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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are the lefties and neocons attempting to use Rand Paul's faux pas to strangle paleocons in the cradle?

Rand Paul and the Paleos
(The American Consrvative Blog) -- by Daniel McCarthy --

During the Bush years, disciples of Leo Strauss often complained that they were unfairly typecast as neoconservatives. There are many kinds of Straussian, including the antiwar French conservative Pierre Manent, the libertarian Paul Cantor, and even a few Front Porcher traditionalists. Many neoconservatives likewise insisted that they were not now, nor had they ever been, Straussians. The two categories had some significant overlap — especially in Kristols pere et fils — but adherents of each thought it unfair to assume the two were coterminous.

Ross Douthat has now done for Rand Paul and the paleoconservatives what Straussians and neocons claimed had been done to them: Douthat has blended together some overlapping but distinct non-neo varieties of the Right to pronounce Rand Paul a paleoconservative. And by the commutative principle, whatever objectionable things one paleo has said may now be applied to Rand Paul. Thus, the Kentucky Republican’s reservations about the Civil Rights Act can be traced not only to libertarianism but to racially minded thinkers like Sam Francis.

Several points of clarification are in order. First, paleolibertarians and paleoconservatives formed an alliance in the 1990s, but they stem from separate origins and have branched out in different ways since then. Murray Rothbard, the original paleolibertarian, was also the original libertarian simpliciter, a co-founder of the non-paleo Cato Institute and at various times an ally of Dixiecrats, National Review, the League of Stevensonian Democrats, the New Left, and the Libertarian Party before joining forces with paleoconservatives in the 1990s. The other leading paleolibertarians, Ron Paul and his former staffer Lew Rockwell, don’t have backgrounds quite so eclectic — Rockwell was an editor for the conservative publisher Arlington House and Hillsdale College back in the day and edited a medical-industry newsletter, Paul got involved in Austrian economics and Republican politics long before the term paleoconservative had been coined in its present meaning. Rand Paul is most closely connected, of course, to his father’s views. But if that makes Rand a paleolibertarian, it doesn’t mean that he subscribes to some strict body of dogma. One cannot use the commutative principle even to ascribe Rothbard’s views to Rand Paul...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This whole episode is just a little bump in the road for Rand Paul, and may actually end up helping him. In his writing’s of late, Pat Buchanan has correctly detected a white backlash against the tenets of political correctness and against anti-white racism, of which aspects (such as affirmative action) of the ‘64 Civil Rights Act are a cornerstone. The liberal and neocon media are gnashing their teeth and going ape about Paul’s faux pas right now, but it will all blow over soon enough, and most white voters will be left with the question: He went on and on about how he opposed institutional racism, so why the hell did they try to crucify the guy for speaking up for property rights?

These politically correct authoritarians have become like the boy who cried wolf, and people are sick to death of their Bolshevik hypocrisy and contrived hysteria.

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apollonian said...

"Jews-Media" Attempts To Enlist Moralism-Pharisaism Against (Relatively) Honest Candidate, Paul
(Apollonian, 26 May 10)

I'd agree w. Chris Moore: this attempt by "Jews-media" (see against Rand Paul will merely back-fire--which Jews-media has been losing ground and "market-share" for years and years now to mighty INTERNET--and we actually now see why in midst of this blatant attempt to intimidate candidates, people, and entire electoral process so heavily affected by Jews-media propaganda instrument.

For USA was made by white Christians for white Christians--this then so ruthlessly destroyed by US Civil War and turned into a horrible, putrid Judaic empire, now dissolving rapidly in face of impending collapse of US Dollar.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 was simply a move to enslave whites at behest of detested and despised blacks descended fm slaves--and it's too bad people STILL can't figure it out--what happened?

Thus observe "Modern" era fm French Rev. is a gross, horrific irrationalist age founded in hubristic MORALISM-Pharisaism, inspired fm "romantics" led by J.J. Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians.

Thus people are obsessed w. neo-Pelagianist hereticalism and "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, at least the third great wave, historically, fm original of St. Augustine and later Renaissance form denounced by St. Martin Luther.

But such moralism-Pharisaism is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to eradicate because by means of it one is enabled to pretend to a Godly-type, perfectly "FREE" human will, which too many people, esp. the weak-minded, become addicted to and obsessed with. Such moralism-Pharisaism is simply, really just a kind of psycho-pathology which makes goons and enforcers to be used and manipulated by Jews.

Thus master-manipulators of such putrid irrationalist culture suffused w. such moralist-Pharisaist madness and hubris are always, always, always JEWS, master liars and subjectivists, who rule in practical form by means of COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud in way of present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and

Thus gentiles under sway of such moralism-Pharisaism lose cultural and racial cohesion in face of Jews who remain collectivistically organized--absolutely dominating poor, stupid gentiles who otherwise grossly out-number Jews. Judeo-Criminals RULE.

So Rand Paul's moment of idealist honesty and candor upon a minor pt. of a small issue was NOT AT ALL a "faux pas"--RATHER, it was simply an attempt by Jews-media to "spin" and smear a candidate they fear most intensely for Paul's well-known intention of removing the practical CRUX of oligarchal power--that COUNTERFEIT scam called the "Fed."

And numerous people understand perfectly such smear attempt by Jews-media.

So now what's "Jews-media" practically trying to accomplish in near-term?--they want to pretend Rand Paul will now lose enough voter appeal so that polling will indicate a closer political race with the Democratic candidate--WHICH WILL THEN ENABLE VOTE-FRAUD by means of the "electronic voting."

And if Judeo-oligarchs cannot too expediently cheat Rand Paul by means of such vote-fraud, then oligarchs will outrightly assassinate Paul by means of a convenient "accident"--as happened to late Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota.

CONCLUSION: Never doubt or forget basic problem of USA and West is CULTURAL, having to do with that putrid, hubristic Moralism-Pharisaism and irrationalism founded in mysticism-subjectivism, Jews the natural masters of such putridity and CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Only ultimate cultural solution is JEW-EXPULSION, by which justified hatred of Jews and their sublime, infernal psychopathology unites all gentile people, white and non-white. Honest elections and death to the Fed.