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Saturday, June 26, 2010

British peace campaigner, 85, classified by police as 'domestic extremist' for opposing U.S.-Israel war profiteering and sketching peace rallies

Peace campaigner, 85, classified by police as 'domestic extremist'

John Catt and his daughter were placed under surveillance at more than 80 lawful protests
(The Guardian) -- Paul Lewis and Rob Evans --

For John Catt, protest has never been about chaining himself to a railing or blocking a road in an act of civil disobedience. The 85-year-old peace campaigner's far milder form of dissent typically involves turning up at a demonstration with his daughter, Linda, taking out his sketch pad and drawing the scene.

However this, it seems, has been enough for police to classify Catt and his 50-year-old daughter "domestic extremists", put their personal information on a clandestine national database and record their political activities in minute detail.

Secret files have revealed how police have systematically documented their political activities, undermining official claims that only hardcore activists were placed under surveillance.

The National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) recorded their presence at more than 80 lawful demonstrations over four years, logging details such as their appearance, and slogans on their T-shirts.

Catt and his daughter, from Brighton, were aware that surveillance teams were often in the vicinity during their protests, but they had no idea how closely they were being monitored until their files were released under the Data Protection Act

Police said they did not legally have to disclose them, but did so to show there was "nothing sinister in what we hold".

The Catts, who have no criminal records, said they were "shocked and terrified" when they read their files. "Our activities were totally legitimate – we were not interested in non-violent direct action," said Linda . "My dad likes to sketch and I will hold a banner and shout a few things. But I'm careful about what I say."

They said the most worrying aspect was the seemingly banal information the surveillance officers had been logging, from observations about their demeanour and car number plates, to notes about their conversations with local reporters.

Amid the pages of detailed logs was an entry that noted how on the morning of 25 September 2005, John Catt was "clean shaven" when he attended a demonstration by Sussex Action for Peace. The Catts have been part of a long running campaign against an arms factory in Brighton, run by the American-owned EDO MBM Technology, over sales to Israel...MORE..LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This is a good demonstration of how leviathan Statist-Corporatism uses "the Jewish cause" (Israel) to validate its despicable authoritarianism and war profiteering; no one would buy or accept that an 85-year-old peace campaigner who airs his grievances against war by making sketches of anti-war rallies is any kind of threat to national security -- that is, until he can be inferred to be an "anti-Semite" with sinister, secret motives for opposing an Israel-connected enterprise. Then, suddenly, it's perfectly acceptable for Big Brother to subject him harassment, surveillance, intimidation, and perhaps someday, even imprisonment.

The Statist-Corporatist juggernaut goes through similar exercises in large ways and small against those who oppose its schemes by using its partnership with Israel and the Jewish people as an all purpose cover for the most scurrilous and contemptible behavior, eg the War on Terror, Middle Eastern wars, and domestic "Homeland Security" authoritarianism in the U.S. Is organized Jewry aware of how it's being used? I think some elements are, and some are not, but its self-indoctrinated hatred, paranoia, victimization, culture of greed and pathological need for control blind even most of the innocent elements of Jewry to their own role in the sinister partnership. However, it is heartening that pockets of Jews appear to be awakening to the pharisaic machinations of their (and our) overlords, and are refusing to allow those who would use and manipulate them to push their buttons and coerce them into a partnership in evil.

Additionally, the ruthless and cunning globalization elite (both Jew and Gentile) would have no problem throwing Jewry to the wolves, if it ever came to that, so perhaps certain Jews realize it's in their own long-term survival interests to end the partnership, as well. The question is, will enough of these resist the Siren lure of the dysfunctional aspects of their own culture long enough to free themselves from its cycle of destruction? Moreover, will enough Westerners themselves recognize how the warped globalist elite are manipulating and using us all, and using Jewry and Israel as their all-purpose ace in the hole?

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apollonian said...

Basic Nature Of Jew Must Be Faced: Subjectivism Founding Lies
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 10)

Chris: it's here where (and how) u really show how cracked u are regarding ur attitude upon Jews. In first place u need to consult definitive documentation as at and Jews are Talmudists.

Thus Jews (Talmudists--followers of the Pharisees--NOT same as "Judeans" or Israelites or Hebrews) are simply a criminal gang who've refined their criminality into veritable religion by which God is their slave who demands Jews kill gentiles, Jews now having presumed commands of God to justify and excuse their criminality and psychopathic murders.

Jews can tell any lie in their war against gentiles--EVEN UNTO THEMSELVES. Thus lies and lying are Jews' literal stock-in-trade. THERE IS NO TRUTH--but what Jews, esp. their leaders ("rabbis") say--SUBJECTIVISM, but a sublimely and tightly unified and COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism--which always out-competes any gentile subjectivism as stupid gentiles are soooo notoriously dis-organized and idiotically "individualistic," this deliberately seen-to and promoted by Jews who compliment stupid goyim for their self-sacrificing "morality."

The MOST organized, subjectivist (and criminal) gentiles, like the MASONS, are controlled and directed by Jews.

Thus Jews angle and worm their way within gentiles so that eventually they are topmost bankers running their all-powerful fractional-reserve (COUNTERFEITING--see and for expo/ref.) schemes which they dignify as legitimate banking, bankrupting and co-opting all the gentiles beginning at top leadership.

Yes, it's true there are (relatively) lower-level Jews, sociologically, who back and fund such as Alex Jones ( or Ron Paul (, but these Jews are always equipped with ulteriour motives and ready with various lies--regarding "persecution," or holohoax--if it isn't one lie, it's some other.

Thus no decent person would ever allow himself to be known as "Jew"--and this is what escapes a dupe for Jews like u--why are u such a dupe?

U're a dupe because u too, in ur hubris and sin, want to pretend u have a perfectly "free" will, capable thereby to "good." U can't figure out Christianity is/was instituted precisely to counter this putrid Jew religion of and hubristic presumption to satanic lies, Christianity then an aesthetic (dramatization) which entails reason, defending logic, against Jew psychopathology and insanity, this Jew pathology in guise of hystericism and obsession. For Christianity extols TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and thus assures humanity there is OBJECTIVE reality which serves then as criterion of such truth.

CONCLUSION: So Chris, u gotta start getting hip and BE HONEST w. urself regarding Jews--there's no "good" Jew anymore than there is "good" Talmudist or good psychopath. We need Jew-Expulsion, and society will not change or improve until we so achieve. Without Jew-expulsion society may briefly remove such as Fed fraud, but it will soon come back due to Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian