blend of anti-elitism (or anti-intellectualism) and libertarianism spiced with some conspiratorial thinking. In the short term, he thinks the “energy” of this “disturbing style” is a threat to Obama, but in the long-term Dionne believes “its extremism may be his salvation.”

Anyone familiar with the evidence Dionne cites should immediately see the problem with his analysis: we have indeed witnessed various manifestations of an anti-government, populist Right over the past 60 years. But what has happened every time? The Goldwaterites turn into Nixonians. A Reagan disappoints the populist hard right. Anti-Washington sentiment puts in power a Republican Congress which then embarks upon a K Street Project. Every time the GOP has lost power in the past half-century, it has reverted to anti-statist rhetoric. And every time the party resumes power, that rhetoric proves empty. Is there any reason to think this latest iteration will be any different?

Democrats, of course, do much the same thing — they talk an antiwar, pro-civil liberties game when they’re out of office. But once a Clinton takes the White House, critics’ FBI files start getting pulled. An Obama campaigns on closing Guantanamo; once he starts governing, he keeps it open. All of this is dismaying, but there is a bright side — the American public, Republicans and Democrats alike, do put some value on anti-government rhetoric, and they recognize that Leviathan is potentially dangerous. The problem is, partisans only recognize the dangers that come from the other side. The Tea Parties would not be anywhere near as tough on a President Romney or President Jeb Bush as they are on President Obama.

At least, that’s true in the main. The variations matter, though — the 1990’s Right, for all its problems, was at least anti-nation-building and concerned about government eavesdropping, even after the GOP took control of Congress. Executive power is what turns civil libertarians into torturers. When either party holds the legislature but not the White House, there can be some real (though usually quite muted) differences of principle among its members — which provides an opportunity for pressure groups and voters to nudge politicians in a more or less statist direction. Some of the Tea Partiers are more than just anti-Obama or anti-Democrat. The question is, will they be well enough organized to have any effect on policy after November? And will they recognize that the presidency itself, regardless of whether a Clinton, Bush, or Obama occupies the Oval Office, has become the gravest threat to Americans’ liberties? I’m not optimistic, but one has to start with whatever resources are at hand.

What Dionne and other conventional commentators present as a right-wing coalition that comes together under “successful conservative politicians such as Ronald Reagan (and George W. Bush in his first term)” but threatens to fracture into extremism when out of power is actually something else: a fairly stable party elite that employs a rhetorical strategy to sell Americans on liberty when the GOP needs to assemble enough votes to reclaim power, but that once in command again doles out privileges to favored interests and conceals the growth of government behind moralistic and nationalistic bombast. The words may change, but the speaker remains the same...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The blockheads on both Left and Right who fall time and again for the Washington swindle always remind me of Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, and Lucy promising that “this time, things will be different” only to again pull it out at the last second and again send him flying.

But my take is that the two-party regime may have finally played the trick one too many times. I think the success of the Pauls is evidence of this.

This scares Dionne (who has long been a mouthpiece for the corrupt establishment Left) and people like him to death, just as it scares the corrupt neocons and Bushcons on the Right.


apollonian said...

Patriot PLAN Must Only Be Founded Upon Accurate Cultural Analytic--CYCLE And Dynamic
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 10)

Chris: problem is u and we all got a horrific CRIMINAL REGIME of COUNTERFEITERS (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserver Bank [Fed] fraud) in power--and they're invincible--as long as people still accept US Dollar for payment, thus propping dread juggernaut of ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies.

Otherwise invincible ZOG-Mammon will only fall when its money currency finally gives out (US Dollar collapse), after HYPER-inflation.

Further, note essentially, these criminals and COUNTERFEITERS take advantage of great "Tower-of-Babel" complex which rules mass mentality of so many poor fools and goyim within sick culture, people mystified and submerged within a wonder-world of ABSTRACTIONS not founded in CONCRETE reality. People thus are prisoners so much of their own delusions, abstract fascinations, and esp. then that hubristic moralism-Pharisaism.

And there's simply no putting out this ultimately over-powering destructive "forest fire," so to speak--it will largely just have to burn itself out, exhausting all the ready fuel, the lucky survivors left then to try to start civilization all over.

So all we, who hope to survive, can do is try to prepare the way for being there when we get a chance to start over fm the rubble.

For people DON'T CHANGE--they can only just die out. For example, u Chris are hopelessly addicted to this mental complex consisting of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion founded upon hubristic, perfectly "free" will--U'RE NEVER GOING TO CHANGE; u can only just fail.

And if u ck history, which is CYCLIC, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, u see sick civilizations can never be saved--maybe preserved or prolonged for a little while, but never saved for that original health and vitality.

[-------see below for part two to above entry--------A.]

apollonian said...

[--------here's part two to above entry--------A.]

* * * * *

Only exception (of a sort) I can observe is Roman example of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., who so much revolutionized Roman culture. Thus we need something similar to this Roman model, and it's got to be serious and substantial, genuine REVOLUTION, decisively overthrowing these infernal CRIMINALS, hence Jews--we need Jew Expulsion, people UNITING AGAINST A NEGATIVE in righteous hatred of Jews.

Observe now how a totally bribed and corrupted US Congress is presently solicited for putting yet ANOTHER (the THIRD, no less) Jew on US Supreme Ct., a particularly UGLY and repulsive homosexual Jewess, in pt. of fact, complete w. gross, disgusting hook-nose.

And patriots need to attack at weak-pt. for this large Judeo-conspiracy which is that gentile auxilliary known as "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Israel.

So problem is in successfully attacking and focusing with sustained hatred the adverse enemy negative consisting of Jews and their duped suck-alongs, led in turn by JCs.

Patriots only have to preach a more potent, pointed, meaningful, substantial Christianity which successfully opposes Judaic anti-thesis--Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy--SIMPLICITY is key for gentile attraction and appeal.

Hence Christian TRUTH requires Aristotelian objectivity and reason--AGAINST Jew lies, treachery, conspiracy, fraud, and criminal enterprise, like the Fed. Thus we see Christianity, properly understood, champions and defends REASON and honesty against Jew mysticism, narcissist collectivism, obsession, and subjectivist hystericism.

Key then to overthrowing ZOG-Mammon featuring "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome is opposing moralist-Pharisaist hubris and presumption--there is no perfectly "free" human will--thus we focus hatred upon Jews and accomplices and their thematic symbolic subjectivist presumption.

CONCLUSION: And note additionally this holy anti-semitic resentment will only work as ZOG-Mammon emp. continues to falter in CYCLIC fashion, US Dollar continuing to fail leading to inevitable crashing culmination in hist. CYCLE. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian