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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How government-enforced tribalism is destroying America, and how libertarian nationalism can save the Republic

(By Chris Moore, -- In an Occidental Observer Blog post on the recent contretemps revolving around Rand Paul's position that one of the Titles of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 conflicts with property rights, White-identity advocate Professor Kevin MacDonald of California State University Long Beach takes "libertarian" neocon Jonah Goldberg to task for dodging the issue of free association in an opinion piece Goldberg wrote for the L.A. Times.

First, Goldberg makes the excellent point that the Statist-liberals currently throwing fits over Rand Paul's limited government position today are the same types who praised libertarians to the high heavens for opposing government overreach during the administration of George W. Bush:
During the Bush years, liberals elevated libertarianism as the "good" right-wing ideology, sanctifying Barry Goldwater as the betrayed founding father of a more noble anti-statist tradition than the one presided over by the crazed apostate George W. Bush (whose racial views happened to be more benign than Goldwater's)...And yet, when a very clearly nonracist libertarian politician merely raises the possibility that Goldwater might have been a teensy-weensy bit right to vote against the 1964 bill (Goldwater had voted consistently for civil rights laws before then), it's an outrage.
But then Goldberg goes into cop-out mode, and rather than addressing Paul's argument about the conflict between government mandates and private property rights (Paul: "Does the owner of the restaurant own his restaurant? Or does the government own his restaurant?") Goldberg instead changes the subject and issues a directive about what the correct libertarian talking points should be on the issue of Jim Crow that ignores the larger issue of free association:
For the record, Paul and [Barry] Goldwater were both wrong. The libertarian position is not to defend Jim Crow but to condemn it, and not just because of its unjust bigotry but because of its economic folly that served to entrench that bigotry...Jim Crow wasn’t merely some “Southern tradition” undone by heroic good government. Jim Crow laws were imposed by government. And they banned white businessmen from serving blacks.
MacDonald counters:
Based on his interview with Rachel Maddow, Rand is well aware of the distinction between private discrimination and government laws that would force people to discriminate. Paul stated quite clearly that he supports the aspects of the Civil Rights bill that struck down government laws that enforced segregation, but he opposed the parts of the law that made it illegal for private individuals or companies to discriminate on the basis of race.

So Goldberg is managing to go along with the liberals in bashing Paul, without really confronting the intellectual issue of whether the rights of individuals should include the right to personal discrimination. (Incidentally, one wonders whether Israel apologist Goldberg would condemn Israeli apartheid. I assume he would rationalize or ignore all the official and unofficial ways that Israel discriminates against Palestinians in Israel and especially in the occupied territories, doubtless citing the “Israel is our democratic ally” mantra.)
Then MacDonald tackles the larger question of the conflict between the White tradition of individualism, and the preservation of the White race and White-collective interests in an America that "has now become a cauldron of competing ethnic interests."
So it’s not surprising that Goldberg as a Jewish neocon presents himself as true to libertarianism — while ignoring the more difficult issue of personal discrimination. But for us White advocates, the problem is even deeper. On the one hand, there is good reason to think that we Whites have a natural tendency to want to live free from intrusive governments and not have to march in lock step with others. That’s not to say that we can’t organize as a collective, it’s just that it’s harder for us to do.

Indeed, White advocacy is essentially a plea that Whites have collective interests and a right and an interest in organizing in order to achieve their interests in what has now become a cauldron of competing ethnic interests. Ethnic competition is always the death knell of individualism, as people organize themselves into competing groups. (That’s the real point of the Arizona ethnic studies law: The last gasp of American individualism.) Any putative White homeland would necessarily discriminate on the basis of race, if only to secure its borders against the sort of invasion that we are now undergoing. Are Whites really so principled that that they would fail to see a moral imperative in preserving themselves, their culture, and their institutions, even if it meant that they had to discriminate on the basis of race.

It seems clear to me that libertarian individualism is indeed a culture of White suicide given the current political landscape. As Whites become a smaller and smaller percentage of the population, libertarianism will become an “okay” ideology for Whites — an officially approved harmless palliative to make them think they are intellectually honest while they sink into the sunset.
In the reader comments section of the article, MacDonald adds:
There are a whole lot of White people who have identifications that are not at all compatible with their genetic interests–Christian Zionists, for example. They have an explicitly religious, not a racial identity, and that leads them to advocate all sorts of things that are against their real interests.
I would argue Christian Zionists DO have a racialist identity: Judeo. Which is to say, they see themselves as on some kind of religo-racial Judeo-Christian continuum with Zionist Jewry and biblical Jewry. Myths propound, for example, that certain European peoples were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. And how many times since the inception of the "War on Terror" have polemicists invoked the idea that we're in a clash of civilizations between "the Judeo-Christian West" and Islam? This all gets mixed in with Christian Zionist Dispensationalist eschatology and the American Promised Land-Manifest Destiny mythology of U.S. history, and turned into crusades like the Iraq war, which unquestionably had a Judeo-Christian racial supremacist component. Furthermore, by identifying with Zionist Jewry (probably the most cohesive and enduring racialist orientation on the planet), and allying with apartheid/Jim Crow/institutionally racist Israel, White Judeo-Christian Zionists are implicitly racialist.

However, unlike MacDonald's preferred brand of White nationalism, these Judeo-Christian racialists include White Ashkenazi Jews in their "race," and have essentially swallowed any White nationalist impulses that have arisen in America in favor of the concept of Judeo-Christianity, and channeled them into Middle Eastern crusades for Israel (that not coincidentally have also enriched the war profiteering elements of the Judeo-Christian, Statist-Corporatist power structure).

As a long time critic of organized Jewry and it nefarious influence upon Western society, clearly this disturbs MacDonald, who it seems would like to see Whites break with Jewry in particular, but even Christianity if it comes to that, in favor of creating a White nationalist homeland.

Given that there are explicitly Jewish nations (Israel) that receive nearly unrestricted U.S. funding and political support, and all other manner of explicitly racial or religious states around the world that enjoy American aid and security, and given that there are calls for an explicitly Hispanic nationalist country (Aztlan) to be carved out of the American Southwest that receive little critical attention from the Establishment, then it's an unfair double standard to oppose the concept of MacDonald's brand of White nationalism ipso-facto.

Thus, I don’t oppose White nationalism in principle for other countries, and I don’t oppose the White consciousness movement in America, which among other attributes, is necessary to help counter Israel-first Jewish nationalism, and Mexico-first Hispanic nationalism (as epitomized by La Raza). Plus, Whites in America most certainly are just as entitled to a White identity consciousness and movement as Jews, Hispanics and Blacks are entitled to their identity movements.

But I oppose an American conversion to White nationalism, in part, for the same reasons I oppose the fashionable concept of America as a Judeo-Christian nation: because it requires the evisceration of the Constitution, and of the American Constitutional Republic that has been on the cutting edge in the advancement of human rights, liberty, freedom, and economic prosperity for over 200 years.

I DO, however, advocate libertarian nationalism for America, which would NOT allow for racial spoils or government favoritism of any racial or religious group (including reverse-discrimination affirmative action, nor violation of private property rights per Rand Paul’s argument against Title 10), nor allow the government to artificially suppress any group’s racial aspirations with taxpayer money (as is being done to Whites today through government harassment of White "militia" but not the treasonous Aztlan movement or Israel-first lobby). It also wouldn't allow, for example, all manner of never-ending government programs designed to promote less qualified non-Whites over Whites as a remedy to "historical discrimination," nor the left-liberal public school curriculum that singles out White history as particularly loathsome and glosses over or completely ignores loathsome non-White history, and positive White history -- all of which serves as racist indoctrination.

Rather than mirror ethnic-nationalist rackets that have become too powerful, (ie the Israel lobby) as White nationalists seem to advocate as a means to eventually carving out their own nation, libertarian nationalism would break these ethnic rackets up in the very American (though currently dormant) tradition of monopolistic trust-busting, on the grounds that they are a threat to the concept of an American melting pot, and the concept of America as a country where all men (and tribes) are created equal, and treated equally. For how can all men be seen as equal if the agenda and interests of one tribe are promoted above that of another? How can an out-group individual engage in the God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if the federal government is requisitioning his tax money (labor) to, for example, fight wars for Jewish supremacism on behalf of Israel, or enforce anti-White "affirmative action" discrimination on behalf of the interests of Hispanic and Black nationalists in America, which essentially turns his own government and tax dollars against his interests and values, and the values professed by the U.S. Constitution itself?

It seems the main reason MacDonald believes that "libertarian individualism is indeed a culture of White suicide given the current political landscape," is because Statist liberalism, cultural Marxism, neoconservatism, Corporatist Bush-conservatism, and most importantly, the federal government getting its strings pulled by these, have essentially opened up the borders, and declared war on the White identity/advocacy movement (not to mention on the anti-Zionist Christian identity movement, and the libertarian nationalist movement) and are using Big Government to harass and artificially suppress them all. Enforcing the borders and getting the federal government and its oppressive programs off ALL Americans' backs would do wonders for the blossoming of all of these in the same way that removing root-bound plants from their pots and planting them in free soil allows them to reach their potential -- which is exactly what those utilizing Big Government to suppress these groups DON'T want. Why? Because they are control freaks who subscribe to the spirit of Pharisaic authoritarianism, and to the concept of Big Government social engineering, be it domestic (the Democrats) or foreign (the neocons and Judeo-Christian Bushcons).

Statist authoritarianism that applies selective group favoritism is their common creed, and it's a creed that has taken on a life of its own, resulting in the negation of the Constitution and the break up of society into tribes.

Libertarian nationalism may be the last, best chance for saving the Constitutional Republic as envisioned, cultivated and actualized by America's libertarian-Christian Founders into a country that has been the greatest force in history towards freedom, liberty, and mass economic prosperity for all -- but a country that is now under threat since the Constitutional concepts underlying America's success have been sabotaged and reversed by ideological elitist design, and America is today regressing back towards the kind of political, racial and religious tribalism that has destroyed so many nations in the past.

Libertarian nationalism can get us back on track by returning us to and enforcing the fundamental American founding doctrine of "All Men Are Created Equal."

*Chris Moore is publisher of


Comments from Liberty News Forum:
Shooterman: Sorry, Chris, but exactly what makes you a nationalist? Why would you want to be one?

Read my entire article and it will answer both questions.

I do concede there is a conflict between some of Ron Paul's positions and libertarian nationalism, particularly where Paul aligns with the internationalist, money-worshipping Friedman strain of libertarianism, which is all for open borders under the auspices of trade, and loves the concept of Capitalist "creative destruction" even at the expense of tradition and localism. (To Paul's credit, he is not an open borders libertarian.)

My support for both Pauls is partially ideological, and largely strategic. BTW, I think both Pauls are far more conservative, Christian, and nationalistic than they let on. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes.

But think of libertarian nationalism as the ideology of the highly patriotic, yet "isolationist" strain of the American Founders who jealously cultivated, guarded and protected their Republic from foreign interlopers, and weren't interested in getting drawn into permanent "entangling alliances" with corrupt European money powers; but at the same time were willing to take an epic, post-tribalism leap within their own borders in social human evolution by writing and implementing what have become two of the greatest human rights document of all time, the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Unlike the Internationalists, libertarian nationalism puts the interests of the majority of Americans first, which is the opposite of what the Globalizationists/Internationalists of both Left and Right do, in favor of elitism. The problem with the latter is that they want to be all things to all people, and end up losing all principles in the process. Most of the Internationalist elites also seem to suffer from deep character flaws revolving around greed and delusions of grandeur that put them in spiritual alignment with some of the most scurrilous and opportunistic human beings on the planet.

Shooterman: I guess what I'm asking, Chris, is what exactly makes a nationalist? Why would one even care to be a nationalist? In my opinion, nationalists are the antithesis of being Federalists, or actually Anti-federalists, unlike the Whigs and that sorry crowd.
In my usage, “nationalism” is the antithesis of modern Internationalism -- the kind of futile, destructive and delusional international crusades advocated by the Bushcons and neocons, and the internationalist, open borders globalizationist agenda embraced by the Establishment, and the international Marxism embraced by the Left.

Pat Buchanan calls the types who go in for all of this “bloodless” elites, which is a pretty good shorthand for the heady, ungrounded political and corporate class who see themselves as Masters of the Universe, too “evolved” for anything so quant as America-first.

They’ve essentially taken this country over a cliff, and financially insulated themselves from the consequences by selling out the real Americans they’ve led astray -- pure incompetence born of hubris, and just plain lack of intellectual character.

In other words, they’re greedy and arrogant idiots.

Shooterman: Please understand, Chris, I'm not trying to be difficult, but trying to understand exactly where you are coming from. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm beginning to see you as a kindred spirit, in that the nationalism you espouse ( much along the lines of Jefferson and George Mason, and the Lees ) is a far cry from the nationalism of Hamilton, the WHIGS, and Dishonest Abe, who believed the Nation State was the all encompassing entity it has become.
Towards Liberty: Am I too assume your against free trade and free market capitalism? How does that square with the emphasis most libertarians put on individual liberty?
I can see the confusion. Hamilton was a nationalists who supported a strong central government. But the libertarian position on central government is pretty clear: keep it to a minimum. And I think a lot of libertarians would agree that preserving the balance of power between the States and the federal government as one means to keeping Washington in check is desirable.

So what’s the difference between a libertarian nationalist and a libertarian internationalist? Guarding sovereignty by patrolling the borders as opposed to end-of-history utopian fantasies about open-borders free markets being the be all and end all; putting the interests of the American people before the interests of the of multi-national corporations, which means guarding jobs and industry, and seeing to it that access to American markets by America’s competitors isn’t just given away for free; rewarding American companies that employ Americans, and giving them an advantage over foreign companies that don’t employ Americans, as opposed to letting the “international marketplace” direct us towards what amounts to a dystopian, slave-labor future directed by a self-serving, international Statist-Corporatist elite…But all of this in the context of standard libertarianism applied within the nation’s borders, but a libertarianism with a respectable social safety net.

The overall program, as I personally envision it, is a combination of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul.

Hermetically sealed libertarianism? If that's what it takes. Our primary job should be to protect liberty and the American people, and lead by example. Hopefully, others will follow. But if they don't, it's not our job to make them.

1 comment:

apollonian said...

How To Unify Gentile, Christian Host?--Target And Ruthlessly Remove "JC" Accomplices To Jew Oppressors, Preaching Righteous Gospel
(Apollonian, 27 May 10)

Gad, but what an idiotic, utterly brainless and moronic discussion this all is for this blog (not necessarily Chris Moore's fault, I hasten to insert)--what are u amazing creatures even talking about?-and look at all the blather and useless, pointless babbling about so very little. Of course then best answer is instructive as it cuts through all the non-sense.

For politics is simply a matter of CONTRACT for goodness sakes (as per Hobbes and Locke). Thus a gang of men with adequate weapons gets together and agrees how to take possession of a place or territory--and government then is simply the way they agree upon administration of their territory they now possess. Constitutional Republic is best for honest people.

As any proper "libertarian" mode (or any other) of gov. follows fm reason, these men see to self-preservation, including that of their race, race understood as extended family (ck any dictionary). Fifth of original Ten Commandments confirms virtue of racism and loyalty. Security of race is very purpose of gov.

So racial laws are obviously perfectly consistent w. reason and gov. contract--regardless what sanctimonious Pharisaists (a redundancy, of course), pretending to "moralism," may say. End of discussion.

But now what's actual reality in USA?--answer: it's putrid, stinking ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies which was wrested fm white Christian citizenry by traitors working w. Jew bankers, who thereupon imposed blacks as enforcers of empire upon brave and magnificent white people of US south, enslaving the white folk.

Meantime, over the yrs, yet more non-whites have been inserted into the land, even in the north, so that now we have a really idiotic, putrid empire, everyone now enslaved EVERMORE to the Jew masterminds at the top. SO THE SITUATION IN USA NOW IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT OF ROMAN EMPIRE OF 4th cent.

And so now question is how to defeat the Jew imperialist oppressors and divide the USA back up to independent states--and this can be done upon similar basis as at first, during American revolutionary history--and additionally further, in accord w. original, anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) Christian revolutionaries and heroes of 4th cent.

Security of white folk and race will be achieved simply as Jews are removed (JEW-EXPULSION)--though this is easier said than done--and it will surely happen as long as free internet remains and continues.

So then now only question is how to re-unify gentile people in accord w. anti-semitic Christian aesthetic?--answer then is, aside fm earnest preaching, to identify and target main enemy, after Jew masterminds themselves, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, funded by Jews, who lie and say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

And only problem now is JCs remain to seeming strong--ONLY AS LONG AS Jew COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) keeps them well-funded and patriots weak, divided, and confused--which (weakness of patriots) is accomplished best by means of such as Prof. MacDonald pushing race-war INSTEAD OF EXPOSING Jew criminal masterminds and COUNTERFEITERS at the top of things.

CONCLUSION: Thus as things in CYCLIC cultural "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, continue to deteriorate--criminal COUNTERFEIT enterprise reducing to absurd w. impending collapse of US Dollar--JCs will be exposed, eventually, and Jew oppressors will be overthrown, as in Roman emp., 4th cent. Halliluyah. Honest elections and death to the Fed.