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Monday, May 17, 2010

Never trust a Corporatist: Why is Murdoch's "conservative" Fox producing racist, anti-white film, and then trying to censor debate on its treachery?

Fox News Scrubs Article Criticizing Fox's Robert Rodriguez Film "Machete" As "Racist" & Declaring "War on Arizona"
(By TPM Reader Blog) --

This morning I watched an article that I thought was rather interesting on the Fox News site disappear like magic right before my eyes!

The article was dramatically titled:
Violent Movie Declares War on Arizona for Immigration Law
and it used to be here....

Looks like it was up for a good 21 hours before Fox thought better of it...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to screenshot the original article, but I did notice the comments were leaning, in a big way, to the idea of boycotting Fox's Hollywood properties and stars. So does the fear-peddling stop when there's more money to be made?

Here's a taste:

"The racists who made that trailer, they are as racist as anything I have ever seen" from either side of the immigration debate, Tancredo said.

But, he added, "these guys are 'politically correct' racists, so you cannot heap indignities upon them."..

What's the matter Fox? Lost your outrage over this "racist" "cult" flick? You report, and your readers decide.

Well, at least until there is a corporate conflict of interest


Chris Moore comments:

Here's the scoop on the film referenced in this article, 'Machete'.

This all just goes to show that when it comes right down to it, supporters of international Corporatist-Statism like Fox and so many other multi-nationals couldn't care less about this country, or what happens to the people who live here (notwithstanding their contrived flag-waving, neocon "conservative" chest-thumping and opportunistic, situational "patriotism").

What kind of "patriots" undermine national sovereignty and incite racial violence for political and financial gain, anyway? That's right, the open-borders, globalization-pimping internationalist "elite" kind.

Wall Street Journal owner Rupert Murdoch, citizen of the world, can't be bothered by local-yokel rubes clamoring for policies so quaint as border control and preventing the price of labor from being artificially suppressed by wave after wave of illegal immigration. Why, such concerns are for the "little people," not masters of the universe like he and his money-worshipping, billionaire, jet-set oligarch cronies.


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1 comment:

apollonian said...

Once Again, We See Jews At Core Of The Problem
(Apollonian, 18 May 10)

Never trust a "corporatist"?--what about JEWS? For note Murdoch's mother was a probable Jew named Elizabeth Joy Greene, who derived fm a grandmother (great-grandmother to Rupert himself) named Sherson (Caroline Jemima), which is Jew name (see

Anyway, Murdoch overwhelmingly employs Jews as top executives and follows strict Zionist policies (see

Note also, as far as Fox's "flag-waving" goes--IT'S ALL FOR ISRAEL, US interests made subservient thereto, Fox News notoriously oriented towards Jewwy "neo-conservative" agenda.

And this episode regarding anti-American "Machete" movie, in favor of illegal alien invaders, is PERFECT EXAMPLE of the "race-war" being pushed as TACTIC of the CRIMINAL conspiracy of COUNTERFEITERS at the top of things, race-war meant as cover and diversion to distract fm criminal conspiracy.

Thus we see Prof. Kevin MacDonald ( is mere patsy and tool of the Jews, taking Jew money and instructions, pushing this race-war farce AS STRATEGEM to COVER for the criminal COUNTERFEIT conspirators--no less than BNP in Britain (UK).

Hence we see Jews involved in this criminal conspiracy fm top to bottom, (a) COUNTERFEITERS at very topmost, (b) homosexuals throughout, (c) bolshevik organizers of (d) illegal alien invaders meant to terrorize the citizenry--these then aided by the (e) "Judeo-Christian" (JC) hereticalists who specifically subvert the Christian volk and culture most native to USA and West.

CONCLUSION: So Chris, u need to QUIT DEFENDING and excusing Jews--Jews are the problem--Jews followers of that infernal Talmud (see and which preaches war upon and mass-murder of gentiles as indeed we see presently in Iraq, where over a million have been killed by Jews using American flunkies as enforcers. As long as u continue defending Jews, U'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed.