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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Repatriation and libertarian nationalism

(By Chris Moore, -- Repatriation singles out no one, but follows a simple rule of thumb: those that organize into parallel nations with their own identity, agenda and alien loyalties to the point of threatening the sovereignty of America belong in the nation to which they are loyal.

Whether this is applied to La Raza (Mexico), the Israel lobby, or any other ethnic-nationalist group working at the behest of a foreign agenda makes no difference. For example, if the powerful Turkish lobby rose to the point of threatening American sovereignty, as the Israel lobby has, it too would be repatriated.

It really wouldn’t be that difficult to set up tribunals to identify, convict and deport the leaders of these foreign nationalist movements, which is all it would really take to break their backs.

Those opposed to this concept are simply suffering from a lack of patriotism and divided loyalties -- and not just between America and a foreign country. There are other visions prodding and pulling Americans in opposition to the American interest, e.g. triumphalist Judeo-Christianity vs. America, White nationalism vs. America, money worship/Corporatism vs. America, the Globalizationist agenda vs. America, the international Statist-liberal/Leftists-Marxist vision vs. America. Some of these may be legitimate viewpoints, but when it comes right down to it, why should milquetoast Americans willing to subordinate and even destroy the American interest in favor of a competing vision be setting American policy? A country led by these types ends up confused and crumbling, which is where America is today.

The concept of repatriation is one component of libertarian nationalism, which unlike the corrupted, international profiteering GOP version of nationalism (not to mention the scatterbrained Democrats' schizophrenic and contradictory internationalist "patriotism" that is filled with hostility to the very concept of national sovereignty itself) wouldn’t get the American people dragged into foreign wars and hair brained ideological experiments the world over. Puffed up, hostile elites with all manner of foreign, utopian, self-serving or just plain misguided loyalties and agendas that conflict with the idea of America itself by using and exploiting the country to the breaking point are the very last people who should be holding themselves up as model Americans, and setting American policy.

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Comments [from OOB]: “Christianity vs. America, White nationalism vs. America”

Yup, gotta stamp out those pathological gentile group loyalties to defend America, which is after all a conceptual nation based on the ideas of Ayn Rand.
Latest decree of the Libertarian Politboro:
“Rand-ism in One Country” is the party line. NeoConservative heretics who seek to “Export the Revolution” will be expelled from the party (and exiled from America!).

What I actually wrote was not “Christianity vs. America” but “triumphalist Judeo-Christianity vs. America…” There’s a big difference between the two, as plenty of Judeo-Christians are Jewish supremacists themselves, with an education that tends to begin and end with the bible (and stop at the end of the Old Testament, at that).

“Yup, gotta stamp out those pathological gentile group loyalties to defend America, which is after all a conceptual nation based on the ideas of Ayn Rand.”

I’m not sure what open borders, internationalist (and likely crypto Jewish supermacist) Ayn Rand had to do with the libertarian nationalism of America’s Founders, who after all advocated patriotism, sovereignty, and trade with all, but entangling alliances with none. They also advocated the idea that “all men are created equal,” which itself is “conceptual” and could be accused of undermining group loyalties.

The problem with Jewish nationalists and Judeo-Christians (like yourself?) is that deep down they don’t subscribe to the beliefs of America’s libertarian nationalist founders, and set out to set themselves up as some kind of supreme caste, and hence have been sabotaging the idea of America in big ways and small for decades.

How many of America’s problems today are the result of tribalists on both the Right and the Left who didn’t want to play by the rules as prescribed by the founders, and instead abuse the system and elevate their own piggish tribe above others?

Jewish nationalists and their fan club wannabees and emulators think they’re all so clever, but all they really are is primitive, self-serving, narrow-minded little piglets incapable of grasping the concept of America.


@ Andrew: “Yes, your ideals are noble, your intentions are the best, etc., etc. But from an evolutionary standpoint, you are showing traits that are maladaptive for a species in its current environment...Thus, your ideas may be the noblest and high-mindedest that ever existed, but they will also probably go extinct with your genes.”

The idea is that if true Christianity (as opposed to Judeo-Christianity) is allowed to do its work, libertarianism is its natural jumping off point, as it was with the founders. (But I suppose you believe Christianity is destined for history’s trash heap, too, just as are the ideas of founders).

The problem with tribalists is that they lack faith and vision. All their little calculating, reptilian minds can ever imagine is scheme and grab, and scheme and grab some more, like lizards optimally positioning themselves to loop in flies. And of course, having the most calculating, reptilian minds of all, organized Jewry plays this game better than anyone, which is why they are the lizard kings.

My point is, if you agree to play by Jewry’s reptilian rules, sooner or later you or your progeny will be eaten anyway. But if you get up off of all fours, then it’s the lizards who have to fear for their lives, and end up scrambling back into their holes.

Because White elites tend towards the intellectual, I think many will choose not to reproduce in a world where their progeny is likely to be eaten by lizards. On the other hand, if the world can be made safe from lizards, they will bloom again.


@ Andrew: "Personally, I am a big fan of Christianity, mainly because I believe that true Christianity is very adaptive, people who follow it have more kids, less dysfunction and avoid much of the corrupt entertainment world (I was raised as a Mormon, and the fundamentalist Mormons are especially healthy in that regard). I also respect and honor the founders, and believe that their ideas hold great relevance for us today. However, there is a major difference between my position and yours.

"You place ideas and ideology in the premier position. You describe yourself as a “Libertarian”, for you these (admittedly noble) ideals and ideas hold a prime place. There is much to be said for free markets (which lead to greater economic output) and personal freedom (which leads to greater personal happiness for individuals).

"For me though, there is something much, much more important, vastly more precious and in fact priceless: this is my people, my kinfolk and the existance of the unique genepool that I share (European). The survival of my people is paramount."

"The bottom line is that in my view, you have completely lost sight of what is truly important, that its about race, not ideas. The possibility that Whites could become extinct should inspire horror and a desire to prevent such a future spectre from occurring. That it does not is a sign that something has gone very wrong, that there is something gravely mentally unhealthy going on."

I don’t think we disagree about the great accomplishments of the White race, nor of the desirability of preserving it. Where we disagree is on the best means to go about that.

From my perspective, here are the three biggest threats to the White race, in order of threat:

1) Leftism
2) Organized Jewry
3) it’s own greed

You being raised a Judeo-Christian Mormon, I suspect you would rather remain in denial about the last two items on that last (in part, because Joseph Smith stole most of his ideas from the Old Testament).

So since it’s you that is denial about the true threats to the White race, and thus incapable of confronting them, its your thinking that is psychologically defective, not mine.

Maybe there’s something to be said for just breeding like rabbits and hoping for the best, but when one studies how many millions the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered, and how easily they got away with it, it’s hard not to conclude you may just be breeding cannon fodder.

I’m not being fatalistic, just realistic. If there were more Whites willing to face reality, we wouldn’t be in the jeopardy we are currently in. Our very jeopardy is proof of our failure to confront reality.

It seems to me the White race can only ensure its own survival when its would-be assassins have been permanently disabled and defanged (or as close to permanently as is reasonably possible). And certain Judeo-Christian attitudes are sabotaging that initiative, and thus complicit in homiciding and suiciding Whites.


apollonian said...

Key To Cultural Resurgence For West, Gentiles Is Assertion Of Highest Ethical Virtue, HONESTY
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 10)

Chris: this is very muddled discussion u have going w. those fools there at TOO blog. In fact, when I first saw ur blog I didn't even know what to say, not knowing what it could have been in ref. to--until u finally added the link to TOO blog--which is run by Jew-friendly collaborator, MacDonald, avidly taking Jew money and instructions.

MacDonald's thesis begins on relationship and value thereof w. Israel--which is simply a factional off-shoot of the large CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY (COUNTERFEITING--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) which presently rules and oppresses entire world, including esp. USA. Israel is gross, putrid parasite, totally psychotic, totally murderous, psychopathic monsters--who principally perpetrated 9-11 mass-murders (see

Thus note Israel plays "good-cop" for "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who bully and intimidate the stupid, so brainlessly passive "Christian"-styled morons, goons, suckers, and dupes who so much make up hubris-filled and degenerate people of USA, white and non-white. "Bad-cops" then are the CFR-Bilderberg "leftists" behind United Nations (UN), fronted by usurper, Obama.

Then u seem, as for ur own blog, to start to talking about how white volk can regenerate their own nation(s) out of present ZOG-Mammon emp.-of-lies--and that's really easy, I'd say, once u remove the Jew criminal element dominating things by means of their INVINCIBLE COUNTERFEITING scam/operation/mechanism--which simply will not be defeated until it just burns itself out, US Dollar finally collapsing in a few months, surely not too much longer, in crass HYPER-inflation.

Still, patriots should and must have some kind of proper and True-Christian organization in place in order to best be enabled to arise at the right time. Regarding this necessary Christianity, dear Chris, u're horribly and totally deluded and mis-conceived if u think Christianity is "MYSTIC"--it isn't at all--rather it is profoundly rationalistic, endorsing OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian reality AGAINST Jew subjectivism and mysticism, foundation for their incessant lies and lying. Christianity merely declines to reject mystics and poor victims thereof.

[----------see below for part two to above entry------------A.]

apollonian said...

[---------below is part two to above entry---------A.]

* * * * *

But worst of all is poor, abysmally stupid people are dazzled and rendered practically lobotomized by means of Pharisaism-moralism (esp. Pelagian heresy of "good-evil"), guilt-complex, and especially sheer ABSTRACTIONISM by which their poor, stupid minds cannot grasp simple, CONCRETE reality--especially regarding that fraud mechanism, afore-mentioned Fed which, again, is simply COUNTERFEITING by which criminals exert their power--COUNTERFEITING, which otherwise, small children could understand, not being dis-honest enough to so lying to themselves, pretending to all the idiotic, empty abstractions as of their parents and adults, poor, pathetic, brainless, stupid scum.

"Fools die," never doubt--and Jews are determined to take advantage.

Thus Christian people must re-discover that HIGHEST ethical virtue of HONESTY, above all else, including idiotic "love," or peace, or "faith," by which they might be able break out of self-imposed mental prison of delusionary, diversionary ABSTRACTIONS, enabled thereby to seeing simple CONCRETE truth, as regarding COUNTERFEIT conspiracy right before their very eyes and noses, poor fools.

No wonder Jews (Israelis) can BLATANTLY murder un-armed people in gross act of piracy on open seas--stupid goyim have themselves bamboozled and utterly deluded by means of idiotic Pharisaism propped with moronic, pretentious, and meaningless abstractions.

CONCLUSION: For truth is there is no "good-evil" in a perfectly determined universe ruled by God's will--as in rationalist form of "cause-effect," hence natural law--"ethics" then trumping truth and reality. It IS NOT "GOOD" to lie to urself, Chris, pretending there's such thing as perfectly "FREE" human will--for such is very essence of horrific HUBRIS at bottom of present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian