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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Americans re-visiting the false narrative of history written by the Left to restore the country's faith in itself

The War Over America’s Past
(The Americans Conservative Blog) -- by Patrick J. Buchanan --

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

That was the slogan of the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s “1984,” where Winston Smith worked ceaselessly revising the past to conform to the latest party line of Big Brother.

And so we come to the battle over history books in the schools of Texas. Liberals are enraged that a Republican-dominated Board of Education is rewriting the texts. But is the rewrite being done to falsify history, or to undo a liberal bias embedded for decades?

Consider a few of the issues.

The new texts will emphasize that the separation of church and state was never written into the Constitution.

Is that not right? The First Amendment prohibits Congress from establishing a national religion. But, in 1776, nine of the 13 colonies had state religions established in their constitutions.

Thomas Jefferson’s words about a “separation of church and state” were not written until 1802, when he responded to a letter from the Danbury Baptist Association. Not until after World War II did the Supreme Court begin the systematic purge of Christianity from American public life.

Barack Obama may have declared, “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” But Woodrow Wilson said, “America was born a Christian nation,” and Harry Truman wrote Pius XII to affirm, “This is a Christian nation.”

The Texas school board wants the U.S. economic system called “free enterprise” rather than the term Karl Marx used, “capitalism.”

Anything wrong with that?
The Christian Science Monitor cites one professor Phillip VanFossen as appalled the new history texts will put a “more positive spin on Sen. Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunt.”

Witch hunt?

The FDR and Truman administrations were shot through with treason. Alger Hiss, who was with FDR at Yalta and Truman in San Francisco when the U.N. was founded, was a Stalinist spy, exposed by Whittaker Chambers and Rep. Richard Nixon.

Harry Dexter White, Treasury’s No. 2, who pushed the infamous Morgenthau Plan to turn Germany into a pastureland, was a Soviet agent, as was White House aide Laughlin Currie and State’s Laurence Duggan, whose treason was confirmed by the VENONA decrypts of Soviet cables in 1995.

William Remington at Commerce was convicted of perjury for denying his ties to a spy ring. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for their role in betraying the secrets of the atom bomb.

The VENONA transcripts contained the names of scores of U.S. citizens assisting known Soviet agents during and after World War II.

By 1952, Truman, having been repudiated by his own party in New Hampshire, was down to 23 percent, and was the most unpopular president ever to leave office.

But Joe McCarthy’s approval, four years into this crusade in January 1954, stood at 50 percent, with only 29 percent disapproving.
And was that really a time of anti-communist hysteria?

Why, then, does not a single Gallup poll from 1950 to 1954 show even 1 percent of Americans giving anti-communist extremism or witch hunts or Joe McCarthy as an issue of concern?

Not only did Joe Kennedy Sr. admire and support Joe McCarthy, Jack Kennedy befriended him, Bobby worked for him, Teddy played touch football with him at Hyannis Port and the Kennedy girls dated him.

When, at a Harvard reunion, Jack heard a speaker say he was proud the college never produced an Alger Hiss or Joe McCarthy, JFK roared, “How dare you couple the name of a great patriot with that of a traitor?” and stormed out.

That 1954 was a year of disaster for Joe, with the Army-McCarthy hearings and censure by the Senate, is undeniable. But Joe is hated today not for what he got wrong, but for what he got right...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Interesting how culturally Marxist Hollywood and MSM have managed to essentually rewrite history to portray the tenacious anti-communists as the ones suffering from a pathology instead of the mass murderous Communists themselves.

Let’s be thankful for the Internet, which actually puts mass media in the hands of the People, and takes some of the power out of the hands of the history re-writing propagandists.

Absent the Internet, I don’t think I’d even want to know where the Statist liberals and neocons would have taken this country by now.


Pons Seclorum [in article comments]: “Why is it that, for leftists, the West is a singular evil but the Mongols et al are exonerated of any wrongdoing?”

Because Leftism was essentially authored by those who believed whites in general and white Christians in particular were singularly evil, and this belief was internalized by the extended Left.

Never mind that its authors themselves suffered from a persecution complex, huge egos with attendant exaggerated notions of their own self-importance, and a tradition of story-telling that turned molehills into mountains and slights into assaults. In their narrative, every white Christian was pure evil, hence mass murderous Communism was justified.

And look what they wrought.

Mad Doc MacRae [in article comments]: "...should we hope that if we never teach kids that Americans owned slaves that it will all go away? I think that’s what the Texas board certainly wants."

The Left obsessively dwells on America's past sins under the pretext of bettering the country, but its actual goal is self-enrichment with power and government largesse by fashioning tribal constituencies with an anti-traditionalist chip on their shoulder and promising them it will use taxpayer money and government policy to make things "right." It then proceeds to cultivate perpetual dependence, grievance and resentment, throwing whites under the bus at every opportunity to do so (that is, except for limousine liberal whites forever congratulating each other on how "progressive" they are being by ridiculing Christianity and conservatives and inciting a climate of hate).

This can only end in a massive, crumbling, Soviet-like welfare state, and a race war. Yet the Left remains filled with all the righteous piss and vinegar of a Bolshevik attending an orgy at the Winter Palace.

These people are dangerous, power and money-mad nihilists, and a threat to the Republic.

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apollonian said...

[Chris: I think u miss the real pt. Anyway, I find I'm banned there at too--all the best (Jew-controlled) places. Below is what I would have posted. A.]

* * * * *

To Assure Truthfulness, Education Should Be Private
(Apollonian, 25 May 10)

There's TREMENDOUS problem for issue of "public education," and that's the state's potential and ability to disinformation and imposing lies, this all implied in the great Orwellian phrase, "thought-control." And US Founders never intended public education, esp. that of the federal government.

So even though Pat Buchanan seconds and praises the present Texas School Board (TSB), it doesn't necessarily bode well for future moves and measures aimed at potential thought-control. Thus TSB is still a great potential THREAT for any proper education.

CONCLUSION: Thus all education--esp. higher education--should be private. This (private) way the people decide, most democratically, as they're allowed to boycott those schools which fail to properly teach--history as well as anything else. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian