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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kagan nomination: Modern WASP elite surrenders U.S. leadership to treacherous Jewish elite (but does America really need either?)

Our new (unprincipled) elite

(Occidental Observer Blog) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman had a bit of Jewish triumphalism published recently in the NY Times (”The Triumphant Decline of the WASP“). Now that the WASPs have gone down to zero seats on the Supreme Court and there’s a Black president, it’s time to congratulate the WASPs for holding onto their principles even though their principles caused their demise: WASPs as the first and only proposition ethnic group.
Satisfaction with our national progress [by having 3 Jews on the Supreme Court and no WASPs] should not make us forget its authors: the very Protestant elite that founded and long dominated our nation’s institutions of higher education and government, including the Supreme Court. Unlike almost every other dominant ethnic, racial or religious group in world history, white Protestants have ceded their socioeconomic power by hewing voluntarily to the values of merit and inclusion, values now shared broadly by Americans of different backgrounds. The decline of the Protestant elite is actually its greatest triumph.
I would go beyond Feldman by saying that no other elite has ever voluntarily allowed itself to be eclipsed because of steadfast adherence to principle. Feldman is doubtless quite happy because he realizes that the new elite will not allow itself to be eclipsed by adherence to principle.

Indeed, Kagan’s arrival on the Supreme Court is a sort of official coming out party for the new elite. It’s been there for quite some time, but the Kagan nomination is an in-your-face-demonstration of the power of Jewish ethnic networking at the highest levels of government. And the first thing one notices is that the new elite has no compunctions about nominating someone for the Supreme Court even though she has no real qualifications. So much for the principles of merit and inclusion: Inclusion does not apply to WASPs now that they have been deposed. And the principle of merit can now be safely discarded in favor of ethnic networking. As I noted previously,
This is a favorite aspect of contemporary Jewish self-conception — the idea that Jews replaced WASPs because they are smarter and work harder. But this leads to the ultimate irony: Kagan is remarkably unqualified to be a Supreme Court Justice in terms of the usual standards: judicial experience, academic publications, or even courtroom experience. Rather, all the evidence is that Kagan owes her impending confirmation to her Jewish ethnic connections (see also here).
The same goes for Jewish over-representation in elite academic institutions–far higher than can be explained by higher Jewish IQ. Does anyone seriously think that Jewish domination of Hollywood and the so much of the other mainstream media (see, e.g., Edmund Connelly’s current TOO article) is about merit rather than ethnic networking and solidarity? And then there’s the addiction of the new elite to affirmative action for non-Whites.

Whatever else one can say about the new elite, it certainly does not believe in merit. The only common denominator is that Whites of European extraction are being systematically excluded and displaced to the point that they are now underrepresented in all the important areas of the elite compared to their percentage of the population. The new elite distinguishes itself mainly by its hostility to the traditional people and culture of those they displaced. It is an elite that cannot say its name. Indeed the ADL was all over Pat Buchanan for mentioning that Kagan is Jewish and that Jews would be one-third of the Supreme Court.

This lack of principle at the foundation of the new elite extends to every area of the culture: The financial elite that produced the greatest economic recession since the Great Depression by allowing wholesale fraud in the mortgage market; the academic elite that systematically excludes ideas related to the legitimacy and reasonableness of White ethnic interests; the media elite that routinely provides invidious depictions of Whites and especially Whites with a sense of White identity and ethnic interests; the political elite that fails to perform the most basic function of government: protecting the people and culture from invasion and displacement; the organized Jewish community with its influence spread throughout the government, routinely supporting an expansive ethnonationalism in Israel while condemning ethnonationalism in White Americans.

This lack of principle will certainly extend to Elena Kagan once she accedes to the Supreme Court. Her academic publishing record, meager as it is, does indicate someone who does not believe in principles such as free speech...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I’ve noted this here before, but I’ll say it again. It seems to me the concept that average Whites “deserve” to be dispossessed and displaced rests primarily on two historical premises: the unprecedented evil of colonialism and the ultimate evil of Nazism. And as I also pointed out before, Nazism was merely the antithesis of Jewish Bolshevism, and European colonialism was not carried out by average Whites, but rather mostly by White elites manipulating and exploiting the masses for their own glory, wealth and vanity to no real gain to their countries as a whole.

So the supposedly “intellectual” White liberal academic, cultural, and media elite are waging a war against the White masses based on a fabricated, largely Leftist and Jewish-constructed fraudulent telling of history that leaves out the evil of Leftism and political Jewry, as evidenced by mass murderous Jewish Bolshevism, and that leaves out elitist White treachery.

Far from being benign do-gooders trying to serve people of color, or naïve and blinkered, in most cases, those elites who are perpetuating the false narrative are shrewd and ruthless operators serving their own selfish interests -- bounders engaged in careerism and personal advancement.

They know the truth (just as most of them know the truth about Jewish aggression, abuses and tyranny in the Middle East), but for a certain element of treacherous opportunists and money-grubbers, “truth” is whatever they and their fellow elites have collectively agreed to pretend to believe in service of their own interests.

Thus, not only treacherous Jews, but their elitest allies and confederates throughout society are the enemy (although the best way to identify them remains their close association with treacherous Jewish causes like Zionism, cultural Marxism, authoritarian government and Wall Street fraud).

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apollonian said...

Basic American Constitutional "Principle" Was Destroyed Long Ago In Civil War
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 10)

Well, Kagan nomination is simply yet another step in reduction-to-absurdity of ye old USA and its Constitution--which had already been TOTALLY DESTROYED in principle by US Civil War 150 yrs ago, the American South destroyed and even much genocided by Grant, Sherman, and Lincoln.

So now we have the Criminal Fed COUNTERFEIT (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) conspirators simply continuing to consolidate their plunder of slaves of USA, slave-soldiers too, these slave soldiers used, as we see, to fight now in Iraq and Afgan, slaves to moralism-Pharisaism, "good-evil" delusion/fallacy, and Pelagian heresy. Such then is continuing "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

And only thing to counter-act this continuing Criminal COUNTERFEITING Enterprise so ruthlessly being run by Jew masters and Lords at the top is catastrophe whence, (a) US Dollar collapses for value and acceptability, (b) slaves next dying out, Jews now, relatively OVER-POPULATED themselves, forced to in-fighting among themselves--which we actually see happening to a certain degree, some of the lower-level Jews (sociologically) having enough vision to funding Ron Paul ( and Alex Jones (, for example.

Great immediate problem is "Tower-of-Babel" syndrome, fueled by afore-mentioned moralism-Pharisaism, which keeps people alienated fm one another so effectively.

Solution is to resurrect and resurge that original Christian inspiration, objectivity (necessary foundation/criterion for TRUTH), rationalism, and honesty--that basic anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9), people and leadership regaining that CONCRETE grasp of reality, thought, and communication, rejecting mysticism, subjectivism, and esp. then moralism-Pharisaism (pretending to perfectly "free" human will) which then all works to founding horrific mass-delusion and passivity sustaining present raging Fed COUNTERFEIT scam and conspirators.

CONCLUSION: But note these Judeo-conspirators will be successful as long as their phony money holds out through HYPER-inflation--only then after monetary collapse will Christian soldiers have their opportunity to regaining control of their own culture--before it too begins its own new CYCLE of corruption, decline, and collapse. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian