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Monday, May 17, 2010

Time running out for the bloodless and bullying transnational elite as their capital and credibility run dry [updated]

European Disunion
(The American Conservative) -- by Patrick J. Buchanan --

Among the mega-forces moving the tectonic plates and imperiling the nation-states of the world from above and below are these:

First, ethno-nationalism, which threatens nations with secession and break-up. We see it in the Uighurs of China, the Naga of India, the Baluch of Iran and Pakistan, the Kurds of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey, the Chechens of the Russian Caucasus and the Walloons of Belgium.

Second, transnationalism. This is the project of global elites who seek to reduce nations to ethno-cultural enclaves in a new world order run by these same bloodless bureaucrats whose loyalty is neither to the land nor people whence they came.

Their work in progress, the European Union, however, is imperiled.

For the EU just took a great leap forward to force Europe’s most indebted nations to surrender their economic independence or be expelled from the European Monetary Union. The PIGS — Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain — may rebel.

Indeed, we may see cascading rebellions across Europe recalling 1848, but with a different outcome.

What brought the EU to this day of reckoning is its decision to go for a trillion-dollar bailout of Greece, Portugal and Spain rather than let them default or restructure their debts. These nations are now being directed by the EU and International Monetary Fund to slash public spending and raise taxes, though all suffer from high unemployment, with Spain’s at 20 percent...

The plunging euro is a sure sign the markets are coming to see that the only way the bonds of indebted European nations are going to be paid off is with a huge infusion of euros, which may end that currency’s status as a reliable store of value.

However, “if the euro fails, it is not only the currency that fails,” says German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Then Europe fails. The idea of European unity fails.”

Especially enraged are the Germans. To show that they were good Europeans, they gave up their beloved mark. Now, in recent elections in North-Rhine Westphalia, the Christian Democratic Union of Merkel took a thrashing, falling 10 points below the CDU’s 2005 vote, and losing the upper chamber of the German parliament.

Germans may be ready to shed the sackcloth and ashes they have worn for 65 years and start looking out for Deutschland uber alles.

Given the strains on the European Monetary Union and EU, neither of which enjoys the love or loyalty that people render to the countries of their birth, the great unraveling may be about to begin. Why, after all, should the indebted nations of Europe impose suffering upon their peoples to pay off old debts now held by distant banks?

How does imposing austerity on Portugal, Spain and Greece enable them to grow their way out of indebtedness? How does it help the EU grow if a large slice of the union is forced into austerity?

And why should Germans who pay themselves modest pensions and hold off retirement put their savings at risk to bail out the Club Med?

Many have predicted that economic nationalism would one day tear apart the European Union. The hour may be at hand...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The insane Marxist fantasy to displace Christianity with a trans-national Statist bureaucracy that tweaks, manipulates, engineers and coerces the various ethnicities from above, run by what Buchanan calls a “bloodless” elite (and a soulless one too, I might add), always was destined for history's scrap heap. Why? Because it either has to bully loyalty, as the totalitarian Soviet Union attempted to do before collapsing, or buy it, as the EU and Washington are trying to do on their way to collapse. But when the money runs out, the Christian folk (many of whom have been playing possum) and the common folk are going to spit in the face of those who presume to be their betters -- and rightfully so.

One can’t bully or buy loyalty, it has to be earned. And the genuine dedication to a people that it takes to earn loyalty can’t be taught or faked, it has to be from the heart -- another component these bloodless and soulless bureaucratic elite lack.

Detached alien sociopaths (which is what these types end up devolving into) hardly inspire affection.

@ TomB [in article comments]: "Isn’t it just a little bit odd to be championing *European* ethno-nationalism at least given that it might be accused of being the tinder behind both World War I and World War II?...Moreover, isn’t it similarly odd to be bashing the EU at this point and celebrating still ethno-nationalistic Greece when it seems to be the latter that has conducted itself in an economically crazed fashion?"

Fear of mass-murderous, highly-centralized, Marxist Communism and its agents attempting to spread their black art of fiat politics throughout Europe played by far the largest role of any in bringing about World War II.

Greece’s problems originate with a variation of fiat politics — fiat money, which is used to orient any given society towards fiat politics by purchasing (taking ownership) of the people through a kind of leveraged buyout secured by their own productive capacity as the collateral, with an eye on ultimate enslavement.

Greece has been economically selfish and irresponsible, to be sure. But it's merely abusing a system designed and engineered by a bloodless, soulless trans-national elite that sought to enslave the Greeks and the rest of Europe to begin with.

Lefties and Big Government Statist authoritarians always screech that resistance to their elaborate, power-mad, centralizing swindles will result in harrowing consequences. Yet it’s their own evil designs that should be feared the most, as tens of millions of victims of Communism would be able to testify if they hadn’t been murdered by the centralized State.

@ Philip Giraldi [in article comments]: "Am I sorry for [Greeks] because they are being “forced” to cut back if they want to stay part of the Eurozone? Hell no. Joining the Eurozone was voluntary and obliged the members to maintain economic stability. When you run up debts you have to pay them, eventually. I wish I had a job that paid me without me having to show up or a job that pays 14 months for every twelve worked. I wish I could retire at age 50 on a full pension, have complete medical care, free college education for my kids. Lots of stuff that their politicians knew damn well they couldn’t afford."

The Greek situation is no different than any other corrupt fiat system. The Left uses Keynesian economics, the welfare state, patronage, government unions, State-Corporatism (think the Fed and Goldman Sachs) etc. to essentially buy votes, power and support. It does this knowing full well that the masses will eventually have to pay the bills, but it and its cronies get rich and powerful in the process, and then use their power and wealth to insulate themselves from the fallout — financially, and sometimes politically, too — which is essentially a process of flouting democracy. It justifies itself politically by saying those who oppose its vast (self-serving) leviathan state are heartless.

The Right sees the game, thinks it can’t compete without adopting a similar M.O., and so begins playing the same game itself.

It’s the entire fiat system, which requires corrupt trans-national governments (or in the case of Washington, a corrupt Congress, a corrupt two party system, and a powerful and corrupt executive branch) that all agree to look the other way, pretend that they’re not mortgaging the future to pay for the free-spending present, to make the juggernaut work.

Giraldi says the Greeks have been particularly egregious in abusing the system. Well, so have the Californians. But in all cases, the only reason the corrupt system is possible is because the Left goes around telling everybody there IS such a thing as a free lunch, it and its cronies plunder and leverage to the hilt what were once sound economies to, for a time make it possible (again, think the Fed and Goldman Sachs), but when the bottom starts falling out, suddenly all those corrupt parties that all got together in a trans-national cabal and all agreed to play by a corrupt set of rules pretend to be shocked, shocked! by Greece’s dereliction of duty.

Greece only went first where all of the others were (and are) headed anyway. It’s a vast, corrupt, entrenched, centralized, and self-serving fiat system based on soulless, nihilistic Marxist free lunch doctrine that lives for today because God is dead and tomorrow doesn’t matter.

I think that’s what Buchan means when he talks about “bloodless” elites — those so aloof and removed from the People, who have formed a kind of elitist, internationalist, stateless clique, that they just don’t give a damn about the People’s future.


apollonian said...

[I posted below-copied at the Am Conservative site, but I rather doubt it'll get published as they're part of same basic Jew-sponsored network as Kevin MacDonald. A.]

* * * * *

Nationalism Controversy Only Meant To Cover, Mask Basic COUNTERFEIT Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 18 May 10)

"TomB": here's what u're missing, big-time--all ur complaining and babbling about nationalism is BESIDE the real pt.--which is gross, horrific CRIMINAL conspiracy which is at the top of everything, driving things and CAUSING all the problems. See

I'm talking then specifically about the COUNTERFEIT fraud of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see and for expo/ref.) and associated instruments, like BIS (International Settlements) and IMF--this fractional-reserve "banking" fraud (COUNTERFEITING) at the bottom of it all, driving things to horrible disaster of looming HYPER-inflation and imminent COLLAPSE of US Dollar.

And this fundamental CRIMINAL COUNTERFEIT conspiracy is at the root of present illegal alien invasion problem too, here in USA, these COUNTERFEITERS (like related Ford Foundation) behind the bolsheviks who are organizing and encouraging illegal invaders, along w. mass-corporate "Jews-media" (see

Yet another perfect example of COUNTERFEIT criminals behind illegal alien invasion is Fox News parent company producing the horrific illegal invader movie, "Machete'." See

And when u look at actual cultural-religious tenets of these COUNTERFEIT criminals, u easily and quickly see the anti-Christ nature spitting in ur face--they're gross aliens and avowed Talmudic enemies--they inflated the money supply (counterfeiting), and they caused all the bankruptcies, these criminals and no one else.

CONCLUSION: U, "TomB," are merely trying to muddy the waters, distracting fm these original criminals and mass-murderers who were active agents who caused all the wars, including WWI and II, and who are behind present, on-going genocide of Iraq, where over a million have now been horribly slaughtered. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied--------------

[-------see below for part two to above entry---------A.]

apollonian said...

[---------here's part two to above entry---------A.]

* * * * *

TomB, on May 18th, 2010 at 2:16 am Said:

Re: Chris Moore and Jim Evans:
Isn’t it just a little bit odd to be championing *European* ethno-nationalism at least given that it might be accused of being the tinder behind both World War I and World War II? And wasn’t it a not entirely dissimilar ethno-nationalism that was behind what can seem the recent replay of the early days of WWI when Yugoslavia split up with the Slavs and the Croats and the Bosnians and God knows who else all hacking at each others’ ethnic throats? (With what can surely seem a thankful end to same clearly put down via a “transnational” force.) And how was the initial forming of the U.S. from the disparate and very different colonies fundamentally different from a European transnationalist program?

Moreover, isn’t it similarly odd to be bashing the EU at this point and celebrating still ethno-nationalistic Greece when it seems to be the latter that has conducted itself in an economically crazed fashion? After all it wasn’t *EU policies* that led to Greece’s problems it doesn’t seem.

E.g., why is it wrong to say “Go ahead you allegedly proud, loyal, soulful ethno-nationalist/anti-transnationalist Greeks: Default and stick it to the big foreign banks and get your probably limited period of thrill seeing foreign institutions and countries and peoples feel a spasm caused by your own behavior. And then sit back and for at least a decade if not longer and enjoy your own self-inflicted and far far worse bankruptcy and disorder and chaos all brought about due to your loyalty to looting your own government”?

I’m not saying I know all the answers to this ethno-nationalism versus transnationalism issue, but it hardly seems to me that the Greek crisis is one which argues for the former. Or am I missing something?