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Saturday, May 22, 2010

American people-hating, affirmative-action supporting racists vs. race-neutral libertarians like Rand Paul

Rand Paul and the Zombies

(The American Conservative Blog) -- by Thomas E. Woods Jr --

The Left is going after Rand Paul over the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Why, Rand Paul secretly wants to repeal it, they say, which means we’d have segregated restaurants all over again. Now any non-hysteric knows a segregated restaurant would be boycotted and picketed out of existence within ten seconds, but we’re supposed to fret about fictional outcomes from the repeal of a law that will never be repealed. And certainly we cannot question the 1964 Act, since our betters have decided the matter is closed.

Of course, someone might have objected to that Act on the grounds that it would of course lead to affirmative action, since racially proportionate hiring is the only practical way to prove one has not been “discriminating.” One might also object to the law on constitutional grounds, or on the grounds that (as has indeed happened) it would lead to legally protected classes whose members simply cannot be fired, since their employers know they will be hit with groundless but costly and time-consuming litigation. (Incidentally, black employment statistics saw far more progress in the one year before the 1964 Act than in the two years after it.)

As the Left sees it, none of these reasonable concerns can be the “real reason” for opposition to the 1964 Act. The real motivation is (what else?) a sinister and arbitrary desire to oppress blacks and other minorities for no good reason. The Left’s opponents are always and everywhere wicked and twisted people, who spend their time wondering how they can cause gratuitous harm to black people they have never met. Don’t believe me? Read the comments to this Politico article. These people have never in their lives deviated from what Official Opinion has demanded they believe. Without federal guns, we’d be back in the Dark Ages. The Left has its bogeymen and the neocons have theirs. The outcome is always the same: more power to the monopolists with the guns, and the unshakeable conviction that peaceful remedies are impossible...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

I've long consider affirmative action policies, which themselves presume racism in whites, or sexism in men, or ageism in the young, themselves bigoted, because they generalized about the predispositions of racial, sexual and demographic classes, and then presume to write their "remedies" into law based on bigoted presumptions -- all enforceable at Statist gunpoint.

Thus, those who support blanket social engineering initiatives that target wide swaths of populations for "re-programming" by their betters at the point of a gun (not unlike the neocons and neoliberals seek to "remake" the Islamic Middle East according to their own definitions of how a society should be run, also at gunpoint) are the most bigoted people on earth.

And the reality is, zealots in favor as these kinds of programs seek to divide society for their own power-grabbing purposes. Unification and harmony is the very last goal they have in mind, because their own power flows from keeping the domestic populace agitated and divided in the same way that the Washington oligarchy's power flows from war-profiteering, oil imperialism, and Jewish supremacism by keeping Islamic militants constantly agitated and under the gun via U.S. foreign policy.

Why wouldn't most Americans discriminate against minorities if there wasn't a law? Because most Americans are good people, and because discrimination is bad business.

Those attacking Rand Paul believe the opposite.


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