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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Joe Lieberman's fascist citizen-stripping plans have a familiar ring...

Lieberman, the Zombie State and the Yellow Star
(The -- by Splotch --

When Senator Joe Lieberman and his Senate cronies recently proposed a bill to strip potentially more than a million Americans on the Terror Watch List of their American citizenship, how can visions of circa 1935 Germany not flash into everyone’s mind? Lieberman himself is from the same ethnicity as the people who were so outrageously oppressed in 1930’s Germany by a criminal Nazi government. Are these men, Senators of the Republic, not supposedly sworn to uphold the Constitution, a document which grants citizenship and equality as an inalienable right? By the way, “inalienable” doesn’t have anything to do with being or not being an alien from outer space: it means that these are God-given rights, rights conferred at birth by the Creator and upheld by the agreement signed, sealed and delivered to the Republic by its founders at its inception. These rights, in other words, are non-negotiable. As long as the Republic stands, these rights and the Constitution that upholds them are a part of it. You can’t separate the Constitution from the Republic any more than you can separate a living soul from a body. A body without a living soul is a corpse, a rotting, stinking, putrefying corpse. And what is the Republic without the Constitution? It is a rotting, stinking, putrefying totalitarian stumbling, moaning and bloodsucking Zombie State. Not something you want to meet in your lifetime, let me assure you.

So, let me get this straight: Lieberman wants to take as many as a million to a million and half Americans on the present Terror Watch List and make them into non-citizens of the country in which they were born or which they have adopted like the tens of millions of immigrants who have come before them. How did some of these people get on the Terror Watch List? By holding opinions contrary to the government, by attending anti-war rallies, by expressing skepticism about the base lie that was fed to everyone about 911, etc., probably even by writing blogs like this one. What does this sound like to you? To me it sounds like a bunch of people who get it, a bunch of people who recognize what Democracy is all about, the kind of people who help ensure a healthy, vibrant, and effective Democracy. These people are the most American of Americans, the Great Americans, as Bill Cunningham likes to call people. These are the people who, like Jefferson, realize that a Democracy is never secure and has to be continually fought for over and over again, on a daily and weekly basis. I’m not saying these are the only people on the Terror Watch List. There are undoubtedly some, though I suspect a very small proportion of them considering the present size of the list, who are violently opposed to the very idea of America and are willing to do her harm. But these people too, whether they are American citizens or not, have a universal right as human beings to be considered innocent before proven guilty by a fair and impartial judicial process. This latter right is not actually codified for non-US citizens, as we have seen in the limbo existence of the detainees at Guantanamo, but it remains nevertheless a moral responsibility for any government professing to uphold the Right and the Good, as the American government continually does. You could always proclaim them non-human, I suppose, but you might get an argument from any non-toady scientists on that score.

I have an idea for Lieberman. America has the five-pointed star as part of her symbology, on Old Glory and elsewhere, so how about if we take these people on the Terror Watch List and force them all to wear yellow five-pointed stars around whenever they go out in public. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Wasn’t something like that done once before…?...LINK

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